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Book Review Demystifying HR concepts in real world

Book Review Demystifying HR – HR Concepts in Real World Scenarios by Shivin Tikoo

This is my book review demystifying HR concepts
Demystifying HR: HR concepts in real world scenariosDemystifying HR: HR concepts in real-world scenarios by Shivin Tikoo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What will shape HR going forward?
Shivin Tikoo, the author of Demystifying HR: HR concepts in real-world scenarios explores human resource notions and ideas that lean towards talent acquisition, personalization, and the acceptance of technology and Artificial Intelligence. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Booktasters.

Tikoo adds HR managers looking to get ahead of the game are left with no choice but to master an accommodating social media strategy. The author notes that engaging, retaining, and collaborating with the technology-independent Gen Y molds career frameworks.

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HR insights make simple, accurate, yet affordable human resource management systems that propel the workplace culture. When aligning everyone to a company’s core purpose and beliefs, employee engagement surveys, constant learning, Mr. Tikoo points out that being proactive is a priority.

I have experienced massive changes in the world of work, having transitioned from being an employee to a team member working towards present-day’s organizational culture that is in harmony with globalization. Today’s HR extends beyond open and clear communication channels, to a global workforce that retains top talent, looks into the well being of each team player, irrespective of hiring the best talent or nurturing an existing one.

thextraordinarionly book review of book Demystifying HR concepts by Hazlo Emma, book authored by Shivin Tikoo, book blog pin

HR professionals will find this book a gem in uncovering industrial and organizational principles that marry productivity with employee satisfaction and security. HR (MBA) students can use this book to further explore the HR concept of man versus machine.

The author, Shivin, can be found on LinkedIn.

This book deserves a 4.0-star rating because the research on HR concepts is a never-ending process.

Buy your copy at Amazon TODAY.

Thank you for reading!

Are you worried about the future of work?

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