Write Great Content In Writerpreneurship

Writerpreneurship is the art of writing great content to stand out because you are in charge. It could be a tweet, a post on Instagram, a Facebook post, an email, a blog post, an e-book, a video, a newsletter, a training manual, or a photo.

Cultivating yourself as a successful writerpreneur helps you generate more income for your writing.

Discover the essential elements of writerpreneurship when you work with us today.

“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.”

-Neil Patel

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How To Write Great Content In the Writerpreneurship World

To appreciate the world of writerpreneurship your pen, paper, and ideas are just but the foundation. Dive deeply into the many aspects of building a powerful, profitable, life-changing business around your authorship. Let your voice be heard.

Stamp your digital social proof on the path to conquer your writerpreneurship throne. This is the secret to your authority on a matter, field, or topic.

Every entrepreneur, startup, and small business is a publisher – a publisher of marketing messages and customer resources, and a publisher of stories.

– Jim Blasingame

Relevant, Helpful, Fun, and Honest Content

What is great content? Where do you source great content for your audience? Great content is content that is relevant and helpful to your readers.

Now you may never have met face to face with those who interact with your content. Today’s age of the Internet of Things and digital transformation makes it easier and cheap to find out how to provide great content for your target audience, fans, followers and new reach.

‘Content is King’.

Ever heard the phrase? Right.

Is it original, fun, interesting, and honest? Then you are on the lane of awesome content.

How well do you know your readers?

Their thinking?


Who are they?

What do they want to read?

How do you get them excited and talking?

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Great content not only draws readers in, but keeps them longer on your page, and makes them keep coming back. It is a great bonus when traffic generated from your readers, prospects, and customers refer plus one more!

Learn what it takes to make your writing thrive. Be productive as a new author, writer, blogger, and content creator.

“Because of the increased use of social media on smartphones and social media’s involvement in retail sales, “social selling” has become red hot. Anyone hoping to improve their online sales success must take advantage of emerging trends.”

Eddie Machaalani,co-founder and co-CEO, Bigcommerce

Writerpreneurship and Articles for Blogs

500-word articles from £1.15 per word (plus one (1) keyword and anchor text)

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Rights you receive

  • You have the right to say you wrote the article
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  • It is completely your article


  • You agree to the terms and conditions
  • You provide the keyword
  • You provide the anchor texts

You prefer long term contracts!

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Is Writing Great Editorial Content Writerpreneuship?

This is what we have experienced, largely in ghostwriting.

Based on 1000 words

Freelancing Writing Services
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We prioritize excellence

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  • Original articles
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Your Journey to Writerpreneurship

Do you have a desire and inspiration to make your life – starting today – extraordinary?
Do you want to provide a solution to a problem?
How about supportive partners?
Are you ready to move outside your comfort zone at each level of success you achieve?
Are committed to making the shift from settling for ordinary life to one that is remarkable?
If you are ready to embrace the passion of your life, are you determined to put in the work to overcome your fear of change?
Do you desire to become a published author?

What would it take to realize your freedom as a Published Author?

If your answer is YES. to these questions, you are pre-qualified to work with us as a writerpreneur, not wantrepreneur.

We will assist you in building up your writing profession. No information overload.

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Expected Outcome
  • Shift your mindset and embrace your state of being
  • Map and build your story
  • Create the body of content and edit your manuscript ready to the ARC level
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Explore and develop your author and speaking platforms
  • Launch your book
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Author Support Writing Great Book Reviews

For a boisterous book review to be posted on ThExtraordinariOnly top 100 small business blog, Goodreads, Quora, Medium, Barnes and Noble, Christian.com, Amazon and other social media platforms like ThExtraordinariOnly Pinterest board, follow this link to provide these details:

  • Your cover reveals in .png and .jpg format
  • Links to your books
  • Where your books are being sold
  • Author bio & contact information
  • .mobi format of your book
  • Anchor text
  • Keywords for your book
  • Why you wrote the book
  • Who the book is suited for
  • Who the book is not suited for

For further book promotions, ask for details as you submit your requirements.

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