Vision Statement to Make Your Dream a Reality: Doggedly Developing and Tinkering Vision Statements to Adapt Lest You Are Left Behind (Part 6)

23 Seriously Stirring Strategic Vision Statements – Visionary Visionaries’ Examples

A vision statement articulates the ideal description of a company. It sets an organization’s sights on the future. Notwithstanding, vision statements give shape to the firm’s intended future.

Once that future is reached, the vision needs to continue moving forward. Vision is a picture of what the firm wants to be and, in broad terms, what it wants to ultimately achieve.

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The undeniable power of a clever vision statement

Let me explain.

Though its an aspirational statement made by an enterprise that articulates what they would like to achieve, an enlivening vision statement should provoke all stakeholders to action.

thextraordinarionly quote by Vadac Havel on vision alone is not enough
Quote by Vaclac Havel on vision alone is not enough

Vision needs both faith and strategy to become a reality. – Eboo Patel #strategicplanning #startingabusiness #startupbusiness #smallbusiness #visionstatement #thextraordinarionly Click To Tweet

In other words, a vision statement points the firm in the direction of where it would eventually like to be in the years to come. Consequently, it is big picture thinking with passion that helps people feel what they are supposed to be doing.

I could go on and on…
But here’s what you need to know right now. People feel what they are to do when their firm’s vision is simple, positive, and emotional. A vision stretches and challenges people and evokes emotions and dreams.

Imagine the dreams evoked and the emotions felt when employees learn that as part of the firm’s vision, for example the new CEO of LG Electronics says, “We must be a great company with great people”.

When there is genuine vision(as opposed to the all-too-familiar vision statement), people excel and learn, not because they are told to, but because they want to.

– Peter Senge

Importance of Organization Vision Statement

Even if you are starting a business today or a solopreneur, an effective vision statement helps you gain clarity and ensure that you consistently make decisions in line with your ultimate goals.

Visionary billionaires (Jay-Z and Warren Buffet)
Jay-Z and Warren Buffet

It is also important to note that vision statements reflect a firm’s values and aspirations. They are intended to capture the heart and mind of each employee and, hopefully, all its other stakeholders.

Any vision statement serves as a roadmap of sorts. It’s an inspiring reminder of what you as an entrepreneur and your organization are working toward. It is easy to lose sight of the goal when you’re bombarded with the day to day. These statements, also, help to develop a stronger brand that differentiates your entity from the competition.

A company should not only return to these statements of principle whenever launching new projects, problem-solving, and brainstorming. Include them when making big decisions, but also as part of the onboarding process for new hires. When integrating these declarations of principles as core parts of your culture, the organization’s top brass always acts and makes decisions with these statements in mind.

So without further ado, let’s sample some epic epiphany of vision statements by prominent business brands.

2 Best Sample Vision Statements

Corporate vision statements describe what an enterprise desires to achieve in the long-run. Most often than not, its in a time frame of five to ten years, or sometimes even longer.

Some examples of the best vision statements include:

Mcdonald’s Vision Statement

One of the top restaurant vision statement, McDonald’s, is

To move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s serving more customers delicious food each day around the world.


Ford Motor Company’s vision as established by Henry Ford was,

To make the automobile accessible to every American

but today it is ..

To become the world’s most trusted company.”


thextraordinarionly Lao Tzu quote i only have 3 things to teach
Lao Tzu Quote

How Long Should a Good Visionary Statement Be?

Vision statements tend to be relatively short and concise It all boils down to this. An action-packet vision , making it easy for the organizations staff to remember.

So, what does this mean when it comes to the length of visionaries’ statements? What it means is… the best vision statements ever can be a challenge to develop

Let us see if you’ll notice that nonprofits describe an ideal world while for-profit companies tend to describe their place in an ideal world from the examples below.

101 Inspiring Business Vision Statement Examples

Disney: “To make people happy.”

Oxfam: “A just world without poverty”

Etsy: “Our mission is to Keep Commerce Human.”

Whole Foods: “To nourish people and the planet.”

Shopify: “To make commerce better for everyone”

thextraordinarionly Myles Munroe definition of purpose and vision
Definition of Purpose and Vision by Myles Munroe

Instagram: “Capture and share the world’s moments”

BBC: “To be the most creative organization in the world”

IKEA: “To create a better everyday life for the many people”

Uber: “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion”

Sony: “To be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity.”

Tesla: “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”

Google: “To provide access to the world’s information in one click”

Vision Statements of Popular Brands

Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”

Habitat for Humanity: “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.”

Ben & Jerry’s: “We make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way.”

sweetgreen: “To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.”

LinkedIn: “Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce”

Microsoft: “To create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every country around the world.”

TED: “Believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.”

Outstanding Vision Statements

Southwest Airlines: “To become the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline”

Under Armour: “To inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.”

Amazon: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Create your vision statement today
Japanese Proverb on Vision

Teach for America: “To achieve the reality that, one day, all children in our nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.”

Warby Parker: “We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. We also believe that everyone has the right to see.”

Dow: “We want to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable materials science company in the world. Our goal is to deliver value growth and best-in-class performance.”

Real-World Product Vision Statement Example

Microsoft Surface: “For the business user who needs to be productive in the office and on the go, the Surface is a convertible tablet that is easy to carry and gives you full computing productivity no matter where you are. Unlike laptops, Surface serves your on-the-go needs without having to carry an extra device.”

Denise Morrison’s Personal Vision Statement

To serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.”

Campbell Soup Company

How to Create and Write a Vision Statement

Are you considering writing a vision statement for your business? Start with your core values and describe how success looks like. (Something to think about when curating a vivid vision statement).

And here’s something else to think about: Consider the wider impact you hope to have on the world through your loyal audience.

You are now on your way to creating a convincing, short, and sweet strategic view. Do not leave out the outcomes you expect to achieve in the enterprise’s near future, whether five or ten years to come.

Internet Marketing INC Vision statement
Vision Statement of Internet Marketing Inc (Image Source: Quotes Master)

What is the Difference Between a Vision and Mission Statement?

Here’s something we can both agree on. The vision is the foundation for the firm’s mission. A mission specifies the business or businesses in which the firm intends to compete and the customers it intends to serve.

Consequently, many organizations combine these two statements to form one clearly defined reason for existing. It, ultimately, unifies the efforts of everyone involved.

While a mission statement speaks to why a company exists, a vision statement communicates what you want to accomplish
in the future.

– Amber Hurdle

The mission is the “what” and the “how.” The vision is the “why.” A firm’s vision tends to be enduring while its mission can change in light of changing environmental conditions.

This process of breaking the old habits and making new ones requires strategic planning. Your vision is your why, while your strategic plan is your how. Even though the details are essential and knowing your numbers are important, it is the burning desire in your heart that will get you to the outcome you expect.

Farshad Asl

So… the Takeaway …

Is your forward-looking vision statement clear with a time-bound long-term objective that all stakeholders of your enterprise embrace?

Is that something you’d like for your business? You don’t want to miss this next part.

Developing a Vision and Mission Statement

Bringing it all together, as indicated in the strategic-management model below, clear vision and mission statements are vital. Therefore, they are needed before alternative strategies can be formulated and implemented.

Stick with me here because managers’ involvement in the process of developing these statements signals the commitment of the other employees to an organization. Amazing, isn’t it?

The strategic management model to help develop a solid vision statement
The Strategic Management Model. Adopted from Strategic Management and Business Policy: Towards Global Sustainability (pg. 2), by T. Whellen and D. Hunger, 2012, Upper Saddle River, NY: Pearson.

Approaches Used in Developing Vision and Mission Statements

You are about to find out how

  1. You could select several articles about these statements and ask all managers to read or go through them as background information.
  2. Alternatively, ask managers themselves to prepare a vision and mission statement for the organization. A facilitator, or committee of top managers, should then merge these statements into a single document. Afterwards, distribute the draft statements to all managers.
  3. Then proceed to request for modifications, additions, and deletions. Couple this along with a meeting to revise the document, to the extent that all managers have input into and support the final documents. This is an ingenious way organizations can more easily obtain managers’ support for other strategies.

Why Does this Work?

You won’t believe what we discovered.

Firms that develop and systematically revisit their vision and mission statements, treat them as living documents, and consider them to be an integral part of the firm’s culture, realize great benefits.

Don’t stop reading.

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is a very good example of a firm whose managers meet regularly with employees to review, reword, and reaffirm the firm’s vision and mission. So what’s the catch?

Let me lift the veil for you … the entire J&J workforce recognizes the value that top management places on this exercise. It get better. Their employees are motivated to respond accordingly.

But that’s not all…

11 Benefits of a Clear and Straightforward Vision and Mission

Apart from aligning and focusing an organization, the company thrives because of vision and mission statements that are clear. Similarly, this forms a basis for making both strategic and tactical decisions as discussed in part 5 of this solid strategy formulation process.

In like manner, the explicit visions and missions
  • Steer direction
  • Resolve divergent views among managers
  • Score synergy among all managers and employees
  • Present a focal point for all stakeholders of the firm
  • Project a sense of worth and intent to all stakeholders
  • Provide a basis for all other strategic planning activities, including the internal and external assessment, establishing objectives, developing strategies, choosing among alternative strategies, devising policies, establishing organizational structure, allocating resources, and evaluating performance
  • Promote a sense of shared expectations among all managers and employees
  • Direct the clarity of purpose among all managers and employees
  • Propel an organized, motivated organization worthy of support
  • Aid to attain higher organizational performance

Curate Clear Vision and Mission Statements and Watch Your Business Skyrocket

When you master how to create unmistakable vision and mission statements, you’ll notice all your stakeholders will be happy to be associated with the image of your brand. You’ll notice higher employee engagement .

Don’t get me wrong; these phrases aren’t easy to develop. They won’t turn a bad company into a good one.

But they can help turn a good organization into a great one.

You still have to tinker your vision statement till you get to the point that’s, you know, of interest to all your stakeholders. But if you do, these thought-out phrases can help keep your target audience glued to your products or services. One minute they’ll be reading your vision and mission statements, and before they know it, they’ll have purchased your product or service.

Never Be Left Behind

That’s when you know tenaciously formulated and reformulated vision statements to adapt to the times are not in vain. They’re doing their job.

So develop a stirring strategic vision statement, and one day, you’ll check your ROI and notice people are spending a lot more time in your company and your audience spending money on your products and services.

In closing, do not miss out on 7 Qualities for Effective Goals and Objectives, Part 7 of the strategy formulation process series.

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