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thextraordinarionly bullying activity created by social relationship dynamics a group phenomenon by Hazlo Emma

The Complex Group Phenomenon of Bullying: Interaction of Diverse Activities & Social Relationships Dynamics Create Bullies

Bullying Is A Hostile Activity: Arrogance In Action, Utter Contempt Without Remorse, Empathy or Compassion

Bullying is a conscious, willful, deliberate, hostile activity intended to harm, where one gets pleasure from somebody else’s pain (Coloroso, 2014).

Scratch an actor and underneath you will find another actor.

– Anonymous Playwright

In the TedX Talk video below, Barbara Coloroso further defines bullying as arrogance in action, utter contempt for another human being that consequently, drives a perpetrator to do anything to a target without any remorse, empathy or compassion at all.

The most important step needed to analyze and investigate bullying is collection and assembling of evidence for reliable case studies of the reasons of the bullies or perpetrators to participate in such activities to the target or victim as clarified by (Coloroso, 2014). Their statement aids in the scrutiny of the evidence of the occurrence of the bullying.

Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.
― Theodore Roosevelt

The expertise applied by Coloroso further aids in an in-depth expose of the causes and definition of bullying, prediction of events, and the development of an intervention, especially the consequential stand of a defender or resistor to the activity.

The definition of the most critical step of research is getting to the core of the specific activity or scenario, in this case, bullying by asking the correct questions to meet the objective and test a hypothesis to produce new knowledge. The outcome of the research should be executed, analyzed, discussed and concluded.

thextraordinarionly bullying activity does not happen in isolation

Socialization Agents of Bullying

Bullying is a creation of the dynamics of social relationships as a result of the interaction of diverse activities by different forces, processes, and power.

The target could be bullied based on a different skin color, religion, gender, physical and mental ability as pointed out by Coloroso (2014), and dehumanized by the instigator, perpetrator or planner of the activity. In bullying, the thrill of the unimaginable becomes conceivable, and eventually, cruelty is normalized, and obedience to authority is unquestioned.

Consequently, bullying becomes a complex group phenomenon generated within social environments where peers interact with one another, for example, school, home, neighborhood or community as they exclude an individual child.

The authorities in play are either parents or teachers and school heads who form an extensive social network to address bullying in their environment.

thextraordinarionly cyber bullying, very common for children on social media platforms in social media bullying blog post thextraordinarionly training on cyber bullying, social media bullying

8 Participants of a Bullying Activity

Coloroso (2014) further points out that bullying activity does not occur in isolation. Instead, she points out that there are several participants. Eight of the identified participants including the following;

  1. the target (victim
  2. the bully (instigator,
  3. perpetrator or planner)
  4. the bully’s assistants or executors
  5. he active supporter of the activity
  6. the passive onlooker
  7. the disengaged spectator
  8. potential witness

Through an examination of three clearly defined genocides — the Armenian and Rwandan genocides, and the European Holocaust — Barbara Coloroso deconstructs the causes and consequences, both to its immediate victims and to the fabric of the world at large, and proposes the conditions that must exist in order to eradicate this evil from the world.

The strongest of the players in a bullying activity is the witness resister and defender who is willing to take a stand with the excluded child. The question, therefore, is the message the society, community, including those in authority, parents, teachers, et cetra around the resistor and defender are sending out. There is a need to encourage children to ask questions in every bullying activity playing out.

The strongest of the players in a bullying activity is the witness resister and defender who is willing to take a stand with the excluded child - Barbara Coloroso Click To Tweet

All brave defenders and resistors of bullying should be applauded by parents, teachers and community heads as discussed by Coloroso in the video.

A teacher is accountable to parents to ensure a transparent flow of information through open channels of communication to monitor any form of bullying in school, especially for children that seem excluded. A parent’s responsible actions at home play a great role in the influence of the decisions of their children when presented with a bullying activity.

It is imperative for children to be brave-hearted and take courage to stand up as a resistor to intimidation and defend targets of bullying. They should not be the bullied or be the perpetrators, neither be the innocent bystanders.

It is the role of both parents and teachers to show children the value of standing up together with their excluded peers whether at home, school, neighborhood or community while under pressure. Comprehensive, multi-institutional, and community-wide solutions to address the violent behavior of young people, while redressing the social conditions in which violence flourishes must be addressed.


In conclusion, education on bullying issues and clear guidelines on what constitutes harassment are paramount in giving children a voice to always ask the question ‘why?’ irrespective of the environment.


Coloroso B. (Jan 2014). From schoolyard bullying to genocide: TEDxCalgary. Alberta.


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