thextraordinarionly quote by simon sinek on the more people you inspire

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    1. Lauren,✨
      It is important to refill our minds with positive thoughts, over and over again.
      Please share the blog post with your network of influence.
      Keep up the enthusiasm.
      xo xo

  1. This post is something we need right now. It can be hard to find light because we are unsure about the future, but the key is to keep believing and keep being positive. I love all of the different quotes you have put together. These are from people who also faced difficulty but found one common thing… Never giving up! Thanks for sharing the positivity!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Nancy,
      Awesome feedback.
      Life, if filled with twists, turns, and disruptions that have no end in sight can have a toll on you.
      To overcome the hard times, you have to first overcome the fear that grips the soul, causing stress and anxiety.
      Join us to boost the self esteem of people around us as we share and spread the positivity.
      We are overcomers.
      We love seeing you here.🥰

  2. These have been a great reminder to keep strong and carry on in current times.
    Definitely gave me some strength!
    Thank you for sharing..
    Great post

    1. Dr. Rasy, 🙂
      There is no better inspiration than you affirming that you are drawing strength from these quotes.
      Please share with your network of influence and put a smile on one more person’s face!
      Happy to have you join the family.
      xo xo

  3. That just lifted my mood, feeling so positive after reading this! Thank you so much, keep writing!

  4. This is such a timely post, Hazlo. I personally enjoy reading motivational quotes at all times; they often have such a positive impact on my mental state. But especially now I’m sure people could use something inspiring and empowering;. Like you said, with the coronavirus scare invading the world and people’s lives changing drastically, it can be really overwhelming and demotivating for many. So, you’ve done a great job putting these quotes together and spreading some positive and uplifting words.

    1. Ray,
      Your feedback is very important and fitting for such a time as this! This gives us the motivation and confidence to keep going.
      It is exciting to see how a doze of inspiration and empowerment can go a long way.
      As we transition to the new normal, hope will not fail us.🙂
      We appreciate you for trail blazing too and supporting other bloggers, writers and authors.
      xo xo

    1. Stephanie,
      Without feedback we are walking blind.🙂
      Feel free to visit other articles and pages on the website and share with your loyal audience and fan base too.
      Great to have you here … ALWAYS!
      H E

  5. I absolutely love these quotes and I can boldly say I am inspired and truly ”uplifted”! I especially loved the one that says “Encouragement is like water and it makes everything grow”! Thank you for sharing these!

    1. Jennifer,
      How have you grown from the turbulent times of not only the global covid_19 pandemic, but also the black lives matter uproar?
      It is such a fulfilment in our hearts at ThExtraordinariOnly that you too are “inspired and truly uplifted.” 🎉
      This confirms that these uplifting and inspirational quotes about life are not ‘mere’ words.
      Now, we only request one more favor.
      Sound the trumpet by paying it forward!🔊📯🎺
      Inspire and uplift one more person🔔
      Welcome to ThExtraordinariOnly family, Jennifer.
      H Emma

  6. Kim,
    How did that happen?🙂
    It is so rewarding to read your response.
    Feedback like this helps us know what you (including the our other loyal fans) love seeing in our blog posts!
    After bookmarking the blog post, forward to +1 more!
    H Emma

  7. Srinivasan. A V says:

    Simply Awesome, Apt and Awakening!

    1. Srinivasan,
      Love your prolific feedback. Keep sharing like hotcakes!
      Someone still needs to get this inspiration today.💥
      H E 😍

  8. Hi Hazlo, thanks for joining in my link up for the first time. If you can, check out the ‘rules’ where you link up so you can be a better connected blogger with my community.
    Thank you so much for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week, the optional prompt is
    8/51 Explore. 22 Feb. I hope to see you there and I wish you well for the week ahead. Denyse. #lifethisweek #linkup #Mondays