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Bewildering Book Review of World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon by Jim Lowe

Breathtaking Book Review of World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon by Dr. Jim Lowe

thextraordinarionly Book Review of World's Fastest Neurosurgeon by Dr. Jim Lower Why the book review of World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon by Dr. Jim Lowe is rated 5.0 stars.

My rating 5 of 5 stars of the awe-inspiring World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon by Jim Lowe

What wild dream did you have growing up? As I read the World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon biography by Jim Lowe I had reminiscences of I and my family watching motorsport.

Breaking Away from Book Review of Grand World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon (Shortly)

What is Your Fastest Favorite Motorsport?

The race wins of the seven-time Formula 1 champions, Michael Schumacher and Lewi Hamilton come alive, with each replay. How about the man who personifies MotoGP, the world’s greatest motorbike racers of all time, Valentino Rossi?

Ever watched the marvelous Monaco Grand Prix, the Formula One motor racing event held annually on the Circuit de Monaco? Horse racing, phenomenal PGA tours, tennis, and polo races are such a staggering stunning sight.

Drivers like the world fastest neurosurgeon with most Formula 1 race wins
Motorsport Total’s drivers with most formula 1 race wins (Statista)

You must have had, or still have a jaw-dropping background of a prodigious poster on your wall of a favorite racer. Better still, you could be among those obsessed with the notorious need for speed like me or dazzled by astounding automobiles like a Maserati.

Are you branded a caraholic by your peers or never miss the awe-inspiring Top Gear Live Stunt Team series?

Remarkable book review of wondrous world’s fastest neurosurgeon

Now, pick up this groovy book and relish in the author’s personal experience both on track and off track. It is not as glossy as it seems.

In reading this book the entire picture of what transpires behind the scenes is clear.

Each chapter builds up to the author’s success in driving race cars faster with each race. His career as a sought after Neurosurgeon, whose scalpel saves lives, does not suffer. As you read, his experience is far from the scenes that play out on medical drama on any movie or television series.

Dr. Jim Lowe’s Childhood

The quest for inclusion and acceptance among peers plays out in Jim’s childhood. This is typical for any teenager growing up. He helps the reader understand his unique relationship with his father. Race after race, he proves himself with every applause of cheering onlookers. His medical career grows in leaps and bounds against odds of very strong-willed workmates. This is the story of Jim, who at a point in his life sat by pavements watching other boys play, hoping for acceptance. He gives a remarkable account of writhing in pain while playing in a game to ensure he makes the list for a game – ‘belonging’.

enjoy dr jim lowes account and learn from his book the worlds fastest neurosurgeon

Birth of the World’s Fastest Racer and Neurosurgeon 

The incomparable life story of Dr. Lowe shows how anyone can overcome the pressures of growing up. He exploits his childhood’s need for ‘belonging’ to become an exceptional multi-passionate racer. This is a powerful tale of how to conquer odds and achieve dreams of life despite shortcomings. The very successful people work with a great team. Dr. Lowe’s medical career and racing excursions have the support of his family and friends.

‘Identify the endpoint, gain the necessary education or experience, and embrace the challenge that must be met’

This quote from the book summarizes each step the author took to succeed in every way. Hitting the gym, practice after practice on racing tracks, and short naps mark Jim’s life. He shares his life’s journey, struggles, pain, triumphs, and wins as an open book.

thextraordinarionly multipassionate Steve Jobs, did you know

Lessons Learnt

Are you in conflict with the pursuit of your career or a different childhood passion?
Are you looking for how to enjoy your recreational activities by taking it a notch higher?
This book is for you.

Too, empower your children to turn childhood memories into beautiful dreams.

This is a must-read for you who wants to grow many passions with grit and perseverance. If you draw inspiration from diverse fields, this is a book tat you will keep as a reference manual – to remind yourself that you will succeed.

I loved reviewing this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Booktaster on Twitter. Has my book review of the World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon by Dr. Jim Lowe intrigued you to buy your own copy from Amazon? I give this rating 5.0 stars because it is an action-packed thrilling ride that you do not want to end at all.

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