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thextraordinarionly tried and tested resources and tools for internet business success blog post featured photo by Hazlo Emma

101 Time-Saving Resources and Tools We Trust at Your Fingertips

Tried and tested resources for experts and novices alike

These tried and tested resources include a wide range of self-service and automation tools that can help you map out your digital footprint on the internet. Run your online business, without the need to ever touch a line of code.

Our original, unique and exclusive research, gives comprehensive information on simple resources and tools packed with powerful features to help you succeed.

We have used the tools, resources, and software in this article. Choose and discover your own favorites from the different options of these resources.

Thesaurus definition of  ‘tried’


1. tried – tested and proved useful or correct; “a tested method”
tested, well-tried
proved, proven – established beyond doubt
2. tried – tested and proved to be reliable
time-tested tried and true, tested
dependable, reliable – worthy of reliance or trust; “a reliable source of information”

If you are a novice, kick start your internet marketing business with these proven, tried and tested resources that experts like successful content marketing strategists have found reliable.

Do you want to achieve success, regardless of your industry?

A sound online marketing plan and strategy is imperative from the day you start your business. Leverages the power of social media, uses search engine optimization to drive traffic and make good use of the media marketing advancements that are out there.

Are you looking for competitive edge and strategies to ensure your hustle, startup, and small business is not among the 80% of businesses that fail within the first 18 months?

You can not afford to ignore the internet.

Stand out from the crowd using these tools and resources to push your business forward, save time, and work in a more efficient manner.

Subsequently, boost sales, revenue, and profit in the days, weeks and months ahead and generate more income.

You do not have to look far to find what you need to succeed. Some tools may be familiar, others may be new to you. Compare your options, settle on the best tools and make a final decision on which ones can help you reach your goals. Incorporate them in your solid and water-tight business plan.

Favorite list of free and paid tools to succeed in your internet business today


thextraodinarionly Calibre FREE tool for ebook management

Calibre an ebook management system that you can use to build your own ebook library. It is a free open source program available for Mac, Windows PC, and Linux. In case of the remote possibility that Kindle is wiped clean due to an unspecified violation of Amazon’s terms and service, Calibre is very good insurance because you can build your own ebook library, save, and have a backup.

Easily convert and read an epub file on any device with the tools the program offers. You can also work with and convert many different ebook file types.

Readers and writers, this is a must-have reliable epub to Kindle Mobi converter all your ebooks, including any non-Amazon ebooks you want to read on your Kindle. Use this tool to convert, edit, save, backup, and protect all your ebook files.

Be on the lookout for a quick tutorial on how to use Calibre!

Hemingway App

thextraordinarionly Hemingway App in blog post on tools to use by Hazlo Emma

Highlights and correct grammar, fluency, and sentence structure in order to help your writing read and look better. Are you new to the world of writing software? You may not be aware of what’s available for you.

Make your writing bold and clear with this tool that uses proprietary algorithms to suggest corrections for simpler, clearer writing. It’s like having the master at your side while you write.

Named after the literature prodigy, Ernest Hemingway, the free or paid versions of the Hemingway App is not a grammar checker. It is a simple writing style checker. The focus is on only very elementary elements in the writing process. That is:

  • Long sentences
  • Adverbs
  • The passive voice

Hemingway judges the “grade level” of your text using the Automated Readability Index. With this app by your side, you easily see how “readable” your articles are and adjust them as needed. The user interface is extremely simple and easy to use.

The Hemingway Editor is that it so clearly highlights the potential improvements you can make to your writing. It provides you with a lot of useful information, and you can use the Hemingway app as a simple distraction-free word processor.

When writing a book or using the tool frequently, you might want to purchase the desktop app, available for Mac and Windows. The app allows you to import your writing to Hemingway, perform edits, and then export to text, PDF, or Word.


thextraordinarionly MouseFlow Analytical Tool in blog post on tools to use by Hazlo Emma

If you want to know how your customers interact with your website or see how they react when you modify something on a common page like the homepage, Mouseflow is your go-to analytical tool. It is a faster, cheaper, and much easier customer experience tool for multiple analytical cases.

It offers standard session recordings, heat maps, form analytics, and surveys to collect information from visitors’ pain points, what frustrates them, increase conversion rates on certain pages, and quantify your online engagement  Learn how visitors navigate on your site and how information reaches your target audience. See where your website visitors’ dropout, hesitate and convert.

The most common use cases including tracking a check-out process, sign-ups, or similar. I love the funnel data that is updated in real-time. Oh boy, you learn about your users in a very short time. There is no need to wait before a report is ready.

See the flexible plans and choose that which meets your needs. Mouseflow also has several plugins and integrations,

To start, just add a small snippet of JavaScript before the closing body tag on your website. You may want to set the “autoStart” configuration to false if you for some reason don’t want Mouseflow to start recording immediately a user enters a page on the website. You can always revert back to the mouseflow.start() call as need be.

Success Center

thextraordinarionly Success Center dashboard in blog post on tried and tested tools to use by Hazlo Emma

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. Your small business needs to be on social media. If you aren’t, you’re missing out on cheap and effective marketing tools.

Did you know that your first goal of B2B social media marketing needs to be branding, not leads? While your inner-marketer might be telling you social media is all about selling products, that’s far from reality. Most people are on social media to be entertained and kill some time. Your social media content needs to appeal to that.

That is where the Success Center comes into play.

Social media marketing is top-of-mind for most every marketing department. What about content marketing? This is a (relatively) new term, and a new practice for many.

At the Success Center, both social media marketing and content marketing are interrelated as part of marketing’s ongoing evolution. They are not isolated options.

Join today and build your brand, business, or community as we have. Start using this content marketing system, to build social relationships and brand influence. I love how their listing is promoted in social engines and social media.

The premium membership allows you to post classified ads like real estate or job listings. You can also add videos from YouTube feed or Vimeo, add audio files and products with your Paypal buy button.

When you create your SuccessCENTER with a business profile, and link to your website or blog, your articles, press releases, and events appear in search results – FREE.


There are 100% free (no “freemiums,” no free trials, no BS tools) tools that help your small business and/or startup achieve an internet liftoff.

Regardless of your niche, audience, focus, and goals, these tools give you the insight you need to improve your digital footprint and strategy.

Many small businesses and startups begin with an idea but lack deep financial resources. The reluctance to spend money on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary is a common trend. The resolve is to accomplish a task for free.

Sounds like your approach?

Even Google now restricts access to their Keyword Planner, which used to be the go-to choice for bootstrapped site owners. It is only accessible to users running AdWords campaigns.  True, it is technically free to use, but not available to budget-conscious marketers who aren’t ready or willing to invest in an ad campaign on the platform.

Now its time to use these “freemiums,” no free trial signups required, and no restricted-use tools (at times completely free of charge) to help your startup, small business or hustle find the way to success, drive traffic to your site, get extreme engagement and massive social media exposure t0 realize your targets and increase your revenue.

Standing out in the deluge is harder than ever. Even for established publishers it’s tough. For beginners … it’s a nightmare.

This article is published as Evergreen content updated to reflect changing trends and technology to benefit you.

Thanks for reading!

I’m probably leaving out some tools and resources that help startups or small businesses, their owners, founders and CEOs regardless of niche, audience, focus, and goals. Do you have others that you can provide? Contribute by adding a comment using the comments section below. I will respond straight back to you.

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