thextraordinarionly something went wrong with Pinterest account, Pinterest account is suspended

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  1. I had my Pinterest account suspended once before, also for suspected spam. Autobots that suspend for spam are often over sensitive, and I was able to get my account reactivated. Although it was a bit of a pain to do so, it was easier than a lot of social media platforms where it’s near impossible to talk to someone to get such bot decisions overturned

    1. Awesome insight.
      Autobots eh?😆
      If they are that sensitive, that is why it is futile to be mean or throw tantrums at Pinterest. We now know that getting your Pinterest account flagged may might not be your fault as people might press the flag button by mistake or it could just be someone trying to trouble you.
      Yes, to get to the human interaction is a pain – and more so with the measures taken for social isolation of those people who have to set actual eyes on your account.
      This experience has left us with one question – what is the cost-benefit ratio of automating some of these systems??
      Lovely of you to share your thoughts!

  2. Mentally saving this just in case this happens. It’s one of my fears that I will lose all my hard work on other social sharing sites like Pinterest.

    Stephanie |

    1. Stephanie,
      No one wants to lose their work at all. 😎
      Also share so that other users, content creators, and businesses online could benefit too.
      We are doing a research.
      Pinterest does not seem to have an an official tool that you can use to download an archive of your Pinterest account. There few third-party services and apps that claim to download and/or back up your Pinterest boards, but they do not seem to do a satisfying job.
      Meanwhile, Pin away!

  3. I had my 1 account suspended by Pinterest. The platform doesn’t tolerate any kind of spam. So avoid any kind of policy violation. By the way, this is a very useful article.

    1. Lomash,
      We too do not condone spam at all.🙂
      We are happy to have you join our family

      1. Lomash Kumar says:

        Thank you!

      2. Great to have you at ThExtraordinariOnly family, Lomash.🏂⛷

  4. I just had this happen about two weeks ago!! And the guy “helping” me had a bit of an attitude. We did a bit of back and forth, and when he dug his heels in, I said that I don’t pin spam and hadn’t even actually pinned anything that day- only added to Tailwind, so if he was willing to tell me specifically which pin was causing a problem, I would be more than happy to delete it, but if he couldn’t do so, I wanted my account reactivated within 24 hours before this cancellation began to affect my income, as that would be the point when I needed to seek outside help. It was reactivated in 12 hours, with a note that they couldn’t find a problematic pin. Uh huh. I don’t know what is triggering these suspensions, but Pinterest needs to work it out.

    1. Jasmine.
      What a feedback?
      Your experience echoes ours, plus other bloggers. Some have their accounts reactivated, others are still waiting.
      If it is the over sensitive bots, may be the lock down season played a role?? But also not all platforms online experienced a surge of traffic.
      We all look forward to have fabulous user experiences on these platforms. Don’t we?😊

  5. I have to say I live in fear of that happening:) I love Pinterest and my day is filled with it. I have already heard so many people that had their account suspended for many different reasons and by mistake. This post made me feel a little better about it – the fact that you can reach out to them and actually appeal this and it worked for you makes me feel so much better, knowing it. Thank you so much for sharing this experience, so important.

    1. Madi,
      Your feedback is spot on.
      Based on two sides of the coin:
      1. Looks like there are either bots or real people – who wake up with vengeance and spam because they may not have the grace to see someone progressively winning with Pinterest (or any other platform on the internet).
      2. But also, is there a Pinterest wizard who’s mastered it 100%? Just before you get comfy and master a routine, a schedule, an app, a solution, … Pinterest updates its algorithm, … the platform, and with it – all the guidelines and policies. But isn’t that a sign of growth?
      To win, you just have to stand out of the crowd – right?😊

  6. I have had my website blocked for more than 2 years, have written numerous mails but in Vain. Have lost all hope it will be unblocked again.I lost all my traffic.

    1. Lusine,
      More than 2 years is such a long time.
      So sorry that you had to go through this!
      Do you want to start over?

  7. I got this same message over the weekend and never received any email from them. Thankfully after contacting them (even without being to give a reason why I thought this may have happened) they restored my account later in the same day.

    1. Yay Joanne,
      May be then its a routine check?
      Just thinking out aloud!😎
      So stoked to see your personal tale of your Pinterest account suspension!

  8. This happened to me last year and was a total nightmare. It took ages for my traffic to get back to where it was. Thanks for the advice and tips #AnythingGoes

    1. Hey Shelley,😊
      That means your account got restored from the suspension? At least you did not give up on Pinterest.
      Talk of a nightmare! During a similar incident for a client on Facebook ad account suspension that you can read here, what you are talking about is terrifying!
      When you get highly converting traffic from Pinterest, account suspension is the last thing you want to be experiencing.
      The secret is to get to the point of having enough traffic from organic (from Google) so that you will need not rely on Pinterest or other social platforms, and even most of the content marketing strategies flaunted on the internet.
      We love that you found the time to read this blog post!

  9. Janice.😇
    We value your feature of this blog post on
    We have also benefited from the thorough research on strategies and tips that keep readers coming for more!
    We all grow together.

  10. This literally just happened to me yesterday and I was trying to figure out how to solve it! THANK YOU!

    1. Hey Lindsey,
      😅I am thrilled and happy that this blog post helped you with your suspended Pinterest account.
      Is it reactivated now? xo xo

  11. Wow this would be a frightening event. Using these social media platforms comes with this kind of risk and I have been banned, blocked and otherwise slowed down almost continuously for years by Facebook and others. Thanks for taking us through to the end, my anxiety eased once I read that you were reactivated. Whew. All that lost time and lost impressions though! What a stressful journey but once it’s over you know one more pitfall to avoid. Thanks!

    1. Paul,
      Oh, you were anxious? Sorry.😎
      Getting suspended when you are intoxicated with your content marketing plan is frustrating. Yes. It’s a kick in the gut.
      We also have own own share of being under investigation on Medium, banned from Reddit’s subreddits, blocked on Twitter, shadowbanned on Instagram, etc
      The wait and see mode may apply in some platforms, but NOT with Pinterest. You lose out on all your impressive analytics for impressions and reach. Your audience stop engaging.
      At least there is a way out. Hopefuly to get your impressions soaring – again – right?
      Does anyone wake up with the main goal of going against the community guidelines on Pinterest though?🤔
      Appreciate your feedback!

  12. very nice hazlo emma great article looking for this article find some days and here i founded so nice article keep it up

  13. My account was suspended the same way as above. It’s a shame really, years of curated work for nothing. I have appealed 6 times and have tried to resolve through the BBB to no avail. It has been over 6 weeks now and have yet to receive something beyond an automated response. I too was using Tailwind. I feel burned by Pinterest. They have no respect and still share my original content freely on their site.

  14. Hey, thanks for sharing this. I am a new business owner and there is a Pinterest account whose username is my business name, and they are linking to my website on their profile. They don’t have any saved or created pins. I sent them a message from my personal account and filled out a form to notify Pinterest. Do you have any advice? It was a long process (as I’m sure you can relate) to find a business name that I loved and was available as a name, domain, and social handles. I would love to resolve this quickly

    1. Starc,
      It is such a relief to see that you were able to notify Pinterest.
      Let us know how it goes.
      Emma, H.

    1. Did you fix your suspended Pinterest account, Luisa? 🔥
      Share your experience with us.