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When Facebook Changes Algorithm, Name, Newsfeed, or Suspends Your Ad Account – What Do You Do When on Facebook ‘Jail’ Like Larry Kim [Updated]

Bitter-Sweet Relationship Userx – Facebook Updates to Meta – Is Your Marketing A Victim of the Rocky Relationship with Facebook New Rules?

Can we keep up with Facebook’s BIG new changes, Facebook name now Meta, and Facebook algorithm changes -AGAIN?

Do you know what surprises this gigantic platform has in store? Notwithstanding, the impact of these swing highs and swing lows on lead generation! As users, are we able to see the needle beyond fierce Facebook changes.

How about the spill over effect of overall user experiences for both individuals and businesses on the big Facebook platform?

What is your experience of Facebook changes to META

Oh boy, ain’t all the news today, one day after another just about:

Ferocious Facebook changes

A global financial meltdown


Gmail changes

Google fine



and – of course – former U.S. President Donald Trump

Plus the uncertain times due to the Coronavirus epidemic!

Times have changed.

We have witnessed unprecedented times, let alone unending Facebook updates and changes from year 2020 to date.

But, we are a peculiar breed of people. Thus, we all seem to find solace on social media, more so Facebook – especially with the shift to working remotely from home.

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Brands Boycott Advertising Pressure Facebook Changes on Hate Speech

Can I remind you? Let’s jump in on this outrageous Facebook changes.

No sooner had social media platforms begun dealing with fake corona experts than the Black Lives Matter cry went global. When President Trump referred to shooting protestors it invoked a phrase with a racist history.

Let’s try to fathom how drastic and significantly user experiences are influential. Facebook did not take any action on this incendiary content (President Trump’s post). It snowballed to more than 100 brands including Coca-Cola, Honda, the chocolate brand Hershey.

how to measure the impact of Facebook changes on lead generation

No Facebook changes to solve this ever?

The apparel companies Lululemon and Jansport were not left behind. They all joined in solidarity to boycotting advertising on the Facebook platform.

Facebook stocks tumbled. The figure was 7% as Unilever joined the boycott. It put significant pressure on Facebook to revise user rules, regulations, and policies. Specifically, covering hate speech.

Facebook may not have removed or labeled any post from President Trump himself but they have removed ads by Trump’s re-election campaign that contained a symbol associated with Nazi concentration camps. This follows the footsteps of  Twitter. The platform whose posts have the shortest half-life labelled posts by Trump that glorify violence or contain false information.

Facebook changes to Meta

What Changes Have the Five Most Used Online Platforms Made So Far?

The most liked social media platforms too have evolved with all  manner of changes. Even though user term Facebook changes as a ‘headache,’ they may not be as automated at first glance, but over time, everyone Facebook user adopts the change.

We are witnessing a prolific speed of policy changes, algorithm changes, page layout changes, changes in transparency with person data, … and the list goes on and on!

Pinterest updates

  1. Pinterest did a massive algorithm change that shook bloggers and other user experiences with plummeting monthly views and Pinterest impressions with a call for fresh content each day – minimum 15 fresh pins a day.

Google’s Keen

  1. In a surprising move Google begun Keen – a Pinterest-like app that uses Google’s ML expertise, AI and search engine technology to curate topics and create interest boards.  I have fallen in love with it – so far because the app promises to help users “curate, collaborate and expand” shared interests. A user has control over their recommendations.
Facebook changes and an invitation to Google's StayKeen

Twitter new rules

  1. Twitter started marking government-owned social profiles  and giving users the option to control who sees their tweet

TikTok surprise

  1. TikTok users were amok with shock when President Trump told reporters that he planned to ban the Chinese-made platform in the US.

Instagram Reels

  1. As different players negotiate to buy-out TikTok from Byte Dance, Instagram dropped Reels. Have you tested it?

So, Facebook is NOT the only social empire with subtle or overhauling changes on its platform to ‘go beyond today’s social networking.’

13 Top Facebook Updates – Highlight of Notable Facebook Changes (The Subtle Vs The Ferociously Forced)

Let us run through an highlight of a number of the many changes Facebook has made ( and is making) to simplify user experiences.

1.  Change on Reach and Impressions

As ofJuly, 2020 Facebook changes highlighted how they would  calculate reach and impressions with the end goal of trying to ensure that the analytics platform is as accurate as possible. Today, the time frame that cuts off when two impressions from the same user gets counted as unique reach.

social media numbers on Facebook changes do not lie

2.  #SupportSmallBusinesses

To support small businesses and creators, Facebook announced that they would not collect any fees from paid online events for at least the next year. This announcement was made on August 14, 2020.

3.  Change on Policies around Hate Speech and Voter Suppression

To quest advertiser revolt, we are a aware of the announcement Facebook made to change its policies around hate speech and voter suppression. The platform users feel that these measures have done little to quell the wave of companies pulling advertising from the platform.

4. Facebook Adding Label to Newsworthy Content

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will begin adding a label to certain content it deems newsworthy, to “allow people to share this content to condemn it, just like we do with other problematic content.” He wrote that, no exceptions for world leaders will be made for posts that violate any of Facebook’s updated ad and content policies, especially content that incites violence or suppresses voting.

5. Elimination of Discover Tab

To this end, the ultimate Facebook change that got nailed to a coffin was elimination of the Discover tab from Messenger. This feature was intended to help people browse for nearby places and businesses to message. Instead, they are working on “better ways to help businesses connect” across Facebook apps and ads that lead to messenger

6. US 2020 Voting Information Center

Facebook has been giving people in the US the tools and information they need to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Remember how it was packaged in the launch of US 2020 Voting Information Center?

7.  Customer Chat Plugin Updated and Changed to a New Name

Another awe-inspiring Facebook change was the platform introducing  a new and improved design of the Chat Plugin. This now connects businesses to all users on their websites, even if they are not logged into Facebook. The updated plugin is now Facebook Chat Plugin.

8.  Page Layout Changes

Mari Smith hinted this way back in 2015.

Facebook changes to META

9. Facebook changes corporate name to Meta


10. Professional pages

A great creators’ gift to make money straight from Facebook – wow!

11. Facebook changes to the pre-campaign estimates

This is a momentous Facebook change beyond improving the performance and measurement of Facebook ads.

12. Facebook and Messenger live audio rooms

Facebook changes enhance live streams of videos

13. Facebook company’s virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

Now that is growth vide diversification.

What other vital Facebook changes of tumultuous transformation – not mentioned here – have you used?

So far, are you able to pick out the subtle changes Facebook has done and those that users have had to force the hand of the platform?

Some Stirring Facebook Statistics

thextraordinarionly Facebook changes influence user experience

Facebook had 2.3 billion monthly active users by the 2nd quarter of 2018.

The updated number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as at the time of publishing this post increased to 2.41 billion.

It is the most popular network in the world, ranked by the number of active users in the world (in millions), with a focus on exchanges between families and friends.

Facebook Changes Vs User-Friendliness On the Most Popular Social Media Platform

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products my team and I highly recommend. We won’t put anything on this page that we haven’t verified and/or personally used.

thextraordinarionly Facebook and Twitter statistics by Statista Charts

Facebook Marketers have seen a decline in their business activities due to the changes announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg that lean more on content from family and friends on the news feed.

The circles of influence are getting smaller.

When Your Facebook Ad Account is Suspended On the Course of Scheduled Ads

Or your Facebook page is at the risk of being banned by Facebook Messenger, like what happened to Larry Kim while operating Mobile Monkey.

thextraordinarionly Facebook messenger bans Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey
Insight into Facebook Messenger bans Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey

This was the pop-up message Kim received:

“ Limits have been placed on Larry Kim. This page is restricted from the use of message tags, subscription and broadcast messaging, and sponsored messages. Your page will still be able to respond to messages according to standard messaging permissions.”

So how do you have your business up and running as you work on self-inflicted Facebook changes like:

  • Facebook has thrown you into jail
  • Banned your account or
  • Suspended your ads at the nick of time?

These are resources we use and value. So much so, we became Affiliate members. As affiliates, we endorse the products and services we use and love. If you see the value in these products and choose to purchase via our referral links, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Users Secret To Mitigating Facebook Tweaks – On Receipt of the Facebook Jail Card

Which user of the giant platform has not found, tried and tested other ways to mitigate Facebook  changes?

Users of Facebook are frantic in the search for traffic, prospects, and leads from other quarters because it is becoming extremely difficult to see traction unless you spend cash! And mind you, you will never have access to data that can help you make a sound judgement of the actual ROI from your spend.

The resultant cause-effect is the growth of platforms for independent business owners and networks marketers in leaps and bounds, too. These unique social platforms help business owners build their businesses, by reaching their target audiences directly.

how to measure the impact of Facebook changes on lead generation

Can Your Bitter Relationship with Facebook Be Transformed into a Sweet One?

In fact, the largest bias today on Facebook and its other products like Instagram favor only those willing to spend on ads.

Yes, despite the fact that more than 80 million businesses use Facebook Pages to connect with customers, only 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising.

thextraordinarionly quote on share product reviews add to Facebook Changes post

If the likes of Unilever, Coca-Cola, Honda, the chocolate brand Hershey, and the apparel companies Lululemon and Jansport boycott advertising on the Facebook platform because of the spectacle of the hate speech, ads are no longer favorable to users. Subsequently, that’s user generated Facebook changes.

How to Take Your Business to the Next Level Whether Facebook Blocks Your Ad Account or Changes its Algorithm

As you work on the reasons Facebook has thrown you into jail and repair that rocky relationship, remember this.

Foremost, you are in business.

You cannot afford to disappoint your loyal fans,  ideal prospects  and target audience.

Feral Facebook changes are forever going to happen.

STOP. Take a look and advantage of these free and paid growth hack strategies to scale, succeed, and skyrocket in your thriving startup or small business.

Facebook changes the lead generation target marketing strategy

1.MLM Gateway

Do you want your business to:

  • Get maximum exposure?
  • Generate more leads?
  • Increase profits?

When we first signed up with MLM Gateway, we were running tests for one of our clients who went through challenging Facebook changes and had their Facebook Ad account suspended while boosting posts. The petition to lift the suspension took too long.

The decision to connect to prospects that were interested in the client’s business without the distraction of ads in this social platform bore fruit.

We recommend MLM Gateway (yes, we have found legitimate leads).  Has anyone  ever said, ‘I regret reaching my target audience directly?

It is a unique, simple, and easy to use social platform for network marketers from all over the world.  Meet like-minded people and quickly expand your entrepreneurship.

If you are an experienced independent business owner or a newbie looking for work-from-home opportunities too, sign up using our referral link. You will receive 5 free credits to begin building or expand your business! Connect with more business partners, get more leads, and run advertising campaigns.

2. Pinterest

Stake your Pinterest ground for your marketing effort because the  half-life of a Pinterest pin is thousands of times longer than a Facebook post.

Take full advantage of Pinterest:

  • Its a search engine
  • As a content curation site
  • This is primarily a buyers market place
  • Boost Pinterest traffic to your blogs

With 300 million monthly active users, this social network is growing every day. Some of the biggest brands – Wal-Mart, Apple, and Lowe’s – are not left out.


The Pinterest crowd is a ‘buyers market’ – users are shopping around not just for ideas, but they are so ready to spend!

thextraordinarionly power of Pinterest, the Pinterest account for thextraordinarionly
Follow us at ThExtraordinariOnly on Pinterest

Too, there is enough room for a blogger, start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to give pins, repins and group boards a try. The power behind using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog grows stronger and better with each passing day if you use fresh pins.

Related post: Read this post by Entrepreneur and Blogger Madi Dearson to learn how to use Pinterest for business the right way using new Pinterest best practices and guidelines!  

Every day Pinterest search drives millions of visits to other sites through referral traffic.

Every time someone saves your Pin their followers will see it too, exposing it to even more people with similar interests. That means more than just your followers will see your Pins.


FOUR  Secrets to Pinterest Success
top board of the best of ThExtraordinariOnly blog on Pinterest platform

Use keywords on board titles, board descriptions, Pin descriptions, and metadata of linked content.

Pin to the board that is most relevant first, before adding the Pin to other boards.

Share content that is relevant to your audience.

Pin consistently … Pin daily.

Generating Pinterest traffic to your blog is, therefore, one of the best ways to grow it early on. Try to understand exactly how Pinterest works and how to make the most of it. Granted, not every niche may do well on Pinterest.

Do Facebook changes appreciate the service stays forever quote

One of the primary questions to ask yourself when embarking on the Pinterest journey is, what niches do your blogs fall under?

Schedule your pins with the timer on Pinterest, or automate it with an approved scheduler like Tailwind – Use this affiliate link with no additional costs to you.

3. Traffic Ad Bar

Another favorite site that will give you value is Traffic Ad Bar.

  • This is a powerful traffic source that allows you to bring your business’ daily offer views at no cost.
  • Drive traffic to your website relating to business opportunities, affiliate marketing, online marketing, traditional or regular traffic exchange by signing up for a FREE account here.
  • Test the FREE automatic search engine submission today and start advertising your profile NOW.

4. Success Centre

Both social media marketing and content marketing are interrelated as part of marketing’s ongoing evolution at Success Centre. This is a content marketing system, that builds social relationships and brand influence. Build your brand, business, or community as we have.

thextraordinarionly share your success with success center, Ads, content marketing strategy

When you join Success Centre, your listing is promoted in social engines and social media for free.

  • The articles that you add on the Success Centre platform are scheduled and shared across content sharing platforms on the internet.
  • Benefit from other options like adding products and services with your PayPal buy button, audio files, and videos from YouTube feed or Vimeo.
  • See the results of additional traffic from Success Centre because the link to your website or blog, your articles, press releases, and events appear in search results.

There is a premium membership, that you can purchase when you upgrade, your membership that allows you to post classified ads. If you use our referral partner link here, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Start now.

5. What Else Do You Use to Amp Your User Experience on Facebook?

When you had already planned and lined up your ad on Facebook, then got a suspension, what did you do?

Do you have a product or service that you use that we can add to this list?

Share in the comment section below so that other bloggers, readers, startups and small businesses can benefit too!

Facebook changes to protect the rights of privacy for children
Further reading

Your Thoughts on How to Mitigate Facebook Changes to Improve Your User Experience

Thank you for making it to the end of this article!

Did your Facebook Ad account is suspended smock in the middle of your already paid for Facebook Ads? You now have armor.

Will you test these tools to reach your target audience in your locality of preference? NEVER allow any Facebook changes to disrupt your business – ever! 

Share your experience below.

  1. Do you have any questions?  I’ll get straight back to you!
  2. Do you have any suggestions that you can contribute to the discussion on this blog post? Which user hasn’t had a Bitter-Sweet Relationship due to Facebook Changes? I look forward to your suggestion in the comments section below.

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Beyond Facebook changes

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