23 thoughts on “127 Calls To Action Copy to Tweak and Get Your Followers Frantically Clicking Your Post, Stories, and Lead Magnet Like😋 Today”

  1. This is definitely a post to bookmark, save, and use when needed. Great tips as always. I love some of these ideas. CTA’s are always tricky. having to find a balance between motivating but not pushy, fun but not silly. Thank you for sharing these.

    1. Madi,😅
      We are over the moon that you bookmarked this blog post.⛈
      We have also seen your shares on social media outlets.
      We know that you are of great value to your followers.
      The very thing line of CTAs rate of conversion is like website juice, right? ⁉ Though we only know that they work with the ROI.💥⚡
      H E

  2. This is such a rich list of phrases. I have personally noticed the difference when not using a CTA and when using one.
    Adding a CTA to an article or a social media post really affects the amount and type of engagement it receives.
    I’m bookmarking this post because I could definitely use the inspiration from some of these ideas of CTA phrases.

    1. Ray,
      Great observation on when using or not using the call to action phrases.😇
      We learn, try, observe, and keep learning not from talk, but action!
      The value of the amount and type of engagement from copy post that are accurately worded to convey the right message can not be understated. When you add the appropriate captions, hashtags, pics and CTAs it multiplies optimism that catches on to virality.
      It is all in the simple steps and improvements – post after post.
      We confirm that we saw your share on Twitter.😊
      H E

    1. Rachel,
      Yay! Which calls to action surprised you?
      Your feedback is the reason we love what we do.
      That is the only way we know what is valuable, what works, and what does not work.💷

  3. These are really great CTA tips! Even if some may already know this, a reminder never hurts as we all too often fall into ruts and forget. I will be referring back to this post to make some improvements in my own space! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


    1. Shelbee,
      We will forget if we do not journal (in one way or another).
      We only make improvements when we adopt changes and try out (test) other perspectives.
      We love that you paid us a visit and took the time to leave your feedback on this blog post.🙌
      xo xo
      H Emma

  4. Wow! Really informative tips you have here, definitely bookmarking this post, it will always come in handy. Thanks 🙏 so much Emma for putting this together.

    1. Lauren,
      We have found out that practicing how to use a call to action is the shortest route to master copywriting.
      It is a win-win!
      We’d be thrilled to hear more about this from you🥰 – if you’d want to share so that other intelligent bloggers and content creators could benefit.
      We love that you took the time to respond.
      H E

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