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Who else wants to boost the credibility of their resource? Don’t even think about paid guest blogging until you write for us first

Want to write for us but don’t know where to start? Are you qualified to write for us at ThExtraordinariOnly? Writing for us is an intrepid and integral part of our blog business plan because it’s a mettlesome and great way to network and inspire our resolute readers.

Write for us even if you work from home
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What is your ballsy and gutsy experience to be the epic entrepreneur, inspiring influencer, or amazing author you are today?

We love blog posts that give practical advice to decision-makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, businessmen, businesswomen influencers, and authors to help them build their lives, businesses, and grow their communities. When you make the undaunted decision to write for us, keep in mind that our stalwart audience loves rich content and inspirational posts to help keep them smart, sassy, and spirited.

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A guide on what our nervy audience wants you to write for us

Do you like what we do? ThExtraordinariOnly website and blog focuses on the latest innovative products and services, current market trends, any new technological developments et cetra. You can choose to write for us authoritative blog posts covering the following key areas:

  1. How to start a small business
  2. Easy life and business how-to guides
  3. How to crawl outta debt faster
  4. Current social media engagement tips
  5. How to leapfrog and scale startups
  6. Non-discriminative view on social issues
  7. Improving your venturesome writing craft

What makes you fit to write for us?

Are you an enterprising entrepreneur, impudent influencer, and audacious author who has conquered odds? You are capable and competent to write for us if you can curate inspirational, informative, and indomitable articles on;

What is in it for you when you write for us?

Perks to enjoy when you write for us

Writing for us a guest blog is one of the most effective ways to promote your business and yourself. We will add your article to our xtreme doughty digital marketing schedule on social platforms and those of our influencers to reach a whole new, relevant audience. Drive traffic, boost your credibility, and also boost SEO ranking when you start to write for us. Your guest blog post takes a permanent residence on the popular top 100 website for small businesses.

All blog posts get emailed to our loyal audience with links to you, your socials, and your website, hence a win-win effective link building technique for us all.

“Almost 40% SEOs choose Guest Posting as their favorite outreach strategy for link building…”
(SEMrush Research)

Guidelines for writing for us

Thank you for showing interest in collaborating with ThExtraordinariOnly to write for us.

First off, join us so that you are able to participate in the content marketing schedule of your guest blog post. Content should be practical, simple, easy to read and understand, but actionable. Provide a blog post as a guest post that is only absolute unique content, not plagiarized or published anywhere else.

Think about anchor text that you could incorporate links to posts from ThExtraordinariOnly blog post and test using site:thextraordinarionly.com ‘anchor text‘ typed in your search engine like Google, Bing, or Yandex.

write for us at ThExtraordinariOnly blog

Do you have a topic idea that will add venturous value to our audience? Posts should be well written in simple English, requiring little or no editing for grammar. Please do not ask us to suggest topics for you.


To Influence readers with your message;

  • Provide high quality valuable information with a catchy title, description, keyword, and strong introduction
  • Please include a pretty airtight excellent writing with a well-formed argument and a useful concluding paragraph
  • 1-2 links back to content on your site
  • The 1-2 links should link to a relevant article on your site that you have written
  • You can promote one of your blog posts in the body of content and one link to your author bio section
  • If you must create more than one link to your blog, you can do so within your author bio byline
  • Do not promote your landing page(s) or any other commercial article, thus what you write for us should not feel advertorial for your site/product
  • We reserve the right to reprint your post on other sites of ThExtraordinariOnly, socials, and in future books or e-books we create

Contributing writer

Add author bio with headshot and links to Twitter and/or Facebook. We are looking forward to having you join our growing list of guest writers.

Guest article

  • Include at least three relevant images (graphics, screenshots) to your article draft.
  • Attribute credit to images, graphs, facts, figures, and quotes used in your content.
As per guest blogging statistics, 60% of bloggers are writing 1-5 guest posts a month and 3% write more than 100. (Optinmonster)

Prerequisites of your submitted blog post

  1. Posts need to be informational and educational, not sales-focused
  2. Link to at least four credible external sources
  3. Link to at least three relevant articles on the ThExtraordinariOnly Blog
  4. 1450-2500 words is the average post length on the site
  5. Incorporate examples and/or actionable insights, statistics, screenshots, social proof, INFOGRAPHIC into your article
  6. Disclose any relationship or partnership you might have to those companies or persons related to the links you add
Are you qualified to write for us
Are you qualified to write for us?

All posts get reviewed for readability, and you may be asked to provide updates or edits before publishing. You will be notified of the approved post and the date on which it will be published.

After you submit your guest blog

To take full advantage of your article, you promote it on your social media platforms. Do not copy the article and publish it on your blog. It will be more beneficial to backlink to the article on our site and of course promote it on social media.

Some great guest posts written for us

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Want to write for us?

Do you believe that you can impart more knowledge and information to our loyal audience of readers? Join us today as a Guest Post Writer. Submit your blog post by email as a Word document to extraordinarioh at gmail dot com or share a Google doc to the same address to easily provide feedback and guidance directly within the draft you have written for us.

We reserve these rights

We reserve the rights to:

  • Not reply to your entry. We get plenty of inquiries. Copy-paste, spammy messages are Trashed immediately.
  • Make necessary revisions of a fair and reasonable level, such as editing and refining language and adding useful links and images, without consulting you.
  • All blog posts submitted that get qualified and approved become the property of ThExtraordinariOnly. You may not use them elsewhere.

Posts that will not be published

You will not succeed at the process of guest post writing for us if;

Read the terms and conditions to write for us
  1. You have not read the blog post requirements
  2. Your blog post is not a good read for our readers
  3. A blog on a similar topic exists, already published on ThExtraordinariOnly website
  4. Your content is not unique
  5. Topics are non-irrelevant and non-informative
  6. You are endorsing a competitor’s product in any way
  7. Topics you write for us are not relevant to our business

Can we write for you?

We love guest posting on other great blogs, too, generating actionable life tips and business strategies for your site! Please do not get in touch if you would not like to share audiences with ThExtraordinariOnly’s ecosystem of exceptional entrepreneurs, inspiriting influencers, and amazing authors.

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