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127 Calls To Action Copy to Tweak and Get Your Followers Frantically Clicking Your Post, Stories, and Lead Magnet Like😋 in 2020

Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 04:06 am

How to Pivot Your Call To Action Strategy to Generate Clear and Concise Buzz As You Do Less – DON’T Trade Income For No Income

Do you know that a simple and effective call to action (CTA) is the kind of persuasive writing that improves click through rates? Does your button CTA or in-copy call to action tell your reader, visitor, or potential customer exactly what you want them to do?

Do you know how best to craft highly converting and working calls to action on your post, page, button, etc.

It is a fact that your website is competing with more than a billion other websites. Your social media page is not the only one on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Each of these sites asks their audience to:

  • Do something
  • Buy
  • Read more
  • Hand over their email address.

How do you compel anyone to hand over their money or personal information unless you give them a good reason?

Do You Find Creating A Click-worthy Call to Action Hard?

This post is for you.

What is the best call to action copy this year?

Use short, snappy, and actionable call to action phrases for your post, page, button, etc. Master the art of using CTAs not to suck the life out of you with the emotional language that will generate a buzz.

To get consumers to want to get details about how they can try out your product or service, your call to action should not be unclear.

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Then write, “Sign up for our newsletter!”

Don’t write “get our time management app.” Instead use “never be late again”

Do you want them to buy your eBook? Then write, “Buy my eBook!”

Do not use “read our time-saving tips.” Instead use “save 10 hours off your work week”

Do you want them to visit your website? Then write, “Visit our website!”

Do you want them to Pin your post? Then write, “Pin this blog post!”

Why Your Current CTAs Are Destroying Your Conversions

If a CTA is not clear and concise it is ineffective. For example:

  1. Here’s my eBook…” – this CTA is unclear.
  2. Thanks for visiting my page about my eBook…” – In this case, there is no specific action.

Do you know if your are trading product sales (income) for Facebook Likes (no income)?

Be straightforward with each of your call to action in your blog posts, social media stories, social media posts, emails, landing page and lead magnet.

15 Things Your Amazing CTAs Can Help You Achieve

A call to action helps you to:

  1. Drive your engagement rate with your audience to higher highs
  2. Get highly converting leads
  3. Start conversations with your followers
  4. Get your followers frantically clicking those call to action buttons
  5. Increase comments to your posts
  6. Tell your followers what to do with your content
  7. Get your loyal fans to sign up to your pre-launch campaign
  8. Sell e-commerce products
  9. Create  sense of urgency
  10. Generate a buzz for a launch
  11. Sell a service
  12. Promote a lead magnet
  13. Encourage a swipe up
  14. Do you have a white paper, an e-guide, webinar or masterclass? This is how to get people onboard
  15. Promote a discount


A Tweet lasts only 18 minutes – though there are tactics to increase if half-life

A Facebook post has a shelf life of 5 hours

The lifespan of an Instagram post on average is 21 hours

It’s not about closing a sale on social media, it’s about opening up an opportunity for someone to have a better life with your product or service.

Do you find it tricky to add a call to action to your blog posts or post on any social media platform where you engage with your loyal fans?  Are you looking for something else to add to your next post?

Use a call to action that prompts your audience to engage and share your content, and then convert the leads to loyal customers.

What are the best compelling calls to action that work in 2020?

DON’T beat around the bush. Learn how. This may be the only call to action guide that you will ever need.

Prioritize Your Call To Action Copy Tactics To Help Your Business Scale FAST

1.  Start Conversations, Increase Social Media Engagement and Grow Your Audience

Are you embarrassed by your Call To Action copy skills? Here’s what to do

  • Raise your hand if you’re feeling this! 🙋
  • Tag someone you know who NEEDS to see this!
  • Help a _______ out! Tag your ______!
  • Can you relate? Tell us your own story?
  • Describe your day in an emoji
  • That’s enough about _____, what about you?
  • How do you take your coffee?
  • Drop your favorite quote in the comments!
  • Vote for your favorite! Comment with _______ 🎁for ______ or _______ 🎉for ______ !
  • Your turn. Are you ready?
  • A deal like this is too good to keep to yourself. Tag your 3_____ now!
  • We’ll be running on IG Live at midday today. Comment below if you’ll stop by to say hello~!
  • Caption this!

2.  Drive Your Profile’s Engagement Using a CTA To Help Increase The Number of Comments on Those Posts

Congratulations! Your Call To Action copy is about to stop being irrelevant. See how.

Tag someone who need to see this right now.

Get your exclusive first look!

This was just a taste, get on the list for the full enchilada!

Be a trendsetter. Sign up now and get yours before anyone else.

No velvet rope required! Sign up to the VIP list now.

Tag your _________ . If they don’t respond in 5 mins, they have to buy you this! 🆒

Early bird gets the worm, but you get 20% off! Sign up now for early access.

Get an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes sneak peek on IGTV.

3 days until it drops like it’s h-o-t! Not on the list? DM us your email and we’ll get you on it!

Watch our Stories to see why influencers LOVE them.

Sign up now for an early bird discount. Cheep Cheep!

Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who shop the pre-sale!

Come back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!

If you’re on the list already you can skip everything else right now to the front of the queue. You’re in first.

Last day to sign up, course starts tomorrow. Are you in?

3.  How to Promote a Discount with the Best 11 Call to Action Phrases For Your Posts

Add gifs in your posts or stories (like the one above) to show some real urgency.

  1. Purchase something during our promotion this week and we’ll add a gift wrap with a note that says ‘Congratulations, you won!’. It’ll stay between  us 💫
  2. Tag 3 friends and we’ll DM you a 47% off promo-code instantly!
  3. 77% off? Yes, please! Applied at shopping cart. Simply shop now!
  4. The sun will come up tomorrow, but this discount won’t! Offer ends midnight!
  5. “YOU get a car, and YOU get a car, and YOU get…” Ok, so maybe we’re not Oprah, but we can give you 17% off. DM us for yours!
  6. You don’t have a shopping problem. You’re helping the economy. Need another reason to shop? Here’s 17% off!
  7. We like when you push our buttons. Visit our website today and get 97% off!
  8. Psst…because you’ve read this far down, you get a FURTHER 90% off! Use Promocode _____ at checkout.
  9. Come in store, show us this post and pocket 70% off in store.
  10. Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy on sale. Get it pal!
  11. S3X! 🙃Now that we have your attention, shop/click/check out our ______ for 7% off today.

4.  Selling eCommerce PRODUCTs?

Encourage your loyal fans to click on your sales and shop your discounts. Don’t get stuck on ideas.

Start here:

    • Trick the in-laws into thinking you have it all together… Add to cart!
    • What would you name this _____ ? Yay! You can name it anything you want. Is it in in your own home? Shop now!
    • oops, did you buy __________ instead of ___________ again? Hate when that happens!
    • For the hostess with the mostest, check out our _______. 🔔
    • For the rest of us who use our smoke alarm as a kitchen timer, see the ______.
    • Get your hot little hands on a FREE sample pack. Just DM us your address!
    • A ___________ that is both functional AND stylish? We would say buy one for ________ Day…but we know you want one too.
    • If you’ve never fallen in love at first sight, you’ve never shopped on our site. Start now!
    • Need A or B for your next holiday? What would you wear it with? Why not get both?
    • Gift Vouchers now available. Grab one today for that___________ you’re going to this weekend (yes, that one one you forgot about..).
    • Shop the entire collection now before Emma gets in first. Psshhh. Emma.

5.  Does Creating A Sense of URGENCY To Physical Products Make You Feel Stupid?

Your worst enemy would be believing those myths that keep you from growing.

This how to defeat it.

Inspire a sale … or seven using the following CTAs:

  • Don’t miss out, selling fast, click-de-click!
  • Hurry! Offer ends soon!
  • Final days! Swipe up now!
  • Swwossshhhhhh, that’s the sound of them running out the door – grab yours now before they’re all gone!✨
  • Don’t miss this! Only 3 spots left!
  • Join for an entire month FREE, this week only.
  • Get in quick, we’re not re-stocking these bad boys.
  • Claim your 7 FREE day trial now, sign up to get started.
  • Offer expires at midnight, get it before we turn into a pumpkin!
  • Upgrade and save, get $97 off when you buy annually (yay, this week only!)
  • You don’t want to miss this! Jump on the email list now. Join our exclusive email community. Dropping soon!

thextraordinarionly CTA to use at end of blog posts or for increased social media engagement

6.  Get People To Act NOW with This Emotional Language!

It is NOT a SCAM or Manipulation 
  • Focus on what makes you money, and I’ll work on solving your ____ needs. 💯
  • Show us your _____ (something controversial)! See what else we can do, tap through now to see our full list of services, designed to help you in every way.
  • Get started! Book your power session now!
  • Not sure what you need? Tell me your biggest challenge below and I’ll DM you with a few thought starters.
  • Let’s start a new project together, email me for a quote!
  • Give [product/service name] a try for FREE.
  • Build a killer email list from scratch now.
  • Book your discovery call today and we’ll explode your business together.
  • Want more followers that convert to sales? I’ve got you, let’s do it.
  • Book your demo today, visit our website and we’ll get it scheduled and in the calendar.
  • Become an ___ master.😎

7.  sPRUCE A Service

Sick and tired of writing a Call To Action the old way? Here’s how to be the most of a CTA – tweaking any of the following ones:

    • What does this mean for you? I’ve cleared my diary next, DM me a time that suits for a quick 30 minute call and I’ll talk you through it.
    • Good news. Help is on its way! Click link in bio for an appointment and we’ll save you from ______.
    • Now is the best time to plan ahead. Check out the link in bio to book in a free consultation so we can get you ready in time for _________.
    • A service like ours could save you ______ and give you back ______. Check our our ‘Services’ page on our website – link in bio.
    • A _____ in just _____?! It can be done! Find out how our past clients have achieved ____ by checking out the ‘Testimonials’ story highlights.
    • You can do it! 🔑There, that was your inspirational quote to get you motivated to sign up to our ____ – download our app (link in bio) to book!

8.  Promote a Lead Magnet With Emotional Calls To Action

Imagine writing your CTA like a true expert!

  1. Seats are limited, grab your spot now!
  2. Try our first module for FREE.
  3. Binge our FREE Masterclass like it’s being taken off Netflix.
  4. Tell me everything, and tell me now!
  5. For the love of the ____, grab your copy now.
  6. Refresh and refocus for the next month. Join us now.
  7. Grab your FREE template and get started today.
  8. Want the details? DM us your email address and we’ll send it right now.
  9. Comment ‘reserve my seat‘ and we’ll DM you the link to the webinar!
  10. Put your proactive pants on and get organized. Get started now by checking out our free e-book.
  11. Everything is figureoutable 🔆with a good ______. We’d love to send you our 7 step guide to ____ DM us your email and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.
  12. Did you know, you’re only one click away from _____. Head to link in bio and we’ll send you a free ____ (valued at $__) showing you how.

9.  Encouraging Impact ‘Full’ Call To Action Phrases

How do you ask people to sign up for your value packed offer?

Do not make this costly mistake. The swipe-up feature is where it’s at!

Swipe up to get your free copy.

Available now, get it!

Swipe up for more irresistible deals.

Shhh, swipe up for a sneak peek. 👀

Join our FREE masterclass, swipe up!

Right here, right now.

From yes to best in one swipe up.

Click here to subscribe.

Show me my [product] e.g. Show me my heatmap.

Subscribe & download the free guide.

Get your copy.

Register for FREE now! Yes.🆓

Want to grow faster? Get in!

Snoop more behind the scenes here.

10.  Looking for Efficient Short, Snappy, and Actionable CTAs NOW?

We’ve got you covered!

  • Save a post
  • In the middle of something? Save this post to read again later when the mood is right.
  • Save this post and if it gets to 50 we’ll make it a free screensaver!
  • Save this post and if we get to 100 we’ll run a flash giveaway.
  • If you’re too busy, save this post to reply later, we’ll be here!

11.  How About the Transactional Keywords to Add to Your CTAs?

Put some thought into this. .

Do you know what you’re aiming at?

An effective call to action will guide your visitors through the buying process, thus getting you more clicks, more buys, and more sign ups. Tout “amazing limited-time offers” or bargains that only last “until supplies run out” with these transactional keywords.

Be strategic in balancing your CTAs not to trade income for no income.

thextraordinarionly combine these 16 transaction keywords with power words on CTA by Hazlo Emma, pin

Where Do You Place a Call To Action?

Be on the look out for the next post where we will explore in details the following:

  • Where not to place a call to action and why it is a waste of time to place it in that position of your blog post, page, button, etc.
  • The precise positions to place your CTAs for maximum impact


When you write a call to action, it is not ‘a set-and-forget’. It needs a facelift every so often.

You made it to the end. You now have over 100 CTAs to immediately use to succeed. Modify these secret CTA wordings for your genre and niche.

You will not hate yourself later with a well-defined effective, emotional, efficient call to action copy.

What CTA Is Missing?

Do you agree the emotional language of calls to action is not manipulation or a scam?

Don’t be shy to share with us on the comment section below.

We love responding to your feedback.

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  1. This is definitely a post to bookmark, save, and use when needed. Great tips as always. I love some of these ideas. CTA’s are always tricky. having to find a balance between motivating but not pushy, fun but not silly. Thank you for sharing these.

    1. Madi,😅
      We are over the moon that you bookmarked this blog post.⛈
      We have also seen your shares on social media outlets.
      We know that you are of great value to your followers.
      The very thing line of CTAs rate of conversion is like website juice, right? ⁉ Though we only know that they work with the ROI.💥⚡
      H E

  2. This is such a rich list of phrases. I have personally noticed the difference when not using a CTA and when using one.
    Adding a CTA to an article or a social media post really affects the amount and type of engagement it receives.
    I’m bookmarking this post because I could definitely use the inspiration from some of these ideas of CTA phrases.

    1. Ray,
      Great observation on when using or not using the call to action phrases.😇
      We learn, try, observe, and keep learning not from talk, but action!
      The value of the amount and type of engagement from copy post that are accurately worded to convey the right message can not be understated. When you add the appropriate captions, hashtags, pics and CTAs it multiplies optimism that catches on to virality.
      It is all in the simple steps and improvements – post after post.
      We confirm that we saw your share on Twitter.😊
      H E

    1. Rachel,
      Yay! Which calls to action surprised you?
      Your feedback is the reason we love what we do.
      That is the only way we know what is valuable, what works, and what does not work.💷

  3. These are really great CTA tips! Even if some may already know this, a reminder never hurts as we all too often fall into ruts and forget. I will be referring back to this post to make some improvements in my own space! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


    1. Shelbee,
      We will forget if we do not journal (in one way or another).
      We only make improvements when we adopt changes and try out (test) other perspectives.
      We love that you paid us a visit and took the time to leave your feedback on this blog post.🙌
      xo xo
      H Emma

  4. Wow! Really informative tips you have here, definitely bookmarking this post, it will always come in handy. Thanks 🙏 so much Emma for putting this together.

    1. Lauren,
      We have found out that practicing how to use a call to action is the shortest route to master copywriting.
      It is a win-win!
      We’d be thrilled to hear more about this from you🥰 – if you’d want to share so that other intelligent bloggers and content creators could benefit.
      We love that you took the time to respond.
      H E

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