thextraordinarionly why volunteer blog post by hazlo emma

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  1. Elder LeQuinte L Long says:

    Volunteering is awesome. It does give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Volunteering also works on your humility because as a volunteer you don’t get paid but fulfillment eases the pressures on your mind. As we learned in this article it helps lower stress and reduce blood pressure. In conclusion volunteering is not for those who we are helping its is for us volunteers

    1. Elder Long, it is great to get your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

      1. Hi talented author,Hazlo Emma first of all,I am honored to be here,thank you for your information let me know what a small business can find create ways to volunteer& why volunteer with a start-ups in this community “sustainable development GOAS “,if you want me to express myself volunteer program is via social media networks experience for example twitter and LinkedIn profile members where there network could support your social security community and interactively with group’s mates ,especially LinkedIn networks professional fields platform not only exchange your expertise experience with online connectors but also learning New knowledge each other,
        Finally my conclusion is:
        I would like to proposed several reasons why volunteers start-ups reference:
        (1)lack of learning and researching motivation
        (2) volunteer bad business working environment and lack money to invest.
        (3) leader of business do insufficient the management of strategy planting.
        (4) poor self learning ability and the goal of reached .
        (5) uninspired leading materials and excellent talented .
        Above these suggestions that could support your reference.
        Sincerely yours
        Stanley Chen

      2. Hello Stanley, I am so glad you have highlighted these pertinent challenges in volunteering and working with volunteers. The article was updated accordingly. Thank you.

      3. Stanley chen says:

        It’s just so much nice of your precious weekend time to reply back and share my Tweet here.
        This website is good for us all to interact with each other.
        Keep going, have a fabulous weekend and time.

  2. This is really interesting. I agree wholeheartedly that volunteering is both critically important for society, but also for the volunteer. When I volunteer, my life feels more meaningful, more expansive and I feel more connected. All of those feelings are important as an individual but also as a citizen. When I was at a very small startup, we all decided to have several days a year where our employees could take off from work and volunteer–it was mandatory to give back. And last summer my son was in an internship and they had a day to do it together as well.

    I have not heard of Entreps before, so I learned a lot from this post–but it also makes you think and that’s critical to growing and enhancing our society as well. Great post; thank you!

    1. Volunteering can lead you to unchartered waters. Children do what they see their parents and caregivers doing. You are an exemplary Dana. This feedback is encouraging. Let me know how it goes with EntrepAwards.