Link party 314 joins women worldwide to lift other women – top 300 women teaser [Women History Month 2022]

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Do you pledge to create a more inclusive world in line with this year’s International Women’s Day global theme to Break the Bias” like with link party 314?

Are you aware of initiatives women entrepreneurs, business owners, go-getters, executives, influencers, and trained professionals are taking to help their female counterparts achieve their goals in life and business? Take a look at link party 314 link-ups to celebrate Women History Month and see women playing their part in the health and social development of families, communities, and countries worldwide.

link party 314 with a dose of top most powerful women breaking molds in their niches

When we think a thought enough times it becomes a belief and that belief becomes a pattern which, in turn, becomes how we live our lives. Sherree Mongrain #thextraordinarionly #top300womenleaders #IWD #SDGs #raisingfutureleaders… Click To Tweet

If your work environment is not yet all-inclusive, respectful, and tolerant, encourage and support diversity to shape the process of more equitable and tolerant societies. Link-ups like link party 314 value collaboration over competition.

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Top female role models in link party 314

A boss creates fear, a leader confidence
A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes
A boss knows all, a leader asks questions
A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting
A boss is interested in self, a leader is interested in the group

Russell H. Ewing

When spirited grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters get empowered to play their part in the nation’s future, profound achievements in development, mentorship, and leadership programmes get realized.

Which female role models in top leadership positions do you look up to? Want to add them in your blog post shared at link party 314?

Let’s see how positive impact of gender parity highlights the importance of women’s leadership and decision-making in society by top women leaders who ignite global fires and create global ripples instead of waiting around for opportunities.

A great story changes everything. @RobbieCrab #thextraordinarionly #top300womenleaders #raisingfutureleaders #globalskills #marketingisstorytelling #SDGs #IWD2022 #womehistorymonth Click To Tweet

Collectivey we can all #breakthebias for a gender equal world

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Most powerful women dominate and pave the way for a new future

Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day.

We can break the bias in our communities.

We can break the bias in our workplaces.

We can break the bias in our schools, colleges, and universities.

Are you in? Will you actively call out gender bias, discrimination, and stereotyping each time you see it? Will you help break the bias?

International Women’s Day 2022 Theme

One of the most striking features of the top 30 women leaders hacking wide open the secret code of success in their niches is how bold and confident they are in problem-solving, reading widely, collaborating with others, and lifting other women. They have figured out their exit strategies, even if not in finality, but they have a dream of how they want to be remembered. What about you who is about to add their blog post at party 314?

As consultants on strategic management of businesses, the majority struggle with precise definition of their exit strategies at the onset of the venture.

But not these powerful women.

“Women are the real architects of society”

— Cher

Dr. Sophia Ononye-Onyia

Dr. Sophia Ononye-Onyia is the Founder and CEO of Sophia Consulting Firm, small biotechnology company expertise. The book of significant impact in her life (the book that plays a role in who she is today) is 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey. (AFF)

Dr. Ononye-Onyia, life’s mantra is …

‘Win from within.’ @drsophiao #thextraordinarionly #health4good #top300women #businessinfluencers ##IWD2022 #powerfulwomen Click To Tweet

H. Emma: What is the one thing that surprises people about you?

Dr. Sophia: ‘I love reality TV.’ 😎

How to connect with Dr. Sophia Ononye-Onyia right away
Dr. Sophia Ononye-Onyia

“I want to be remembered for caring about people and commitment to amplifying scientific innovation.”

— Dr. Sophia Ononye-Onyia, Founder and CEO of Sophia Consulting Firm

Dr. Fauzia Idrees Abro

Dr. Fauzia Idrees Abro is the CEO & President of Cynosure Technologies in the cyber security niche. “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi is the book that has been of significant impact in her life. (AFF)

H. Emma: What is the one thing that surprises people about you?

Dr. Fauzia: ‘I’m the first female PhD of Pakistan Military (tri-services).’ 🔥

Her life’s mantra is …

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney @Victoryabro #womenincybersecurity #thextraordinariony #top300womenleaders #womenempowerment #SDGs #IWD #internetsafety Click To Tweet

Connect with Dr. Fauzia Idrees Abro on;
Dr. Fauzia Idrees Abro

“I want to be remembered as a change agent for women empowerment.”

— Dr. Fauzia Idrees Abro, CEO & President of Cynosure Technologies

Mansi Thakar

Mansi Thakar is the Doctor of Digital Health in the niche of diversity in tech. With the book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell being of the top most impact in her life, her life’s quote is …

“I have got that whole purpose, queen ambition, driven go getting change the world type of vibe.” @mansimusa #businessinfluencers #womenintech #womenhistorymonth #IWD #thextraordinarionly #SDGs #globalskills #top300women Click To Tweet

H. Emma: What is the one thing that surprises people about you?

M. Thakar: ‘I make my own animated videos to teach on digital safety for fun.’ ✨

Connect with Mansi Thakar today.

Twitter | Instagram

Mansi Musa

“I would be remembered as the Doctor of Digital Health who was a hurricane of eloquence.”

— Mansi Thakar, the Doctor of Digital Health

Judy Hoberman

Judy Hoberman in the President of Selling in a Skirt, a revolutionary sales training program for women in the professional women in sales and leadership niche. The books of most significant impact in her life being Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others by Sobel, Andrew, Panas, Jerold and The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg, John David Mann, et al.

Judy’s her life’s mantra is …

“Women Want To Be Treated Equally… Not Identically®” @SellingInASkirt #womenhistorymonth #marketingisstorytelling #thextraordinarionly #breakthebias #top300womenleaders #globalskills #SDGs #IWD2020 Click To Tweet

H Emma: What is the one thing that surprises people about you?

J Hoberman: ‘Growing up, I wanted to be one of the Hullabaloo dancers with the white boots. Didn’t happen, but I do wear boots all the time (not white).’ 👢

How to interact with Judy now

Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Website

Judy Hoberman

“I want to be remembered as someone who wanted to help one woman a day. Giving women the tools they need to serve and support those they want, when they want and how they want, and making sure they are on that list.”

— Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a Skirt

Zohra Omar

Zohra Omar is the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Mentoring Hub that specializes in human capital development in the social, academic, and corporate sectors. Amongst several that are her life’s mantra’s, two of them that are top of the list are …

“It is only when you give that the process of receiving begins and that too magnified.” Zohra Omar #thextraordinarionly #HRM #businessinfluencers #raisingfuturegleaders #SDGs #globalskills #IWD2022 #top300women Click To Tweet

“Mentoring for life not just success.” – Zohra Omar, Mentoring Hub #IWD #globalskills #breakthebias #womenhistorymonth #top300women #thextraordinarionly #SDGs Click To Tweet

Self development books in Urdu and English read to date play a role in who Zohra Omar is today.

H. Emma: What is the one thing that surprises people about you?
Z. Omar: ‘That I would run an organization that propagates the regulating the facets of mindfulness, EQ and EI before any soft, hard skills, humanistic and behavioral development programs get delivered.’ 👸

Link up with Zohra

Instagram | Facebook | Website

Zohra Omar

“I would love to be remembered as a human who believed in healing hearts. Making individuals realize how being your own best friend is key. Ensuring we work to build up on the Law of Attraction. What we give sets the ball rolling for what we receive, and that too, magnified.”

Zohra Omar — Founder and Lead Facilitator of Mentoring Hub

5 most common reasons for business exit strategies

These women are visionaries who have already thought about their legacies. See others in the linkups at link party 314.

 “A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.” — Nancy Rathburn

Healthy and successful succession stories of businesses have contingency plans. These are characterized by the exact steps to be taken in the event of the sale of the business, bankruptcy, Initial Public Offering (IPO), a hostile takeover, a merger, acquisition, liquidation, diversification, etc.

What action are you taking to break the bias

The plan, budget, and mobilization of funds for capacity building and post-project monitoring gets factored in. To protect future aspects of other running businesses or personal credibility of a founder or proprietor, making the decision to choose the best suitable business exit strategy at the prevailing circumstances is of paramount importance. Because this link party 314 post introduces Part 3 of top 300 women leaders, we’ll briefly mention the importance of business exit strategies.

Unfavourable drastic change

Change is a sign of growth, but a lifestyle change from a drastic impact of something like the Covid-19 pandemic or loss of a founder may lead a proprietor to exit a business. If ROI is low, or they are not satisfied, or get bored because of achieving the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, an exit is important, instead of letting the business halt to the ground.

Poor financial planning

Prolonged financial meltdowns and crises are exhausting.

Economies of scale

When a business has grown to a large scale for public investments for further success, it is time for an IPO.


Future business and market uncertainty may lead to a business sell off.

Cannot recover from losses

Has the business suffered from losses? If after trying everything to overcome obstacles and challenges, nothing changes, choose an exit strategy.

“Let's invite one another in. Maybe then we can begin to fear less, to make fewer wrong assumptions, to let go of the biases and stereotypes that unnecessarily divide us. Maybe we can better embrace the ways we are the same. It's not about being perfect. It's not about where you get yourself in the end. There's power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there's grace in being willing to know and hear others. This, for me, is how we become.”
― Michelle Obama, Becoming

Is your exit strategy in place?

Now, we pose this question to you!

join top 300 women to break the bias

What do you want to be remembered for?

If you enjoyed this intro to the top 300 women leaders lighting up global fires of change, be sure to get the next amazing dose of top most powerful women breaking molds in their niches. Who is missing from the ThExtraordinariOnly Crème de la Crème TOP 300 Women Leaders Igniting Global Fires? Tell them to add their old and new blog post at link party 314 below.

Better still, share your top female role model who does not wait in line in the comments section below this post.

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” — Serena Williams #womenhistorymonth #thextraordinarionly #womenempoweringwomen #breakthebias #SDGs #buinessinfluencers… Click To Tweet

Link party 314 cheers to strong women

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Onward to linkup and link party 314 for highest earning bloggers, each taking a step at a time to break the bias.


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Tracy: View From The Beach Chair | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest I Instagram

Michelle: My Bijou Life | Instagram | Pinterest

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Hazlo chose How to listen so people will talk-a book review from Watercress Words. “I loved it because it is very easy to talk without a pause because we want someone to listen to us. But if we were empathetic enough, we would realize that if we master the art of listening more, we have bagged the award of the best communication skills vital in the success of the life and businesses we are building.”

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Kimberly chose Easy Self-Care Acts from Curated by Jennifer. “I often forget about showing care for myself. This post reminds me of some things that I can do.”

experts support newbies with link party 314

Michelle chose BLUE BAYOU * Pineapple COCONUT Blue Curacao * RUM * from Cindy’s On-line Recipe Box. “My favorite is the Blue Bayou drink for Mardi Gras. Maybe I am easily entertained, but I find blue drinks to be a lot of fun – and they taste good too. Perfect for a celebration such as Mardi Gras.”

most active link party 314 for successful bloggers

Tracy chose Easy Crockpot Lasagna Soup Recipe from Cook Eat Go. “I love lasagna but hate the mess and prep time. This is a great recipe to get that flavor without the mess and time!”

link up with the best link party 314

The post with the most views was Best Jewelry Direct Sales & Success Tips from Ellen Blogs.

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