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What is the Job Description For a Blogger? 5 Niche Specific JD’s – Show Off A Freshened-Up Elite Blogger Job Description Resume

A phenomenal blogger job description resume may not be standard across niches on the internet, but there are some similarities.  Each blogger expresses themselves and generates engaging, original content for either their website or for websites that they get hired to.

All bloggers know that creating content is only ten percent of the work. The other ninety-percent incudes promoting the blog using social media, direct email, and other methods to alert and expand  readership.

What is the Job of a Blogger?

A  blogger creates enough content to keep readers engaged and to provide valuable information to any degree.

A successful blogger generates a mash-up of content. It may include blog posts, blog articles, web articles, web copy, content, web content, and blog content for websites, social media platforms, newsletters, and books.

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The blogs are used for personal use, businesses, news, networking, and other professional means online to drive extreme engagement through contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, games, and interactive videos.

Bloggers who spend 6 or more hours per post are 56% more likely to report “strong results” than those who don’t ….
Source: Orbitmedia

5 Stupid-Simple Niche Specific Blogger Job Descriptions

  1. A freelance blogger job description entails receiving article assignments from an editor of other websites, researching the topic, and writing strong articles that follows basic SEO guidelines then getting paid per piece.
  2. A job description travel blogger boils down to traveling around the world while collecting material for writing about their travel experiences, freelance writing, maintaining their own blog site and attempting to derive income from the value in their written articles and features from a variety of on-line and off-line sources.
  3. The job description of fashion blogger can be summed up as reporting on the latest fashion trends. Their main job is writing articles, blogs, or other forms of copy for their personal blogs and other media outlets. Work may be published in magazines, newspapers, websites, social media.
  4. But a job description of a food blogger, also known as a foodie, comprises of cooking or tasting food that others have cooked, then blogs about the tastes and recipes. They Tweet, Instagram and Pin about their favorite recipes.
  5. An example of a professional corporate blogger’s job description is as detailed below. If you found these 16 corporate blogger responsibilities in a blogger job board, would you take the job as a blogger?

Want a PDF copy to guide you in crafting your jaw-dropping blogger job description resume NOW?  You can find it here.

The Evolution of a Job as A Blogger and Novel Content Marketing Strategies That Sells

There is no excuse for a blogger NOT to adapt to changing content marketing, content experiences, and brand experiences.

Do you now any blogger who passively waits around hoping for their killer content gets discovered or hits the right mark at the right time for the right audience?

A resounding NO!

Content strategy has already changed with the death of intrusive marketing methodologies and the rise of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) using robots as digital assistants and chatbots.

Will job description of a blogger assistant disappear overtime?

A blogger’s assistant job description therefore is may not necessary get wiped out of the bogging world. It is more ‘techie’ with the salient adoption of Machine Learning (ML).

The assistant is surrounded by cool tools and resources that increase productivity. For example, when curating content for a new article, free keyword tools can scrape keyword phrases and suggestions out of Google at once and in seconds, a blogger’s assistant has found hundreds of phrases related to a topic.

As a result, the landscape of a blogger’s job description has also evolved.

Today, prospects are searching for long-tail and conversational semantic keyword phrases according to Google’s Hummingbird.


thextraodinarionly content marketing that sells part of job description of a successful blogger

Awesome Bloggers Create New Content That Packs a Punch, Not Worse!

I do not know about you, but a lot of extensive research and work goes into content creation.  A blogger researches topics and develops interesting posts that appeal to a target audience of their content.

You may be a specialist in only one type of content. When a client picks up a phone and places an order that requires another type of content marketing, you may reach out to another blogger.

So far, AI-based marketing platforms are replacing (and even shutting down) contenting marketing departments and agencies.

Source: Techfunnel

AI fully engages in activities for creating, curating, editing and or managing content that serves the user’s intent and makes life a bit easier for the target audience.

When you wear the marketing hat (everyone is selling), your perspective is influenced by:

  1. Creating a deeper product/service experience with the target audience
  2. Accelerating the buyers’ journey by reaching consumers real-time
  3. Information asymmetry that leads to more sales

You notice that you can only achieve the above by adopting the immersive technology of AR and VR to deliver content compatible with 5G.

The job description of a blogger has grown wider to bring scale, speed, and precision to unique customer tastes. Powerful algorithms, big data, and cloud computing are now part and parcel of blogging and will continue to evolve in the next decade as research has shown.

How Does a Top Notch Blogger Job Description Resume Look Like, Because Times Have Changed??

The skills and training of a blogger enable him/her to:

  • Create content that gives the audience a reason to subscribe to an email list
  • Collaborate on projects with other bloggers
  • Generate and pitch ideas
  • Know basic HTML
  • Constantly educate him/herself from webinars, online courses, and tons of other material in the niche they are covering
  • Market posts to an audience
  • Promote content on web pages and web sites
  • Find an audience
  • Be aware of keyword placement and SEO practices
  • Creatively communicate and engage with an audience
  • Endorse products and/or services using an honest strategy
  • Conduct research
  • Compose and edit new content for posts
  • Respond to blog comments
  • Manage social media
  • Create own products like books, courses, videos, interviews
  • Keep up with changes on all online social platforms that they engage with their audience
  • Attend a conference as often as possible to update themselves and make new connections

What has been left out?

thextraordinarionly job description of a blogger feature photo

For the purpose of scaling and growing small businesses and startups, we will look at the job description of a blogger that has evolved out of the success of making money online from a niche whose traffic is inexhaustible.

Yes, you got that right.

So what niche is this?

Some call it internet marketing, others call it online marketing, now interchangeably used with content marketing.

How Can Blogging Be a Content Marketing Mistake?

Blogging is fantastic.

It is done all the time, with many learned lessons. But for it to be effective, blogging should be part of a wider marketing process that drives results, as you get your keywords together and right, with each subsequent blog post.

This is content marketing.

Content marketing is the internet marketing of today and tomorrow. It is a strategic marketing approach.

The focus of content marketing is creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content (as outlined in this blog post here) to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Top 7 Things You as a Content Marketer Could Be Losing Sleep Over NOW – Are You?

In the process, Adobe 2019’s,  Digital Trends affirms that content marketers lose sleep over:

  1. The difficulty in getting a holistic view of customers and prospects across
  2. The difficulty in tracking the effectiveness of your marketing and media budget
  3. How to ensure a consistent experience throughout the lifecycle of a customer
  4. Lack of adequate internal resources
  5. Poor marketing technology integration
  6. How to personalize customer experience without violating consumer privacy
  7. The gap in specialist marketing expertise

Which one tops your list?

Infographic: What Marketers Are Losing Sleep Over | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.

Source: eMarketer

Content marketing, native advertising, and brand journalism are often used as synonyms, but they’re definitely not the same.

This is what separates a precise content marketer from a day-to-day blogger.

Each content creation and marketing tactic or strategy develops a a normal day-to-day blogger to an Elite Content Marketing Strategist. It does not matter if it is:

Where Does the Job Description of a Blogger Assistant Come in Handy? (Super Lucrative Secret)

There are bloggers who publish new content each day, while others do it only once every other time (a month, bi-weekly, weekly, twice a week) but continuously update their content.

Want to know a super lucrative-secret?

Imagine waking up to a long-lasting gush of traffic to your website today (even if you have very few email subscribers)? Updating and republishing old blog posts is one of the best hidden secret sauce for traffic growth and generating buzz (afresh) about any website.

Turbo-Charge Your Current Google Rankings

This 5-Step Growth Hack Amps Your Email List and Traffic

Adjusting key phrase usage and relevance based on an old blog post’s current rankings could be your job description or you could pass if off to your assistant.


Optimize your blog content instead of losing sleep looking at your Pinterest’s monthly viewers and impressions, stressed.

  1. Insert additional ranking keywords
  2. Add more related internal links by linking from a current post to older articles, but you also link TO a current post FROM older articles
  3. Use related phrases and questions in supplementary subheadings
  4. Never underestimate the power of multiple high quality graphics and Images every 200 words or so in your blog posts. These could be charts or graphs with original insights, infographics, screenshots, adorable Pinterest pins, clickable tweets of thought leaders or contributor quotes from experts, … Explore your imagination. Do not sleep on it!
  5. Upon republish, NEVER forget your fresh submission to Google indexing

You can easily “supercharge” posts to typically double in traffic to your website in 30 days (or less).


To grow a brand, you as a professional blogger, use content marketing to publish content that teaches, inspires, guides, or solves a problem for a target audience. With some handy hacks of targeting precise traffic, the ideal prospects find that content on the web without it being pushed at them, not just sleazy sales page.

This is the invigorating reward of freshening up your blogger job description resume.

If your audience and loyal fans  gain something useful from the content, they keep coming back for more.

In the coming days, we will point out the ‘Job Description of an Elite and  Successful Content Marketing Strategist’ that makes you stand out from a day-to-day blogger and attract lucrative partnerships.


Question Box

  1. Have a favorite job description of a blogger that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.
  2. What part of your JD had been replaced by AI? Do you find it ethical?
  3. What do you think? Have you discovered something new from this blog?
  4. What particular detail that you cover in your day-to-day blogger life has been left out? What about you who has hired a blogger, what other tasks have you given them that have not been covered?

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By Hazlo Emma

Hazlo Emma is a Business Development, Digital Strategist & optimistic personal Coach in the Financial, Writing, and Social Media Space for Startups and Small Businesses.  She has a knack for numbers with an advisory role to a tech-averse clientele. Emma is an inspiration to solopreneurs, newbies, founders, CEOs, and B2B enthusiasts, challenging each one to impact their world, a step at a time with innovative strategies. Her mantra is creating lasting memorable experiences consistently, with the delivery of excellent and faster results (offline and online) for higher returns on investment, whilst exceeding the expectations of prospects.   Currently pursuing further studies in the security niche, she is a team member at where they test affordable DIY innovative business tips, social media marketing tips, tweaks, hacks, strategies, … that improve engagement, branding, and share their experiences. Formatting, proofreading, copy editing, line editing, comprehensive and substantive editing manuscripts comes second nature to her even ghost writing in the nonfiction genre as a side hustle. Hazlo Emma follows real-time trends in Small Business, Startup World, Social Media, Social Impact Matters, Leadership, Fin-tech, Big Data, Analytics, Robotics, IoT, Artificial and Hybrid Intelligence, in addition to frequently answering questions on Quora! She is a Global Juror of the 5th Global Entreps Awards & 5Gcitizens International Congress nominating exceptional and outstanding individuals under the guidance of the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). She is also a member of the European Women in Business (EWB), and a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion. She is a third-generation Christian leader and an advocate of domestic violence survivors. Hazlo Emma is a co-author of Crawl Outta Debt Now.


  1. Wow, lots of information to think over here! I’m less than a year into blogging, and now I’m learning more about marketing my content. This was very useful!!! Thank you

    1. Kelsea,
      Congratulations. I wish you all the fruits of success.
      It is a joy for us that you found this valuable for your journey.
      Joining the internet marketing world with your blog is a wild ride.
      Do not hesitate to contact me if you are stuck at any stage.

  2. It’s funny, because when I started blogging I never even realised most of this stuff would become part of my job description! I thought it would be just writing, taking photos, and editing, yet I now also seem to have become a social media marketer and SEO writer. I’ve had to learn some HTML coding (something I’d like to improve) plus I’ve started developing my own digital products and using ecommerce sites – something I didn’t anticipate. I also didn’t realise how much networking and CPD is required, plus of course design and the dreaded admin that comes with owning a blog. It’s an intense amount of work with so much going on behind the scenes so glad that I love doing it so much!

    1. Hannah,
      The journey of a blogger is a great example of explaining what personal growth and personal development is.
      Just from your response, it all begun with writing. No blogger should ever undervalue themselves with low quotes or low priced services, products.
      Image all the time, resources, and input? A blogger thus has a very valuable JD – not all the negative stuff we have read about so far.
      What a dedication?🌝
      Simply start from factoring in this description from your feedback:
      Taking photos
      Social media marketing
      SEO writer
      HTML coding
      Developing digital products
      Ecommerce marketing
      Course design

      Since you love it, this is the basis of happiness.

    1. Janice,
      So happy that this blog post got featured as a favorite – again.🏆
      Your mettlesome support is such an exhilarating experience!
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