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How Do You Fix The ‘Your Pinterest Account Has Been Suspended’ Notice For Going Against the Spam Policy?

Please Help. ThExtraordinariOnly Playground for Startups, Small business & SMM Pinterest Account Is Suspended –  What to Do and Avoid It In The Future

This is a blog post about the steps we took. Your situation may differ. If you ever receive a notice that your Pinterest account has been suspended, you’ll know what to do and fix the problem.

The precise message received when logging into thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM account on Pinterest was,

‘Your account has been suspended for violating our community guidelines. We previously sent you an email explaining why and how to appeal. If you have questions, get in touch with us.’

Damn. Your stomach turns when your Pinterest account has been suspended, and especially when it a vital source of website traffic. This screenshot below says it all.

fix Pinterest account is suspended notice

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Is it busines as usual of a new normal when your Pinterest account has been suspended?

No one want to see such a message, especially at such fragile times of uncertainty of drastic drop in income. Lessons learnt – do not rely on one source of website traffic for your website. When a Pinterest account has been suspended while you are quite active, there is no feeling to describe the agony of failure and despair you feel as a business owner reliant on this powerful seach engine machine.

Ah, we can attest to is this:

Putting many eggs in one basket and focusing all your attention on one source of traffic for posts on your website is a recipe for disaster.

To add salt to injury, if you are an Amazon affiliate, you probably received an email  that made many hearts skip a beat. Fee rates for product categories dropped from 8% earnings down to 3%. Some that were at 3% are 1%.

If you did not, click this link here to see Amazon Associates said. Well, what a season?

Let me say that no matter how much you motivate yourself with top inspirational quotes, some realities or running a business with a online presence are bitter pills to swallow. If you are in any of these shoes we know exactly how you feel when your active Pinterest account has been suspended and offline.

In our case, its a bitter-sweet experience? What a blessing in disguise? We enjoy an offline and online journey of effective marketing. Learning SEO and Pinterest strategies at unique Entrepreneur Star Academy classes never ceases. We will share the case studies when they become available.

No more rumbling.

Let’s get back to work if your Pinterest account has been suspended.

This post contains affiliate links to products and services. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Check out our affiliate link disclosure. Also see our earning disclaimer.

thextraordinarionly Pinterest account has been suspended

What we thought was the reason

First of all, on seeing the notice that our ‘Pinterest account has been suspended’, we checked email notifications.

We did not seem to find anything alluding to the suspension from Pinterest. Thus, we did not have any prior email to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to appeal.

All we had on email was the following:

Action needed: error with your RSS feed

Hi thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM
Oops! It looks like some of your connected RSS feeds are failing. Please review the errors below:
• http://www.thextraordinarionly.com/rss
Your RSS feed can not be parsed. Please check that your feed is a valid RSS feed in XML format.

Please check our Help Center for further details or to get help troubleshooting.

Wrong feed?

This is an error that we have been working on considering the following response from the feed link:

“The URL you entered does not appear to be a valid feed. We encountered the following problem: Unknown feed format encountered (The root element is [Element: <html/>])”


If you are the webmaster for this site, please contact your hosting provider’s support team for assistance

Upon contacting the hosting provider, their This was the last response from the host provider responded that;

… this is a developing issue at PHP coding and it is out of the scope of support we can provide here.

We switched to seek help from those better versed with PHP coding to solve this (but we paid up for the fastest solution).

Were we hacked?

The Steps To Fixing The Problem

is your Pinterest account suspended

Since we did not have any other communication apart from the one on the rss feed, our response to Pinterest through their ‘get in touch with us‘ link that was provided on the ‘something went wrong‘ page was:

… Kindly lift the suspension so as to disconnect and connect the website afresh.

1.  Our First Response To The Pinterest Account Suspension Via Email

Instantly, Zendesk (Pinterest Support) replied:

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. It looks like your Pinterest account is suspended.

Our team of experts will review your account. We’ll send you another email with the results of our review.

The Pinterest team

Thus, we stayed put. We waited and decided to reactivate an old account that we had not been updating for a while.. You can find it when you follow this link here –ThExtraordinariOnly.

2.  Pinterest’s Team Response Via Pinbot –  A Note About Your Account

thextraordinarionly steps to fixing Pinterest account is suspended notice

17 hours later, we received a response titled ‘A Note About Your Account’

Hi thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM,

We took a look at your account and decided not to reactivate it because we noticed activity that goes against our spam policy. You won’t be able to access your Pins or messages.

The Pinterest Team

3.  The Actual Reason for the Suspension – Our Thoughts

It turns out that Pinterest noticed an activity that went against their spam policy.

The worst part of it all that we will not be able to access our Pins or messages – Wow! What a lesson!

Next, we tackled the specific category of suspending our account using the Pinterest’s guidelines around spam.

8 Community Guidelines of Pinterest to Watch Out For

  • Don’t use automation that hasn’t been explicitly approved by Pinterest. This includes unauthorized services that automatically perform actions on your behalf. You can find information on approved partner tools on our Partners website.
  • Do not create or operate accounts that aren’t authentic, create accounts en masse, or create new accounts for the purpose of violating these guidelines.
  • Don’t create or save content that is repetitive, deceptive, or irrelevant in an attempt to make money. To learn how to make great Pins, you can always refer to our creative best practices.
  • In general, don’t attempt to make money from Pinners or Pinner web traffic in ways that are misleading, detract from the Pinner experience, or don’t add value for Pinners.

Additional Rules

  • Don’t link to websites that are unsafe, deceptive, untrustworthy, unoriginal, or that facilitate or encourage spam. Websites should have original content that adds unique value for Pinners.
  • Do not send unsolicited messages or make irrelevant comments in bulk, especially when these are deceptive or commercial in nature.
  • Don’t attempt to artificially manipulate distribution, clicks or other metrics, including but not limited to: buying or selling engagement, “stuffing” irrelevant keywords, generating inauthentic traffic, redirecting existing Pins to new destinations, using fake or compromised accounts to perform coordinated actions.
  • Do not attempt to evade our anti-spam systems, for example, by using shorteners, redirects or intermediate websites to obscure a link’s final destination.


your Pinterest account has been suspended for violating our community guidelines

But upon careful check back and forth, my team and I remembered that we started to test how to use the Pinterest Save Button extension a few days ago. With the excitement of the ease of sharing content, ours and other bloggers, we just went at it – we jumped in with both feet to learn how to use it.

Let’s see. Was this the case?

When To Use The Pinterest Save Button or Tailwind

A Pinterest Expert does the following:

  1. Schedule pins on Tailwind
  2. Create and set up the Tribe
  3. Set up Smart Loop
  4. Share pins and getting Re-shares
  5. Increase Pinterest followers
  6. Use appropriate Hashtags, Title, and Description
  7. Join the Group Boards
  8. Share pins to the Group Boards
  9. Getting Re-pins
  10. Add people to the Tribe
  11. Send out messages
Pinterest Save Button

To create a successful online business requires organization of web assets. The Pinterest save button extension is a one such asset and tool that makes the technical work of adding pins to an account easy and simple.


Tailwind. Is the Pin Scheduler of choice amongst most bloggers. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins on the days you cannot be near your computer. It’s like a blog/Pinterest assistant with the smart loop. If you haven’t already, sign up for a FREE month of Tailwind HERE.

Your Pinterest Account

when to use Pinterest save button or Tailwind App

We now know what pitfall to avoid. For a strategic handling of your business account by a Pinterest Expert contact us today or use our social media platforms to reach out for 6 weeks golden package @Eur699

The Secret to Success on Pinterest

A Pinterest Expert knows that seasonal content should be pinned about 30-45 days in advance. Activity will keep picking up as you get closer to the big special day.

If your landing pages are optimized, when someone clicks on your Pin, they want to learn more about it. So hire us to create the content and link Pins to your site, blog or any other website. You will not regret it.

4.  Our Second Appeal To Pinterest to Re-instate Account

secret to Pinterest success

We therefore went ahead to appeal to Pinterest to reactivate the account now that we ‘identified’ what we did. The following is an excerpt of the appeal.

… It is with all this background that we appeal that thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM account suspension is lifted and the account re-instated so as to resume activity.
On behalf of ThExtraordinariOnly Team, I apologize for each activity that goes against your spam policy. We will be more vigilant and adhere accordingly.
Looking forward to a favorable response.

Since we advocate for good social media outcomes, we are keen not to violate any policies, rules and regulations of any platform our clientele or us use.

5.  Did We Get The Answer?

thextraordinarionly Pinterest got your message

Were we reported for spam? We will never know. We’ve been reviewing Pinterest policies to make sure that we don’t miss out anything else.

We will get through this.

This may be our chance to try things we may not have considered before.

We are brainstorming additional products and opportunities as we await Pinterest’s response.

6. Pinterest Account’s Email Address Retired After Our Third Appeal to Pinterest

Many hours later, we submitted a third appeal.

Well. we had the email address associated with the Pinterest account received the following response from Pinterest.


Thanks for contacting us about Pinterest. We’ve retired the email address you used, and our team won’t be able to answer your request. To get support, please submit your request again using the form in our Help Center. (https://help.pinterest.com/contact).

We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to hearing from you again.


We did not give up.

We went ahead to submit a fourth appeal.

7.  Fourth Appeal to Pinterest

Get your ecommerce with Pinterest visual content dont break community guideline
Get your ecommerce with Pinterest visual content.

Don’t break community guidelines.

This following an (edited for SEO) excerpt of the very long fourth appeal sent to Pinterest to

Dear Pinterest Team,

The account of ThExtraordinariOnly on Pinterest is suspended and would like it to be reactivated …

Is it because of recently using the Pinterest save button? … decided to operate the older account https://www.pinterest.com/thextraordinarionly/ because it impossible to now get into the main account – thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM – vide https://www.pinterest.com/biztipstartupsmm

… We have set a strategy in place to give priority on fresh pins, before using the extension to pin to our boards or other group boards that we are members of.

The only content added to thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM account is valuable and worth sharing.

… our website adheres to creating virgin content and repurposing the old one with fresh pins. … do NOT participate in sending any unsolicited messages or make irrelevant comments in bulk.

We’ve NOT redirected existing Pins to new destinations, using fake or compromised accounts to perform coordinated actions.

We do NOT use shorteners to mask final destination of links with any Pins at all.

We will work to prevent it from happening again by paying attention to Pinterest’s best practices …
…  hear … appeal and re-activate this account. (Then we attached a screen shot 👉) –https://thextraordinarionly.com – Attachment

We Reactivated Your Account

6 hours after receiving the generic reply from Zendesk (Pinterest Support), we received another email from The Pinterest Team that our account got reactivated.


Oh, and it was not any error from our end.

In fact, Pinterest wrote that they made a mistake when they deactivated the account.

‘Sorry for the trouble! It looks like we made a mistake when we deactivated your account.’

Don’t believe it? Here’s the full complete email.

Hi thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM,
Sorry for the trouble! It looks like we made a mistake when we deactivated your account. It’s up and running again, so you can get right back to saving Pins you find.

The Pinterest Team

7 Lessons Learnt After Going Through The Process of Having Our Pinterest Account Suspended and Reactivated

7 lessons learnt after going through Pinterest suspension and reactivation
  • Don’t panic. Be calm.
  • Get in contact with Pinterest and be patient.
  • It is just a case of getting through the automated system until you have an actual human set of eyes on your account, then things get rectified fairly quickly.
  • Sometimes it isn’t your fault at all
  • Diversify your blog traffic
  • Adhere to Pinterest best practices to avoid having your Pinterest account and pins marked as SPAM again
  • We now have two Pinterest accounts.  We will find a way to work with them. So follow them both and leave a message when you do so with reference to this blog post. We will reciprocate.

What Do You Do When Your Pinterest Account Is Suspended?

  1. Have you ever dealt with a suspended Pinterest account?
  2. Did you get it reactivated?
  3. How long did it take?

Share with us about your experience in the comments section below, right at the end of this post.

We hope that our blog post has helped you to learn how to fix the ‘Pinterest Account is Suspended’ notice, what to do and what avoid in the future so that you do not experience a deactivation again.

For now, stay safe and healthy as you practice hand-washing and social distancing. Be on the look out for additional resources for adapting to hard times of uncertainty.

Thank you for reading!

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