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Ask For Help Shamelessly. Its Not Helpless. Its Courageous – Link Party 322

It is good for you and your business: Magic of asking for help from others to transform your life and business

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It shows you have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and to learn something new” – Barack Obama

How to ask for help

Don’t we all need help sometimes, even though asking for it can feel uncomfortable? Confident and strong people expose their vulnerability to ask for help when dealing with something extremely hard, an emergency or in any stressful situation. It’s either you continue suffering or overcome your reluctance, embarrassment, shyness, and pride to accept other people’s assistance.

Say no more!

Asking questions goes hand in hand with and asking for help. These are success habits and life skills that call for surrendering control to someone else. Could this be the secret of the wildly successful, like Elon Musk, Jay-, Jeff Beos, Vera Wang, Oprah Winfrey, … who make very bold business moves?

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***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post in any way. There is no form of compensation received in writing about asking the right person for help.

ThExtraordinariOnly is a consulting and coaching hub for executives, professionals, influencers, authors, thought leaders, business founders and owners. You will not find any ‘how to ask for help therapy worksheets’ here. This blog post should not be used in place of professional advice from a mental health professional or medical professional.

We are not providing any advice or recommendations here. There are various resources where you can seek professional help or counseling. See the references at the end of this post and follow through.

How to ask for help from others

Picture this. Identical twins, each one seeking their own identity from the moment they knew who they were. Take into consideration that while growing up, competition was about who was more independent and self-reliant than the other.

Do you think asking for help comes naturally? You tell me. The thought of thinking to ask for help from anyone has always being at the bottom of the bucket list.

How can you know what help there is unless you ask? Forget childhood beliefs that have clouded your judgement to make you feel not worthy of assistance from anyone. Imagine, research states that even dormant ties and connections want to help and are delighted to hear from you.

What do you need help with today Do not be afraid to ask for help

Most people – even strangers – are willing to help. But you have to ask.

Francis J. Flynn and Vanessa Lake, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Ask for help! It’s downright essential, sometimes.

Wait, want to say more? Scroll to the comment section at the end of this link party 322 and share with us why you are hesitant to ask for help or a wonderful experience you had when you reached out and asked for help.

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Increase Your PQ and EQ

Who said that when you ask for help, it’s going to be easy-peasy? Is anyone perfect? Asking for support is a statement of imperfection, just like everyone else.

You empathize with others as they relate to you. Vulnerability is a great force. When you ask for help, you become a master, able to read unconscious facial expressions that reveal inner emotions.

You understand people better, thus increasing your people intelligence (PQ).

Do not feel helpless reach out and ask for help

Your emotional intelligence (EQ) is much higher. Why? Identifying with other people’s pain points better is second nature. You understand your customers’ real pain points, and in turn offer more precise, accurate and fit valuable products and services for them until they are your raving mad loyal audience.

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The skill that can make you a better human being and a stronger leader

Did you know that the secret for perseverance is connected to being your true self and authentic? You grow sensitive to spotting people who are not authentic, a great advantage in your personal, work, and business life. Instead, you try to connect with them on a deeper level.

From your own experience, you imagine, ‘Could they have something that they’d like to get off their chest?’ Maybe you are the one to help!

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.”

Brené Brown.

What is one of the hardest life skills to practice?

You guessed it. Right?

Asking for support and openly receiving!

Our natural human need is to share experiences with other people, thus someone who asks for help with ease does not fear intimacy and honesty. You connect to new people much faster, taking risks more easily.

You develop a much thicker skin since you’re not afraid to expose yourself.

Do you see where grit to surpass any obstacle that comes your way stems from? Just ask Angela Lee Duckworth. You cope with rejection. Due to the power and willingness to consistently work hard through difficult scenarios, give yourself permission to pursue more ambitious and exciting goals.

“The best advice I can give to anyone going through a rough patch is to never be afraid to ask for help.” — Demi Lovato.
Ask someone who has the ability, knowledge, or time to give help

Asking for help is the miracle that can lead to business growth

Oh, yes! Asking for help is so hard, but you can get better at it.

What is the right way to ask for help? Would you rather write a letter or an email, even if you feel uneasy? Remember, you are not a burden when you ask for help from someone.

What is the challenge you are experiencing right now at your business? Can our professional services help?

Try doing everything alone. The burn-out! The time! The low productivity!

Asking for help is a brave at of self-care that promotes trust and confidence. You allow others to share their talents, skills, experience, and expertise to help your business grow.

Since crucial tasks get shared with others, the creative juices of each of your teammates and supporters involved in coming up with a solution flow, making the problem-solving journey fun and easy.

As long as you make a thoughtful request, people will think you are more competent, not less. #askforhelp #thextraordinarionly #successfulpeople Click To Tweet

An organizational culture of asking for help

Do you ask for help at work? Is the tone, environment, and atmosphere of our organization favorable for requesting for help? Asking for help fosters a collaborative work environment of sharing skills between colleagues.

Need to feel more confident when a negotiation opportunity comes around? You will need excellent communication skills, provided by the practice of asking for help.

Could you tweet this

It may be better to give than to receive, but it’s best to give and to receive.

Therefore, you save time, making your work more efficient by reaching out to asking for help.

Asking for help is not weakness but courage

Seeking to produce better outcomes and more innovative solutions in shorter periods of time? Ask for support from others. That is the time you learn about others’ strengths and passions because of creating opportunities for them to share their gifts and talents.

+17 better ways to politely ask for help

How do you ask the right person for their help? Just like in a face to face scenario, when you write your ‘ask for help email subject lines,’ you could begin as follows:


“I’m hoping you can assist me”

“Will you help me, please?”

“Would you do me a favor?”

“I’m hoping you can help me”

“I need some assistance”

“Could someone help me, please?”

“If you have time, I could use your help”

“Life provides ample opportunity to test our mettle. When circumstances call for it, let’s give ourselves a break and ask for help.”

Gina Greenlee

“I have an issue that you may be able to help me with”

“I need your help.”

“Would you mind helping me, please?”

“Could you give me a hand?”

“I was wondering if you might be able to help me”

“Could someone help me, please?”

“I need your support.”

“I need a helping hand”

“I require your assistance”

“Could you hold that, please?”

“Could you give me a dig out?”

Ask me for help: Don’t Wait in Queue: Contact Me, Hazlo Emma, NOW

3 steps to ask for help

Ever asked for help during the hour of need from the support of your family members, friends, or people around you?

When you bury your problems and feel helpless, they only become worse.

Are you an executive, a professional or business leader in the startup and small business space. Isn’t a hard journey already? Are you so busy with your business strategy development process, or a seeking more capital to inject into your buisness, or tweaking your business plan to fit with the current market dynamics?

It is a lonely and winding road, with barely enough time left for yourself. Isn’t it? How about you ask for help?

  1. How much time do you have left?
  2. What quick solutions do you have at your disposal?
  3. Who can you reach out to right away?

If none, scream out loud ‘help!’ No! ‘HELP!’

Okay. As stated by Givitas, there are times that you want help with;

An introduction or connection to an expert, mentor, or industry leader
A recommendation for a vendor or partner
Information or knowledge that you need
A specific skill or ability that you want to learn
A personal recommendation (local restaurant, babysitter, vacation spot, holiday gift)
A second set of eyes to review or get advice on a project or initiative
Volunteers to join a project or initiative

Source: Givitas

connect with a more kinder community where you give and take help

Therefore, check out the Gravitas’ culture of giving and taking.

How do you experience Givitas? By joining a kinder and more collaborative free community today to grow your network without making a nuisance of yourself.

How to request something

Congratulations!. You are here because you searched ‘how to ask for help.’

When you ask for support, you hone your sales and marketing skills, leading up to you asking for business comfortably.

Where do you ask for a sample of email requesting information and get it right away? Even Google knows about the AI writing assistant. Instead of copying what is already readily available online, curate one that adheres to the most current professional email etiquette guides.

  1. Are you an amazing author? Ask for help to commit to a writing goal.
  2. Are you an entrepreneur? Ask for help on the resources and tools fit for a business magnet like you.
  3. Are you an intuitive influencer? Ask for help on how to successfully date success in the error of TikTok overtaking the influencer marketing space, faster than a bullet train.
Times are tough already just ask for help

There is no greater feeling than the profound experience of happiness that comes from giving. It’s no wonder that giving or receiving a a gift releases the powerful hormone that stimulates bonding – oxytocin, and in like manner, strengthening trust in others.

“Asking for other's guidance helps you see what you may not be able to see. It's always important to check your ego and ask for help.” — Ken Blanchard

Photos: Free Public Domain/CC0 Images


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References for further study

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You’ll love

Can we help?

Use this NHS list of resources to guide you in finding professional help if you live in the UK. Mental Health America may be able to assist you further in the USA.

You could reach out to Online Therapy, a vibrant and safe space to find solutions to the help that you seek.

Have a question? Ask for help!

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