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  1. I use social media and Pinterest a lot. I also reuse and re-edit old content all the time and use it in different ways, it’s a huge time saver.

    1. Madi,
      There are simple awesome hacks, tweaks and tips for marketing.
      A startup or small business with a tight marketing budget could incorporate social media and Pinterest in their marketing plans.
      Branding and marketing is not an overnight job.
      They should understand that it takes a lot of smart and hard work, not to mention the amount of time.
      I am sure that Anthony agrees with me that your contribution to this blog post is spot on!

    1. Asma,
      Share it with your network of influence if you found it to be of value.
      Welcome to the family.

    1. Anthony, the team and I are very grateful for your feedback Dee. 😊
      xo xo

    1. How exciting to know that you found the blog post helpful!🔥
      Check out this this other inexpensive marketing idea too – though deemed old skool – when you follow this link

  2. Shweta,♦♦
    We love receiving feedback.
    Let us know what inexpensive marketing idea works for your business best.
    Welcome to ThExtraordinariOnly family.🔔

  3. So grateful.
    Strategic digital marketing is a smart move for startup and small business growth hacking – when combined with timely focus on diversification – especially in response to different scenarios (to thrive, scale and succeed), like the pandemic.🙂

  4. Hazlo, you did a great job with this post, I wish you would have included some digital marketing strategies regarding websites that provide live streaming tv shows.

    How they can bring traffic towards their website without any solid copy or blogs.

    1. MJ,
      You are so right.🎮📹
      The perked potential of live streaming TV shows, games, and VR in marketing is still untapped by established large businesses. Startups and small businesses have barely scratched the surface.
      It’s great to connect. 🆒

  5. Hey Hazlo,

    Was browsing the interwebs for articles about inexpensive marketing and came across yours! …it’s a great starting point for anyone, especially if they have yet to build a website or set up their GMB. I just published a bit about Guerrilla Marketing that you and your reader might enjoy as well… focuses a bit more on “offline” ideas, but also has a “digital” aspect as well!

    Keep up the good work, I love seeing people helping people!