Date Success Fall in Love and Stay Married – 3 Secrets

Most recently updated on October 27th, 2022

Tips On How to Date Success If You Want To Marry It Soon, Fall In Love With It, Stay In Love, and Stay Married

Success is a serious commitment. And c’mon, success is not some loose character or a playboy. How do you date success, fall in love with it and stay married? What is success to you?

A triumph. An achievement. Prosperity. A victory. A win. A knockout. Wealth. A blockbuster.

Does growth, development, improvement and getting better define success better? How, then, do you date success to achieve a healthier, happier, and wealthier life and business?

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When you date success

Significant success has depth. It seeks a meaningful and long-term relationship with you. It wants to marry you.

ThExtraordinariOnly 3 secrets on how to date success like Boman Irani

But for that to happen, you need to date! Date success every day and don’t set yourself up for failure thinking simply making (or having) a lot of money.

Let me explain, shortly.

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The pain of dating success

“Figure out what you want. Decide what you will give in exchange for it. Make sure the trade is fair.” — #wildlysuccessful #businesssuccess #successinlife #thextraordinarionly Click To Tweet

We marry someone we love. Falling in love, we invest in them. Without further ado, we build a strong relationship through good and tough times. It doesn’t fall like an apple from the tree.

Gravity doesn’t always help.

And this is the truth. You need to build a relationship with success as well before it marries you. Before it is yours completely. Yours truly needs to go on dates, celebrate anniversaries, fight and make love with it. Y’all need to see it every day and dream and fantasize.

I mean, give it enough time, heart and soul. Your better self needs to create and feel an intimate connection with success already. Successfulness doesn’t like casual. It wants to be taken damn seriously.

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.

Steve Jobs

That long time is what I call the “dating period”. The time of utter desperation, investment of energy and engendering of ideas. The butterfly feeling on the stomach while waiting for the results. Those crazy fights with your mind followed by working it out and the undisturbed faith throughout the relationship .

A perfect dating story

Let me share a beautiful story, the story of a man I am profoundly inspired by.

Boman Irani, today, is a successful and triumphant Indian film actor. But his success has a long dating history. Let’s see if you identify with his success journey of pushing higher and harder, striving for more.

Shy Speech Defect, Dyslexic

The inspiring story of Boman Irani
Boman Irani (Credit: Owners)

As a child, he was shy, had a speech defect and was dyslexic. His father died the same year he was born. Mr. Irani’s mother used to run a small shop, a battered shop to feed the family and pay debts.

Chores at Taj Mahal Hotel

When Boman grew up, he thought he could be a waiter and joined the Taj Mahal Hotel. The moment he was asked, which department would he like to join, he said, “The Rendezvous.” The Rendezvous is the top department in the entire Hotel. His strict Parsi Manager laughed at him and made him start from the basement (lower than the ground!). But he used to work the chores in the best way he could.

The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.”

– Barack Obama

Shop Manager for 14 Years

Finally, he did reach “The Rendezvous”. Later on, his mother met with an accident and couldn’t run the shop. Boman sat in the shop for 14 years of his life. Surprisingly, he happily celebrated that.

He made the best wafers in his place. So much, that the smell of it used to drive people towards his shop. From a mere worker, he became the Manager of his little shop.

The more he moved closer to success, the more his desire to succeed grew.

Speed is relative. You’ll have to live it. You can’t just jump into it. You have to live it all the time.

– Mario Andretti

Starts Sports Photography

Being a big sports lover since childhood, he bought himself a camera and started shooting cycle races and athletic matches. His photography began to pay him as well.

Because again, he was damn good at it. Boman Irani decided to shoot at the World cup Match in Mumbai. After much difficulty, he was assigned to a Norwegian coach. His shots were outstanding because he gave his best and headed home with an unexplainable faith.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” ~Napoleon Hill

International Call

The key to business success

On reaching, he got an international call from German. The person on the other end of the phone said that the photographs were phenomenal. Boman made $900 that day – three times what he was expecting.

On top of that, he kept receiving $900 over and over again whilst others reused his photos. This, he believes, was a miracle in his ordinary life.

I never dreamed about success, I worked for it." - Estee Lauder

Own Studio

The photographer wanted a more serious relationship with success now. Thus he opened his studio. And unseeingly, new doors to victory.

Shiamak, one of the best dance choreographers visited his studio once.

World of Theatre

Mr. Shiamak was astounded to see the zeal in Boman’s eyes, and the fire in his belly. This dance choreographers soon introduced Boman to the world of theatre.

Shortly, thereafter, he started doing several musicals, and theatres. In this role, Imran did both the good and bad theatrical roles but with all his heart and soul.

Movie Role

Finally, he did a movie that made him the man we know today. Mr. Boman Irani became the ‘Best Actor in a Comic Role’ for the movie and a shining star. The world rejoiced his success.

This is what I am talking about.

Could you see how passionately he dated for years?

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3 secrets to date success sensationally

I know it is all up to you, that is, your success as to how you want to date it. Personally, I’d rather not interfere. But still, I am going to share some secrets to make your job a little simpler.

Let’s summarize the three things that success absolutely loves! So you better not skip them.

  1. Success Loves Speed 

Do not wait for the correct time and the correct opportunity to come to you. Because they never come. Create them. Open the tunnel for your creative energy to start flowing from within you to the world around. Consequently, just go with the flow.

Everything that you do in a day must align with your bigger dream, goals, and purpose.

They must reflect your ultimate intention. If you want to be a sportsman, play each day. Do you want to be a Chef? Cook each day. Desire to be a prolific writerpreneur? Write each day. Just do! Let it flow through you.

  1. Success Loves Persistence

Success and failure is a choice - or is it

As I said earlier, success is not some loose character. Proper success will deny you several times. It won’t reply to your text message the first time you send it. You might need to call and call back a few times and wait for the reply for days and months and years. May be you’ll get frustrated at times. But keep going. Your persistence is what will grab its attention. Success only loves people who do not give up. Show it your art of embracing fall!

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  1. Success Loves Joy

Everybody does, isn’t? So does Success. Sensational success loves that little flirtatiousness you bring to the table.

Enjoy while you are on the date. Play. Promise me to have all the fun. Infect the world by your majestic energy.

Successful accomplishment will come to you only if it knows that you can be fun to be with. Triumph doesn’t like a pessimistic old soul.

Please, haven’t we waited enough for the right ones to come to our life and change it forever?

I am giving you your “right one” today – Success.

Go out.

Lessons from Boman Iran’s story

Your attitude may orient or predetermine the way you handle a situation. Evidence attributes your intelligence to your parent’s genetics, though environmental factors affect general intelligence and your belief system too. These beliefs impact your habits, life, and mindset profoundly reflecting your abilities and potential.

Therefore, your own actions determine the relationship you have with success or failure. To date success like the wildly successful people, you have to look within for your motivation to turn your relationship with health, happiness, wealth, and money into something healthy. Bottom line, only you can draw all the power within you to change your attitude and relationship with success.

Repeating patterns on the date success journey

A boy and girl celebrate their win online
Credit: Free images

Who influenced your success mindset from childhood?

What psychological attributes have you embraced over the years? Intelligence, resilient, work ethics, motivation, competitiveness, positive attitude, and being a team player play a key role in achieving success.

How did you react to success as you grew up? Have you noticed any patterns that are spewing over to your life and business today? Even if your parents and other outside influencers have ingrained various money beliefs into your head, your thoughts around success can change.

Mental toughness

How do you find the balance of the past and the future? The key to success is grit, mental fortitude, mental resilience, even when faced with adversity and uncertainty.

You have to occasionally flex the mental muscle by creating opportunities, and not waiting for luck.

Have the courage to win and make it a priority to constantly feed your mind to achieve peak performance.

“Mental toughness is essential to success.” ~ Vince Lombardi

What does success represent to you personally?

Ever wondered just what it is that makes someone exceptional at what they do? It is because they define success in their own terms and set out to achieve that goal and objective.

What is important for your well-being? Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the good feeling and tough thought to date success. Drop all the emotional and mental baggage.

The past was your training ground – now make the decision to move forward, and move because you are stronger.

Date success amidst failure

Celebrate your victories, even the small ones, and focus only on your strengths. A win is a win.

“When we are in the eye of the storm of any adversity, we must hold our emotional reactions enough to be able to utilize the mental objectivity we need to establish the procedures and strategies necessary to attain our goals.

“Failure is sometimes the exact thing we need to know what procedures, structures, or strategies are missing. The more efficient our foundational procedures are, the easier it is to remain mentally tough because it is the stability of our procedures that give us something to count on.”

Sherrie Campbell, psychologist, author, and public speaker

Date success today

Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Have fun.

Make sure success falls in love with you to marry you soon. Reach out and ask for help from those who have not yet dropped the ball.

See you on the other side of successfully dating success – pen down your success dating story. Visualize it and set the motions of intelligent action on. Make sure you pick accountability partners you respect and admire. Watch your success bear fruit.

You can speed up your life if you want to, that’s easy. Winding down is what’s hard.

– Jennifer James

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Feature Photo by iSAW Company from Pexels

Its Your Turn

What am I leaving out of these secrets on how to date success till you fall in love and remain married to it?

How have you been dating success so far?

Let me know from your feedback in the comment section below.

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