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  1. Adel Hafez says:

    From my experience point of view this article is great, awesome way of presenting success tips. Then the point hit my mind, and asked myself if these simple point are the basic elements of successful life, why some yet can’t understand the simplicity of it to apply? Okay I agree there have to be hope, motive, vision, mission, talents, self-beliefs, listening,continuous improvements, focus, tolerance and love. Many thanks Hazlo for making life success meaningful

    1. Adel,
      Your feedback reminds me of this quote’
      “Simplicity is achieved when an idea is stripped down to its core, to the most essential elements that make it work.”
      Simple things done in a consistent manner go a long way in developing success habits. This drives you to move you from survival mode to success. Next, you further grow from success to significance.
      Do you know that those history best remembers faced many obstacles? They had no choice but to work harder and show more determination than others?
      Here is a simple trick:
      Mankind seems to register the fear of failure in the memory of the mind. The effect is instead of triggering change, it triggers stagnation.
      But since success starts in the mind, one has to see the wisdom in failure. Add, the power of facing fear in the face to succeed.
      If anyone wants to overcome the fear of failure, it is better to be ready for it. When you embrace it because ‘in failure’ is the pathway to success.
      We cherish your interaction – as always.

  2. “There are periods in your life when you’d rather remain passive.”

    This really resonated with me. It’s not so much that I want to be passive as it is being exhausted from banging my head against a wall in an empty room. You make excellent points, and this was a perfectly timed read for me.

    Thanks for sharing @hazlo

  3. You make many excellent points in this article. Success is not always about money. Thriving (expanding and growing) can take on many shades of meaning. Each individual must decide for themselves the meaningful avenues in their lives. Thank you for linking up at Talent-Sharing Tuesdays, 4.