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Link Party 297 Supports Struggling Newbies And Expert Bloggers Come On In Link Up

What should you share at link party 297?

Show us your old posts and more on Traffic Jam Weekend link party 297! Come on in to link up, share, and learn something with us.

“There is no joy in possession without sharing.” — Erasmus 
Meets the hearty hosts of traffic jam link party #297

The bloggers bringing this fabulous link party 297 to you

“The fundamental law of human beings is interdependence. A person is a person through other persons.”

— Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Kimberly: Being A Wordsmith | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Tracy: View From The Beach Chair | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest I Instagram

Michelle: My Bijou Life | Instagram | Pinterest

Hazlo: ThExtraordinariOnly | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Flipboard | Facebook | Pinterest | Keen | Mix | YouTube

Niki: Life as a LEO Wife | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter

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These are the featured posts from Traffic Jam Weekend #296

When you share with others, it ends up you being amazed at what comes back to you.

At link party #297 rea bloggers share

Hazlo chose How Journaling Can Help Change your Life for the Better from Krafty Planner. “Truth be said, we have just come out of a very trying time with the invasion of COVID-19 globally. It was not possible to show up in a therapist’s office. But since journaling is therapy, as stated in this book that we edited (https://amzn.to/3ozJmKo), with the ability to get lower depression scores in three (3) days, every business owner (actually everyone) should make journaling a habit.”

Bloggers celebate bloggers at link party #297

Niki chose Cookbook Stand Makeover from The Apple Street Cottage. “Ann did a beautiful job with this cookbook stand re-fab! The color combination she used, the aqua and pink, is one of my favorite combos. You would never know that this was a makeover and that it didn’t come this way!”

Only at inky party #297 is the dazzling display of other bloggers works w/o prejudice

Michelle chose Roasted PUMPKIN Chipotle SALSA… from Cindy’s On-line Recipe Box. “I never met a salsa I didn’t like, and am eager to try this one.”

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Tracy chose Crate Full of Pumpkins from Howling at the Moon. “Time to dush off the crochet needles and do this cute project for my front porch! This is perfect for fall!”

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The post with the most views was The Dahlia Garden from Adventures in Weseland.

Thank you featured bloggers for sharing!

Your featured posts from link party #295 will be pinned (slowly but surely) to the Traffic Jam Weekend Link Party Pinterest board. Please grab the HTML code for a special Traffic Jam Weekend featured button below to display on your blog.

TJW Link Party Feature Button Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

— Philip Pullman

Just a few rules for the link party 297…

  • Grab the HTML code for a Traffic Jam Weekend button below for your site
  • Link up as many of your old posts as you like below
  • Take some time and visit the other posts
  • Create some traffic jam for the hosts of this party
  • Share this link party 297 on social media with the hashtag #trafficjamweekend
Traffic Jam Weekend Button 2021Instructions: Select all code above, copy it, and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party #297!

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Apart from link party 297, we can help

Come in and share link party 297 for expert and newbie bloggers

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