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Book Reviewing Rules, Policy and Information

Book Reviewing Policy, Rules, and Information for Non-fiction

At ThExtraordianriOnly, only nonfiction books are accepted. This book reviewing policy, rules, and regulations stipulates what binds us.


It is no secret that Amazon banned reviews from not only family and friends but also from authors or social media contacts.

Amazon is the leader in book retailers, thus, getting reviews on Amazon is important. As scary as it can be to leave your own fate in the hands of others, it’s true – if you publish through Amazon.

Book reviews make or break you as an author.

As professional editors, authors, and readers, we read books and review them online.

Book reviews are important for all books, but especially so for self-published indie author books because most sales are online.

When it comes to selling books online, it’s Amazon reviews that can make or break interest in a book. As authors (and readers) we need to stay abreast of changes in Amazon review policies and community guidelines.  By adding a $50 minimum spend to Amazon book reviews, the 1,000s of Amazon accounts that used to manipulate reviews and free ebook downloads are now unable to contribute customer reviews.

We have received books from Booktasters, BookCrash, Odessy books, Kindle Unlimited, and authors who send advance reader copies (ARC).

Positive Reviews Generate Content

A great book review is a source of great content for:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Point of Sale Marketing Materials
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Press Releases
  • Author Platforms and Websites
  • Meta-data
  • Blogging
  • Interviews
  • Book Discovery
  • Distribution Reviews
  • Increasing Book Sales


The books you submit to us is reviewed on this blog, Amazon, Goodreads,, and Barnes & Noble.

Policies to Review Your Book

As for the rules:

  • Allow 1 to 2 months for your book to be reviewed. There are seasons that there are multiple books to review at the same time, so please, be considerate.
  • Respect our opinion.
  • We will disclose in the review the source of the book.
  • eBooks in  .mobi version are preferred but paperbacks are excellent too.

Rules and Regulations

  • We contact authors in private to provide feedback rather than blasting them openly if a book deserves a negative review.
  • We give preference to review Indie books, though traditionally published books have been reviewed.




Would You Like to Send Your ebooks as a Gift?

  • We have to coordinate very closely so that we can claim it within 24 hours for it to count as a sale on KDP.
  • We promise not to convert it into a gift certificate, and not to ask for a refund.

Please Note

  1. We are currently swamped with multiple books to review. We love to be precise and effective. But do not be shy.
  2. Proceed and submit your inquiry. We are open to discussion.


If you want your book review to match up with a promotion that you are running, notify us.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification or discussion on the book reviewing policy.

It is always a pleasure,

Contact us.

Thank you!

How to Submit Your Book

Now, how do you send your book to us? Easy peasy!

At this stage, do not submit your book.

Contact us with your book details.

We will revert back to you to send it. And that’s it!

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