How To Get Grand Grant Approved Like These 34 Opportunities For Top Women In Business

Is your business in a crisis? Get your grand grant approved for the optimal amount to best leap your dream business ideas to reality faster

Are you counted among the most successful women leaders in business? You know that there’s never been a better and easier time to get a grand grant approved to take your business to another level, than the current times. However, how long does it take to get a grant approved?

Want a free financial tip? Well, grants are not a quick funding solution.

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How long does it take to get your grant approved

This is a continuation of the most previous blog post on the secrets and strategies of growing your business quickly in hard times. If you are desperately seeking some substance on grant alternatives, best grants, free government grants, and what you need to do to get your grant approved, keep reading. The blog post is ideal for empowering YOU, top powerful women in business, those raising kidpreneurs, volunteers, and international exchange students who understand your life purpose and are building your business, enhancing your company’s performance, and transforming your communities.

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“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”  Mark Twain

Discover other grants and alternative financing like cheapest loans for entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals, and business executives too who want to get stuff done.

Have you set aside a budget to hire grant writing consultants, because using a template for writing a grant proposal can be dangerous? Well, how do you write a grant application that grabs the attention of those panelists reviewing grants to be approved without a doubt? The next blog post on Plain Language Writing cannot be overlooked. You will not be disappointed.

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Is it hard to get grants?

Since grant money gets rarely advertised, numerous people who are eligible to receive government grant money often don’t realize how easy it can get a grant approved. Yes! It’s easy, for your grant application to get approved – but how long?

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get grant approved for research, association, or small business

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Therefore, If you are looking for a quick funding solution, then a grant is not for you. Want to supercharge the capital, income, and wealth? Instead, apply for the best type of exclusive financing on the planet at 0% interest to scale your business.

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How hard is it to get a small business grant approved?

Business relationship with funder to increase your chances of grant approval

Small-business grants get found at government agencies, state organizations and private corporations. Many branches of the federal government offer grants for small businesses. Federal government grants for small business, State government grants for small business, private small business grants and small business grants for women, minorities, and veterans typically need to be repaid.

Want your application and proposal of your grant approved? It must rise to the top of hundreds of thousands of highly competitive applications. If you find it very hard and notoriously difficult to get your small business grant approved, because of a rejection, consider other financing options to put you on solid footing.

While corporations can take up to six months up to a verdict of a grant approved, Foundations takes till twelve months. Though varying from agency to agency at Federal level, it’s a six-month waiting period just like at State level.

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How to get a grant approved

To answer the question ‘how long does it take to get a grant approved‘ you will have to knock out each requirement of the grant opportunity to confirm that it aligns with your life and business goals and objectives. Considering the time spent preparing your grant proposal, finding suitable funders, and cultivating those funders, the process to the actual grant approval can take from three months to one year.

The secret is to shorten the cycle to get submitted grant applications approved, with more than one grant in progress at any given time. Although sometimes funders have short funding cycles for particular types of projects, funders take quite a long time to make decisions about substantial sums of a grant.

Any grant approved very fast may give you access to very small amounts of money that barely cover expenses associated with engagement, training, and development of your grand business or program.

There could be variables in your situation that could be different, giving you a different outcome on the length of time it takes to have your grant approved. For example, do you have any contact with the program, foundation, or corporation prior to submitting your grant application? It’s a mistake to send grant applications to foundations, you have never had contact with.

Do you know making a contact with the foundation staff at a conference is a way to establish a connection? Make a simple phone call to a corporate of foundation program officer to lay the groundwork via networking. There might be an interest in your business or project. A better grant could be proposed to you, increasing your chances of its approval.

In other instances, instead of wasting a lot of time and money completing the application process when you cannot actually receive the grant, partner with other businesses and organizations to write an effective grant proposal. Furthermore, you never know who else has a connection with the foundation or grant provider from your collaborating with other organizational to submit your grant.

Grant process checklist

“The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.” — T.T. Munger

One of the fundamental activities that you take keen interest on to improving your qualification and the length of time it takes to get your grant approved is a checklist of your grant proposal. If you have ever put together the best business plan proposal to help you get funding or bring on new business partners, this is a no-brainer, thus we will not go into details today.

You want to check each box, including presenting a plan for your project’s or business’ continuation beyond grant funding. Your exceptional checklist for your grant procedure for bagging the grant approved stamp looks like this;

  1. Registration Information: Contact name, telephone, and email address.
  2. Contact Information: Name, occupation, address, telephone number, and email address.
  3. Organization information
  4. Organization background
  5. Grant request summary
  6. Project details
  7. Project budget
  8. Grant evaluation
volunteers confirming details are up to date

You do not want to be in the shoes of this organization with a $2,000,000 grant approved, but lost it because their G-suite email solution was not up-to-date, hence down. [True story, not fiction]. Has someone else counter checked the information you are providing in your grant application? … ensuring all your bases are well-covered?

What is the grant process for approval of the optimal amount?

Do you meet all grant guidelines? The grant process includes;

  • Creating the funding opportunity
  • Applying
  • The stage of making award decisions, and
  • Successfully implementing the award.

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Well, foremost, not all grant applications require a long waiting period. To remove the hiccups that delay getting your grant approved after you’ve submitted your application, many corporates, foundations, and Venture Capitalists (VCs) have adopted innovative technological grant processes for faster approvals, with the most simple and basic two-step process.

You pitch virtually. Afterwards, and in less than 5 minutes, literally, you have your grant approved. No more waiting for up to 12 months like some quite larger grant providers that take time to make the decision for grant approvals. Why? Because some of these financiers, and VC investors, have realized a unique gap in the marketplace for guidance and training.

They have set robust measures to ensure an exceptional experience and most successful implementation of business ideas, projects, and programs. In addition to awarding you a grant, you will get additional incubation or your idea, and mentoring of team leaders of for-profit and nonprofit successful grant applicants, and consequently, in some cases, releasing the grant approved in phases. The verification process then takes place simultaneously with these other subsequent activities.

how long does it take to get a grant approved

Exactly how to get grants

Before you apply to for a grant, define clearly the problem you want to address. What are your needs? What do you have? Where is the gap?

Understand the interests of the funder. What grants has the conglomerate, program, or foundation made to other businesses and nonprofits, in what amounts, and for what purposes?

Follow instructions for networking and communicating with the grant providers’ staff members, and for submitting a letter of interest or a complete full grant application. Cross each “i” and “t.” If you don’t follow instructions, it is very unlikely to get that grant approved.

Is the program, or coporation a good fit with the work of your organization? Now is the time to reach out to start the work of establising a relationship of openness, honesty, trust, and professionalism. It is a win-win when you build a partnership to benefit your business’ stakeholders, while helping the foundation carry out its own mission.

Only submit your grant application when you are sure you know what you’re talking about with logical argument and measurable results. Your facts and figures, must be reasonable with an accurate budget.

Need to get money quickly?

Get your business and/or project off the ground by using an earned income, bootstrapping your own operating budget, or asking churches, individual donors, and civic groups. Since wait times vary depending on where you submit our proposal, use the time to launch creative low-budget business growth ideas. After a while, follow up and track your grant applications.

Woman, are you ready to put together the prerequisites of following great grant opportunities that can add a new lease of life to your business without second-guessing yourself? If not, you can reveal this as insider information to boost the enthusiasm, dedication, mental and emotional commitment of your employees because they are valuable contributors and important part of your team. You will be surprised how creative your team is and how fast they can put together a concrete application that could to get your grant approved faster.

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What does it mean for a grant to be pending?

Do not be anxious. For your grant application to be pending, it means that it’s not been declined or rejected. Your application is still under consideration or being reviewed.

At times, a corporation, or foundation notifies you of receiving your application and that it is pending. Follow up after a couple of weeks to find out if your letter or grant application is under review.

Sometimes businesses tell you at the onset of submitting your grant application that only a successful grant approved gets notified. If you don’t hear anything, reach out because your grant application may be lost or misplaced.

What if it is affirmative? Check mail from the corporation.

A client and businesswomen in a meeting discussing organiztions grant approved

The best way to thank a grant provider

Write a simple letter of appreciation for grant funding or a handwritten card. Accompany the letter or card with a small gift of appreciation.

What are the easiest grants to get?

The following list includes links to general grant opportunities, funding, accelerators, incubators, and general resources from the corporate world, Foundations, U. S. States, and Federal. In case you are late for a grant application or the date is past due, proceed to make contact for future grants opportunities.

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Proceed to these inspiring millionaire lady quotes by the first self-made female millionaire to amp your life and business in tough times.

Barclay’s Small Business Big Wins is a competition to share how your business met the unique demands of 2021 for a chance to win $2000-$60,000. Apply by 3/11/22. Learn more here.

Capital One Business Grant Program will award $10,000 grants to 150 Black-owned businesses. Owners can also access free resources through Capital One’s Business Hub. Applications open on 3/10/22. Learn more here.

Citizens Small Business Champion Award – Open to Eligible Small Businesses who are either Citizens Bank business banking account holders or based in CT, DC, DE, FL, MA, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA or VT. Entrant must be a legal resident of US. Grants for $10,000. Apply by 3/17/22. Learn more here.

If you have a registered business (LLC, Inc, etc), Pine-Sol™ Build Your Legacy contest – ESSENCE® + are partnering to help champion Black women entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit. What would $100,000 means for your business? Apply by 4/16/22. Learn more here.

VivaTech Startup Challenge is an opportunity for women founders to master investor pitch, get access to investors, and get visibility during a hybrid event open to a diverse audience. Female Founder Challenge includes an online boot camp on fundraising, 1:1 meetings with investors, a guided tour of VivaTech, an afterwork with women executives, and VC a pitch contest and an award ceremony. Apply by 3/18/22. Learn more here.

Halcyon Flagship Residential Fellowship is a diverse cohort of fellows who receive free residency and workspace, mentorship and leadership coaching, and robust support from business consultants. Apply by 4/8/22 for a $10,000 living stipend to develop your entrepreneurial vision that must be for-profit organization. Learn more here.

$150,000 Jobber Grants Program rewards great work for a home service business owner or aspiring business owner. Are you 18 years old or older, residing in the U.S. and Canada, excluding Québec? You are eligible to apply for a grant from $2500-$15,000 by 5/26/22. Learn more here.

Ladies Who Launch Program provides a $10,000 grant for business education, mentorship, advisory support, community, and amplify US-based women and non-binary business owners and entrepreneurs. Apply by 3/28/22 Learn more here.

Plutus Foundation Grant awards $2000 grants to support bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, journalists, educators, speakers, and authors who create financial literacy programs. Apply by 3/14/22. Learn more here.

Target Forward Founders Accelerator is a virtual eight-week program for early-stage product companies looking to better understand retail. Connect with industry-disrupting founders, Target team members, and other cohort members while gaining access to industry-leading retail resources and partnerships. Apply by 3/21/22. Learn more here.

Techstars Anywhere Americas Accelerator is a virtual accelerator to help entrepreneurs with companies in North American timezones succeed at $20K for 6% of the company. Apply by 4/6/22 for a three-month program. To get the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni when you join the next class of Techstars Anywhere, learn more here.

“Not every founder can, or should, relocate to participate in an accelerator program.”

Ryan Kuder, Managing Director

Eat Me Guilt Free’s female entrepreneurship grant, You Glow Girl for $10,000 is open to all women boss babes entrepreneurs in the US. Pitch yourself and your business by July 1. Top 25 glow-getters will be announced for round 2 on July 8 while winners will be announced August 19, 2022. Learn more here to be on yourself.

Non-profit grants

It is not easy to get a complete list of all open grants. Right? How do you collect the information you need to help validate if there is a funding opportunity for your nonprofit?

Do you wish for a tool to help you identify funding resources for nonprofits in your area? For other State grant resources and community foundations, start here at resoruces page to get advice and specific instructions on what to look for when you visit a funder’s website.

Are you a US-based innovative nonprofit driving lasting impact in the world? Classy Awards recognize the work of nonprofits with at least one year of measurable results. Apply for a $90K prize pool by Classy, two of its founders, and GoFundMe by 3/15/22. Learn more here.

F5 Tech For Good Grant for $10,000 is open to non-profits in all countries covering technolgy needs. If you run a Nonprofit organization, it must serve at least 50% Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color (BIPOC) and/or underserved communities. Apply by 3/31/22. Learn more here.

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Opportunities listed by U. S. State


  • Phoenix Micro and Small Business Grants of up to $15,000 for eligible businesses expense categorized by the Internal Revenue Service as a “deductible expense.” Do you operate in the city of Phoenix with less than 25 employees? Apply by 4/15/22. Learn more here.
if you need a federal grant approved, the requirements and management are uniform


  • Pledge LA Founders Fund cover early stage business led by a Black and/or Latinx co-founder based in Los Angeles County. If you have raised less than $250,000 from any source prior to applying and have an innovative product with evidence of traction, apply for a grant for $25,000 due by 4/10/22. Learn more here.
  • Microbusiness Covid-19 Relief Grant Program for $2500 are available to for-profits located in Riverside County with less than $50,000 in revenue for 2019 and less than 5 employees. To apply by 6/30/22, learn more here on how long it takes to get your grant approved.
  • Do you have rent debt due to Covid-19? San Francisco Small Business Rent Relief Grant for up to $35,000 will cover unpaid rent debt accrued between March 2020 and September 2021, in addition to if your property owner agrees to extend your repayment term to at least September 2024. If your business is currently operating in San Francisco and plan to stay for at least a year, apply by 4/1/22. Learn more here to check if your business is eligible.


  • EDGE Grants up to $100,000 for eligible expenses of STEM-based companies and $50,000 non-STEM Entrepreneur Class businesses who are less than 5 years old and based in Delaware. Do you employ no more than 10 individuals? You are eligible to apply by 3/31/22. Learn more here.



  • Small Business COVID-19 Assistance in Decatur is a zero-interest of up to $20,000 with potential to be forgiven. Its to small businesses in operation for at least one year prior to March 13, 2020 with less than 25 employees. Applications due by 3/25/22. Learn more here.

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  • Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation is empowering small businesses under the New COVID-19 Pandemic Response Small Business Grant Programs. The grant programs, New Applicant Grant Program provides a total of $25,000,000 to support small businesses while, the Inclusive Grant Program of has a pool of $50,000,000 available for special businesses. Learn more to apply by 4/4/22.


  • Gorham Savings Bank’s LaunchPad for 50,000 is for legally registered Maine-based businesses. Age 18 or older can apply without formal business proposals or supporting documents. Want your grant approved? Viability, scalability, uniqueness, management, and impact are key. If you get selected as a finalist, you will deliver a live pitch in-person to a panel of judges on June 7, 2022. Apply by 3/31/22. Learn more here.
  • Mini Marketing Grants spring 2022 for $1,000 by New Ventures, Maine are for individual micro business owners, business partners, or groups of business owners. Non-profit organizations are not eligible. Apply by 5/6/22. Learn more here.


  • BGE Energizing Small Business Grant of $20,000 is for-profit business founded in 2020 or prior within the state of Maryland, with annual gross revenues in 2021 of less than $7 million USD and less than 25 employees. Apply by 3/25/22. Learn more here.



  • Jones County Chamber of Commerce Grant will offer Minority Owned Small Business Grant in partnership with Mississippi Power for $3000 to eligible businesses in Jones County. You must be a current Mississippi Power customer and have less than 50 employees. Apply by 3/25/22. Learn more here.


Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Authority Grant has two funding opportunities.

The most ideal grant application process that gets your grant approved
  • Missouri Value-Added Agriculture Grant
  • Missouri Value-Added Agriculture “Farm to Table” Grant

A grant approved is awarded on a competitive basis, and scored based on the economic development potential for the agriculture industry. Get grants for up to $200,000 when you apply by 4/1/22. Learn more here.

New Hampshire

  • Manchester Small Business Grant and Program Assistance supports small businesses based in Manchester, NH. The grants up to $10,000 are available to cover fixed business costs, including rent, utilities, and payroll, accrued during the pandemic, costs associated with transitioning to e-commerce business platforms, outdoor space upgrades, and other technical assistance needs. Learn more here.

New York

  • Affinity Legacy Community Grant Program gives grants up to $25,000 if your organization is to tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Does your business operate programs within Affinity’s 10-county service area – Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Orange, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester? Applications are due 4/15/22. Learn more here.
  • HerRise PitchFest sponsored by National Grid exists as a relief for women of color small businesses writnng in pain from the impact of the pandemic. You must be a HerSuiteSpot member with a small business registered in the state of New York. For an award of $5,000, apply by 3/19/22. Learn more here.​
  • Apply to the Tourism Return-to-Work Grant Program if you are a NY state tourism business, including accommodations, transportation, and tour companies. The grant approved to grow your team is for $5000 in funding to grow their teams. Learn more here.


  • Fort Bend Emergency Small Business Grant gives grants of $5000-$25,000 that are issued on a first come, first served basis. You must be a Fort Bend business that has been operational since December 30, 2019 to qualify. Additionally, you must prove a revenue decline of at least 25 percent from 2019 to 2020. Learn more here.


  • Newport News Micro Enterprise Grant is for a micro enterprise within Newport News with five or fewer employees. Not-for-profit businesses, organizations, and entities are not eligible for this program. The business owners must be low to moderate income or the business must be located in a low to moderate-income area at the time of application of a grant for $500-$3500. Learn more here.

Washington DC Area

  • Ascend Capital Accelerator – Thrive Cohort became designed to help entrepreneurs of color. The principal office of your business must be in Washington, D.C., Prince George’s County (MD), Montgomery County (MD), Howard County (MD), Arlington County (VA), or Alexandria (VA). Apply by 3/18/22. Learn more here.

Grant opportunity for successful businesswomen from Africa

grant approved for African women entrepreneurs
  • WIA54 – WIA is committed to supporting African women entrepreneurs. The application is a 2-step process. WIA team will get back to the pre-selected candidates after step 1 for the grant approved between 5,000-10,000 Euros. Apply by 5/31/22. Learn more here.

Opportunities in Canada

  • Boost Your Business Technology Grant for up to $15,000 offers support to Canadian-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to adopt new digital technologies. Learn more here.
  • Grow Your Business Online has micro grants of $2400 to help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies for small for-profit business based in Canada. Business must commit to maintaining a digital adoption strategy for six months after getting approved and participating in the program. Learn more here.
  • Main Street Innovation Fund with Grants for $25,000-$50,000 is for Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) and not-for-profit organizations with ties to the business community. The fund is to test innovative and creative solutions to local challenges and share their findings/results with others in the city of Toronto. Apply by 3/31/22. Learn more here.
  • Visa Canada She’s Next Grant Program (Visa and iFundwomen) – Canadian women entrepreneurs receive one of ten grants for $10,000 each and one year of mentorship support to further develop their businesses from this grant. Apply by 3/15/22. Learn more here.

Legitimate government grants open in the U. S.

Apply these aeronautics and space grants

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs –

Space Grant –

International Space Station Funding Opportunities –

NASA Research Opportunities –

For justice grants

Health and human services grants

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Access legitimate grant opportunities open to every one

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Grant from the Administration for Children & Families

Funding by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Grants by National Institutes of Health

Disaster Assistance

State Emergency Management Agencies

It can be overwhelming to know where to start to look for help at times of emergency. Learn more here to find your state’s emergency.

Government loan

A loan is different from a grant because you repay with interest. The purpose of a government loan is to pay for education, helping with housing, responding to an emergency or crisis, a disaster, home improvements or business needs.

Start here;

Find a list of projects supported by grants in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and learn about the federal grant process and search for the most suitable government grants for you at the free official website

Small business loans

There are several government small business funding options that we will explore in a future blog post. Do not miss it the +5 funding options and how you and your business can benefit.

Small Business Administration (SBA)
If you dont get grant approved borrow under 7(a) program

An SBA loan is just like a government guaranteed student loan, or mortgage for starting and expanding a business, handling disasters, and exporting goods.

Through the Small Business Administration, the US Government guarantees 75%-90% of a loan made by a bank under the SBA loan program up to $5M. You can use purchase a small business – even if you don’t have a ton of collateral or personal cash. Why? Because banks love them for the very little risk they carry with the guarantee of the government mitigating the risk.

Deals like that are as common as rain as banks subsequently, they provide a small business owner with the capital needed to buy, start or scale a small business. Are you skeptical that it’s really that easy to raise money to acquire businesses? Just ask Josh Kim.

“Instead of using a SBA broker website, directly work with a lender because these sites are just grabbing your information and selling it to banks who actually do the SBA loans,” says Josh.

Legitimate government grants for individuals

The federal government does not offer grants or “free money” to individuals to start a business or cover personal expenses. For personal financial assistance, the government offers federal benefit programs.

Start here if you need help with information about becoming self-sufficient or lowering your expenses, phone bills or medical expenses.

Sources of grants for individuals

  1. John and Julie Mork’s Mork Family Scholars Program
  2. Oprah Winfrey’s foundation and charitable causes
  3. Warren Buffett’s The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
  4. George Soros’ grants and fellowships
  5. Jon Huntsmen Sr. School of Business
  6. Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg American Health Initiative
  7. Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, and
  8. the Gates Millennium Scholars Program.

Fraud and scams

Have you purchased a book or paid a fee to get grant information and are not satisfied? Follow-up with your state consumer protection office.

Report fraud –,

Beware of scams –,

Research articles

The original list of grant opportunities got shared with us by My Fab Finance.

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