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The 4 Perspectives Of Organizational Communication Coexist Simultaneously Within Organizations

The four perspectives of organizational communication include information transfer, transactional process, strategic control and a balance of creativity and constraint (Sotirin, 2014).

These perspectives may coexist simultaneously within organizations.

Application of organizational communication perspectives

Sotirin (2014) further defines information transfer as the exchange of information. We use this point of view verbally as we transit meaning through words as we deal with our clients.  It does not account for non-verbal communication.  

On the other hand, in the transactional process of organizational communication there exist simultaneous senders and receivers.  In our organization, we all are engaged in sending, encoding, receiving and decoding messages as there is provision for feedback and clarification, especially face-to-face.

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Does strategic control exists in your organization? The perspective shapes the environment, with emphasis on control as discussed by Fredriksson and Pallas 2015) but minimizes the importance of cooperation, coordination, and interdependence. 

The team should communicate objective or rationally as goal attainment is usually ambiguous privileging those in power, and providing deniability.  Moreover, the goal may not be the coherence of the information passed on.

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Hyland et. al (2015) defines the balance of creativity and constraint perspective as the moment-to-moment working out of strained communication between individual creativity and organizational constraints.  

There is a case by case use of this point of view in the organization, in particular for the novel and innovative team in the software development department who encounter deadlines or financial limitations or have diverging goals with the team. 

This has evolved to a culture of some sort.

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Therefore, there is a unique interaction between the individual and organization as these separate entities engage one another in reconstructive communication, using signs, symbols, and words. 

In conclusion, face-to-face is the most common mode of communication, selected primarily for content and symbolic reasons, whereas telephone and electronic mail typically are used only in the case of situational constraints.


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What do you think?  Let’s see your comments here below! 

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