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When Facebook Changes Its Algorithm, Newsfeed, or Suspends Your Ad Account - Have You Been on Facebook Jail When You Needed it Most?

When Facebook Changes Its Algorithm, Newsfeed, or Suspends Your Ad Account – Have You Been on Facebook Jail When You Needed it Most?

The Bitter-Sweet Relationship Of Users as Facebook Changes – Is Your Marketing A Victim of the Rocky Relationship with Facebook?

Oh boy, ain’t all the news today, one day after another just about Facebook changes, analyticsGmail changes, Google fine, ICOcryptocurrency, and – of course – President Donald Trump!

Facebook had 2.3 billion monthly active users by the 2nd quarter of 2018. The updated number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as at the time of publishing this post has increased to 2.41 billion. It is the most popular network in the world, ranked by the number of active users in the world (in millions), with a focus on exchanges between families and friends.

User-Friendliness On the Most Popular Social Media Platform

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Many users attest to the fact that their first sale of a product or service on the internet was more successful on Facebook than on any other platform. 47%  of the 4.4 billion internet users in the world share feedback on the seller’s website, followed by Facebook (31%), brand websites (18%), WhatsApp (17%), and Instagram (12%).

On the flip side, when compared to Twitter, a significant number of some 8,000 16-year-old teens did not consider Facebook as their favorite social network though 2.7 billion users log in to the core products, i.e., Facebook,  Whatsapp, Instagram, or Messenger each month.

thextraordinarionly Facebook and Twitter statistics by Statista Charts

Facebook Marketers have seen a decline in their business activities due to the changes announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg that lean more on content from family and friends on the news feed. The circles of influence are getting smaller.

Can Your Bitter Relationship with Facebook Be Transformed into a Sweet One?

In fact, the largest bias today on Facebook and its other products (Instagram) favor only those willing to spend on ads. Yes, despite the fact that more than 80 million businesses use Facebook Pages to connect with customers, only 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising.

thextraordinarionly quote on share product reviews add to Facebook Changes post

Users Secret To Mitigating Facebook Tweaks

Users of the Facebook platform have found other ways to mitigate the changes. They are frantic in the search for traffic, prospects, and leads from other quarters. Platforms for independent business owners and networks marketers are growing in leaps and bounds. These unique social platforms help business owners build their businesses, by reaching their target audiences directly.

When Your Facebook Ad Account is Suspended

Or your Facebook page is at the risk of being banned by Facebook Messenger, like what happened to Larry Kim.

Do you want your business to:

  • Get maximum exposure?
  • Generate more leads?
  • Increase profits?

When we first signed up with MLM Gateway, we were running tests for one of our clients who had their Facebook Ad account suspended while boosting posts. The petition to lift the suspension took too long. The decision to connect to prospects that were interested in the client’s business without the distraction of ads in this social platform bore fruit.

thextraordinarionly Facebook changes blog post

Take Your Business to the Next Level
MLM Gateway

I recommend MLM Gateway (yes, I have found legitimate leads).  I don’t think anyone has ever said, ‘I regret reaching my target audience directly.’ It is a unique, simple, and easy to use social platform for network marketers from all over the world.  Meet like-minded people and quickly expand your entrepreneurship.

If you are an experienced independent business owner or a newbie looking for work-from-home opportunities too, sign up (For FREE) using our referral link, you will receive 5 free credits to begin building or expand your business! Connect with more business partners, get more leads, and run advertising campaigns.


Did you know that the half-life of a Pinterest pin is thousands of times longer than a Facebook post? Take full advantage of Pinterest as a search engine as well as a content curation site and boost Pinterest traffic to your blogs.

With 300 million monthly active users, this social network is growing every day. Some of the biggest brands – Wal-Mart, Apple, and Lowe’s – are staking Pinterest ground for their marketing efforts.

Too, there is enough room for a blogger, start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to give pins, repins and group boards a try. The power behind using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog grows stronger with each passing day.

Every day Pinterest search drives millions of visits to other sites through referral traffic. Every time someone saves your Pin their followers will see it too, exposing it to even more people with similar interests. That means more than just your followers will see your Pins.


Use keywords on board titles, board descriptions, Pin descriptions, and metadata of linked content.

Pin to the board that is most relevant first, before adding the Pin to other boards.

Share content thst is relevant to your audience;

Pin consistently.

Generating Pinterest traffic to your blog is, therefore, one of the best ways to grow it early on. Try to understand exactly how Pinterest works and how to make the most of it. Granted, not every niche may do well on Pinterest.

One of the primary questions to ask yourself when embarking on the Pinterest journey is, what niches do your blogs fall under?

Schedule your pins with the timer on Pinterest, or automate it with an approved scheduler like Tailwind.


Traffic Ad Bar

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Success Centre

Both social media marketing and content marketing are interrelated as part of marketing’s ongoing evolution at SuccessCentre. This is a content marketing system, that builds social relationships and brand influence. Build your brand, business, or community as we have.

When you join SuccessCentre, your listing is promoted in social engines and social media for free. There is a premium membership that allows you to post classified ads. You can also add products and services with your Paypal buy button, audio files, and videos from YouTube feed or Vimeo. You benefit from additional traffic from SuccessCentre because the link to your website or blog, your articles, press releases, and events appear in search results – FREE.

The articles that you add on the SuccessCentre platform are scheduled and shared across content sharing platforms on the internet.

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8 thoughts on “When Facebook Changes Its Algorithm, Newsfeed, or Suspends Your Ad Account – Have You Been on Facebook Jail When You Needed it Most?”

  1. Great article. Facebook is definitely still a high-potential platform, but marketers need to approach it differently than they did just a few years ago. Pay-to-play is now the way to go, but even then you have to adhere to certain stipulations, and the content you’re promoting needs to have the right message, with the right visuals and other components in order to have the desired impact.

    1. Precisely Anthony. Thank you for joining the conversation.
      You are right.
      Facebook has changed. Today, it looks like an exclusive league for the big boys only. Speak about the drastic changes on the platform!
      But entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups still have hope of utilizing the phenomenal potential of reaching their prospects via Facebook.
      There are outstanding success stories – No wonder project Libra, the new cryptocurrency is in the offing.

  2. Those are very interesting statistics you’ve shared there!
    I briefly tried selling/showcasing products on Facebook and immediately realized how hard it is to reach your target audience there without paying for ads.
    I haven’t heard of MLM Gateway before, but it sounds like a good deal, so I will be looking into it. SuccessCenter also sounds like a great tool that I could definitely benefit from!

    1. Ray, you remind me how a while back all a Facebook user ever longed for was a friend request. (Chuckle…) Did we have anxiety as high as reported today?
      When working with loyal users of the Facebook platform, you have no choice but to know how to exceed their expectations. Obstacles and challenges are the way.
      Feel free to follow the links in the post to try the programs. Do not hesitate to reach out, even if it’s just to share your experience. Thank you for taking the time to read..

  3. Great suggestions here! The only one I’m a bit confused about is MLM Gateway – I understand it’s not only for MLMs, however I worry that by using it I’m contributing to something that can give them more of a platform, if that makes sense. Do you know of any similar sites that aren’t directed at MLMs? (just makes me feel a bit uneasy using something that mentions MLMs in its name)

  4. Great article Hazlo, I liked all information came in here .. but I think we have to look for all factors .. like the client or receivers level of understanding and interaction taken from their side .. in some places people are misusing the platform.. Just a though came to me while reading .. Many thanks for your efforts to lighten our vision..

    1. Adel, your support is invaluable.

      Remember the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Who should dictate and inform the strategy that you use to exceed their expectations? The end-user, and buyer of your product, service or program. The successful always lock in with the community of buyers first. Not in creating the product or service or program first and go looking for someone to sell it to. The reversed process – creating first – is what leads to the misuse of rock-solid platforms on the internet. It is a trend that needs a complete overhaul. Let’s start from finding the buyer first, then lining up the sale and working backward. Won’t the success stories will be different?

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