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How To Earn Money Monthly Online ($10,000) Without Fail, Live From the Land of Imagination and Creativity

To earn money monthly online on a consistent basis is no feat for a faint heart. Turning $10, $100, or $1000 into $10,000 per month from earning money online is both simple and complex. The basics of business success play a role in the simplicity and/or complexity of gaining any due return from the internet market.

Earning money from any online venture, product or service is not an overnight get-rich-quick scheme, but has the power to change your life in ways a 9-5 formal employment never will.

To Start or Not to Start Working to Earn Money Monthly Online From the Internet

Before you plunge into how to earn money monthly online, you have to first sort out the 4 most important things

  • Your mindset
  • Move from survival mode fast
  • Time
  • Freedom

1. Your mindset

If your mindset is still tuned to the formal employment schedule, you must switch to the clock of the Internet.

That means you switch off the button of what others in ‘formal employment’ expect of you, to the freedom and what you want to see from your success while working on the internet to earn money monthly online.

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Your clock will be different because:

* While others are winding down from Thursday into the weekends, you are busy working smart around the internet usage surge from Thursday into Monday.
* While others are taking holiday breaks starting from Thanksgiving, your foot is already well-positioned into the holiday season traffic for the 90 days before Valentine’s season.
* While others are taking naps on Sunday, you are busy planning your week and take your nap on Wednesday (not typical – find what works for you).

2. Survival

In my upcoming new book, How To Move From Survival Mode Fast, you’ll find gems on what steps you need to take immediately so that you are not just surviving, but living. Your passive income generation journey will no longer be a one-hit-wonder anymore.

How are you covering your living expenses?

The fastest way you plan how to earn money for covering your living expenses will determine how fast you move from survival mode to an Internet Entrepreneur’s mode.

This is the mode at which, even while buried deep in your Internet’s scavenging journey, you are not worried about your monthly bills, if possible well covered for a year. You want that by the time you are earning money from the Internet, what you have found to cover your survival mode increases as the value of money increases.

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A secret to growing your net worth to be a billionaire like Warren Buffet

Each dime from your internet business, whether recurring or passive income after deducting expenses should be invested – never spend it.


You have read that right. If your life has to be transformed, you have got to do what the wildly successful people do – and they are very few.

  • Let’s call your first income ‘cycle one.’ It does not matter how hard-pressed you are with bills or due notices. You have to exercise self-control. Each dime from cycle one must be invested in short term investments. You maintain the status quo.
  • Let’s call the second income  ‘cycle two.’ The resultant income or fruits from your short term investments should be reinvested in both the short term and new long-term investments. You have got some breathing room to only spend maybe ten percent or less from your accumulated cycle two returns. Simply plow back the rest and balance both the short term and long term investments. Remember to always put your many eggs in many baskets – never in one.
  • Now we call this third income ‘cycle three.’ This is the level at which you begin paying yourself. You have earned some reward for your labor if you have had to wait for cycle one to cycle three. But if I was in your shoes, I would plow back over ninety percent, Why? I have already trained myself to live within a particular expenditure level.

The titans of wealth like Ross Perot, Richard Branson, Phil Anschutz, John D. Rockefeller, Wayne Huizenga, Bill Gates, J. Paul Getty, Kirk Kerkorian, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet keep the ‘reinvestment and plow back cycles‘ going on and on, with strategic levels of exit (rewards) while maintaining the same level of expenditure.

thextraordinarionly what makes life interesting and meaningful quote maintain similar expenditure level if income increases

When you train the muscles of your mind to deny yourself right from your first check, reinvest it, get the rewards thereof and reinvest them again, (and repeat the cycle for as many times as you can) you will join the league of those who earn money monthly online and have something to show for it.

The fact is, if you begin ‘tuning’ up your expenditure budget and rewarding yourself with luxury after luxury, you will not accumulate wealth to realize the freedom that you seek, from not only earning money from the internet, whether recurring or passive, but also from any other venture.

This forms the basis of book 2 in the Craw Outta Debt Series, How To Move From Survival Mode – FAST.

I do not care what other statistics tell us about the failure of businesses, hustles, and internet-based businesses. There are a lot of reasons that are flying all over the globe on why startups and businesses fail within the first five years.

This then is the subtle culprit – increasing your expenditure with a relative increase in your income, returns, or reward.

‘Let him/her who has an ear listen’

See other strategies for wealth creation, victory over bad debt, and money matters in the book I have co-authored with my twin sibling, Crawl Outta Debt Now.

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3. Time

A successful internet-based business owner and founder – if truthful – will tell you that your first two to four years are never your own. You are testing A – B systems to have in place for automating your business, you are failing and rising up and going on as nothing happened.

Even Google takes a while to have your digital presence indexed – unless you buy a website with over one hundred published blogs relevant to the niche you want to focus on (varies).

As a student of learning how to grow your wealth from an online business, your work hours are almost eighteen to twenty per day – at times, you do not get to sleep at all.

Your earn money monthly online may seem like a façade.

4. Freedom

What is freedom?

How do you define your freedom?

Does freedom mean you have options and can make your own choices without letting factors like money hold you back? Do you want to use your money to buy your freedom?

Only you can answer these questions.

Only you can define the borders you want to explore to realize your freedom.

How To Earn Money Monthly Online … But There is a Looming Financial Crisis?

After the financial doom in 2008, the world today had been in a trance awaiting the next financial crisis. The year 2018 came and passed without a glitch.

Since the eminent financial crisis came as a surprise with the covid-19 pandemic, are you be prepared for the worst?

How do you prepare for the future and avoid being caught in the crash?

Yes, it is still coming. George Gammon, American real estate investor and entrepreneur says, “Whether it was mortgage-backed securities or Covid-19, it doesn’t matter, sooner or later, a system that is broken will finally break.”

Watch How to Prepare for the Future and Avoid Being Caught the Crash  by Robert Kiyosaki & George Gammon the video below:

You don’t have to live in a bunker to be ready for the next disaster.

  • Have you shored up your finances?
  • How frequently do you revisit your investments?
  • Are you using the instruments that the federal reserve protects from crashing? (This is the secret to never losing a dime, ever!)
  • Are you improving your financial skills?

It is very simple to make money online – a steady passive income that you earn money monthly online- year in, year out. Don’t believe me?

You only have to identify the first piece of the puzzle: Buyers.

Many beginners give up on the hustle of seeking online opportunities that pay well because they got this aspect of the money game all wrong.

The complexity sets in when you want to match your identified buyer with a product or service, then close the sale.

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Your First Sale

It takes a lot more resources, time, and effort to make any sales from a new product or service if the buyers are non-existent.

However, if you pinpoint the demand for a product or service, irrespective of its value, you are guaranteed a consistent passive income from the internet. These are ready buyers, who do not need any convincing.

Your turn around time from singling out your prospect up to the time he/she becomes a customer who purchases your product or service is shortened. You spend less on marketing and advertising. Your attention is now concentrated on excellent customer service.

This is the premise of earning any amount of money monthly from any online venture on the internet without fail. Taking short cuts and cutting corners derails your growth rate. Instead, have the right information, use the right tools, and incorporate up to date business strategies that are relevant.

You will be a success.

Debunking Myths on Earning Money Online

By now, you must be toying with one or all of the following thoughts planted in your mind.

How many times have you been told that trying lots of different programs is bad and you need to pick one program and focus on that?

Have you been told that your lack of success up until now is due to:

  • Jumping around from program to program
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of grit
  • Not persevering
  • Spreading yourself too thin
  • Diluting your efforts

How does it make you feel to hear that ‘if a program hasn’t worked for you, it’s not the program, it’s you?’

Well, all this is just not true.


Take a pause.

Most programs out there don’t work. They simply don’t convert.

Far too many do not tell the real facts. The truth is withheld.

Your traffic never converts, no matter how much you spend.

And the worst thing about it all, you are the one who is faulted. Remember, the trial and test runs for some programs are so hyped-up and but do not give you enough time for you to decide if it is a business worth running in the long run or not.

Because this is a pretty familiar road, we will not go through the agony and frustration you have experienced so far. The important thing to remember is that it is not your fault.

So, stop feeling bad about trying out different programs.

Keep up with the investment in your educational and business learning curve. Make those mistakes and raise up again.

Failure is your learning playground. Do not be afraid of failure.

Facts of Earning Money From the Internet

You have to let the employee mindset to slip away with the past the moment you set out to start exploring how to earn money from the internet. Do not get stuck on the fallacies that society places on us.

To earn money monthly online is not a new opportunity at all. If you do not focus too much on the negative stuff and are willing to take responsibility for your actions, income generation from the Internet is rewarding in the long run.

See the online content creators’ of the U.S make money from this Statista Chart below.

Infographic: Where Online Content Creators Make Money | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Passive income generation is the dream of many, but very few end up making money while they sleep. This is one of those business types that you have to inspire yourself and flip your comfort zone for a zone of discomfort.

It is impossible to go after every shiny project for success in online business.

You can not conquer all niches, but you can master as many as you put your mind to.

To start out successfully

  • Focus on a particular set of programs, services, and products
  • Do whatever it takes to succeed
  • Replicate
  • Share with others

There are awesome products, programs, and services already created by other people that you benefit from as an affiliate before you horn your skills of developing your own content. But, beware of the ‘one-click’ scam artists.

You would rather invest all that energy in creating value, learning more, and being prepared for every twist and turn up your hill of success on internet businesses.

Your Plan for Earning From the Sea of Abundance, the Internet

The buying and selling process in the internet business for a bullet-proof passive income depends on three factors:

  1. Does your audience like you?
  2. Does your audience know you?
  3. Does your audience trust you?

As you set your personal milestones and goals, you can look back at your personal baby steps and see your progress. Break the cycle of instant internet millionaires who have no investments from their internet score for six months, one year, or two years later.

Is is possible to earn money monthly online?

Can you get rich earning an income online?

How long does it take to earn your first $10000 from the internet?

How does one earn a consistent income from the internet?

How much can you earn from the internet monthly?

How can you invest in simple smart internet tools to grow the money you earn online with each subsequent month?

Are there legit passive income instruments that do will not let you down?

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Who Here Earns $1000 from their Blog?

This is a question that was asked after I highlighted that everyone’s goal, even if they do not share it openly, is to have a recurring passive income generated from earnings accrued from all their work on the Internet.

Even a social entrepreneur wants to foot the bills of their nonprofit venture.

First, let us settle this once and for all.

It is not a must to start a blog to earn any income from the Internet, whether passive or one-off.

Even one social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Quora is enough.

Note that social media platforms are small blogs, also known as mini-blogs or microblogs.

However, see these blogging statistics:

346 million people read blogs throughout the world. Adding a blog to your website attracts many of these readers

77% of Internet users read blogs

In 2013, 1.7 million Americans listed making money as one of the reasons they blog

69% of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging

Join other people making money online in $10000s or $100000s and more selling products and services from the click of a button on the internet today. Yes, some make those figures per sale, others per day, and others per month.

For others, it is an annual income.

The primary ingredients for success in earning income from the internet are:

  1. Getting a priority niche
  2. Source of traffic, both free and paid.
  3. A system that works for you and frees up more time for you to concentrate on value addition in content creation and exceeding your customer’s expectations

Is Affiliate Marketing the Best Way to Start Earning Money Online?

Affiliate marketers thrive on earning money frequently from internet marketing, starting from selling other people’s content (products and services). Later on, having perfected a system that works, they create their own content.

Here are some fact:

  • 42.17 percent of surveyed affiliate marketers prefer to promote one to ten products
  • 23.18 percent of them like to promote eleven to twenty products, while 14.19 percent promote twenty-one to fifty products
  • Only 7.53 percent of affiliate marketers promote more than three products

What is your goal?

Marketing is Story Telling

Danny Harris is quoted as saying,

‘Facts tell, stories sell. Storytelling is the world’s second-oldest profession’

Soft skills are what give you a competitive advantage in the internet marketing niche.


Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats

105 Blogging Statistics Every Blogger Needs to Know (2020)

Blogging Statistics: 52 Reasons Your Company Blog is Worth the Time & Effort

Everything you need to sell your boss on business blogging

… to be continued

Thanks for reading this ferocious insight on how to earn money monthly online!

Have you ever earned money from the internet?

What myths have crowded your judgment in earning any income from Internet sources?

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get straight back to you!

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