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If you don’t excite people first, no one will bother to spend time understanding your website.  

— Josh Liu

Attention small, medium and large businesses!

A business lesson after a signing up a prospect’s business to 42 different social media and social media management platforms! … and that was the least!  Its either 70 different content types, i,e., 70 50 second videos to cover 6 months or 300 up to 15,000 word blogs with minimum 8 types of graphics and so on and so on.

Social media is tough! 

It has not only changed the internet, but also the world of marketing. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc are free but the posting, tweeting, ‘Instagramming’, ‘Facebooking’, responding to comments, selling your e-book, require:

  • Innovative Ideas 
  • A planning
  • Strategy 
  • Management

This is the guarantee of an engaged rewarding relationship with your online fans, listeners and prospects to grow.

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