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Blogging Experience: Guts, Grit And Gumption Beyond 2022

Why writing scintillating and sophisticated words is NOT the only breathtaking blogging experience to STRIVE FOR

When varying degrees of skills and interests collide with a successful blogging experience, what other amazing, yet intimidating test can’t you pass? Let’s see if my extraordinary blogging experience resume will inspire you to start a blog and make money, and the reasons you shouldn’t start a blog.

Due to the incorrect information overload and ambiguous trial and error activities from the onset – for a new blogger,  starting a blog may be discouraging.

Ask any blogger. They will tell you how upon hitting the publish button of their first blog post, the exciting thought of people going to read and share that post was the most intoxicating and beautiful euphoria they’d ever had – it’s beyond description.

Is the success and prosperity of a blogger just about sharing marvelous and exceptional experiences using emotional words?

Blogging is about publishing as smart as you can – Jon Morrow, CEO of Smart Blogger (The King of Awesomeness) #thextraordinarionly #blogging #writingcommunity Click To Tweet

How do you withstand the tumultuous blog writer’s adventure to gain a rich blogging experience when running a blog in a niche that you are passionate and knowledgeable about (or so you think)?

As I embark on sharing my boisterous blogging experience, I remember this quote by an unknown author that states, “Success is not about always winning. It’s about never giving up,”

In my own words, …

Success for a blogger has nothing to do with winning or losing. @hazloe3 #thextraordinarionly #blogger #blog #writingcommunity Click To Tweet

Ideas for blog post using mind map by Kelly of Kaydee Web
Using a mind map to curate blog post ideas

The references for this blog are my wild weblog experiences.

By the end of this blog post, you will be able to answer the questions, “is blogging worth it?” and “is blogging a rewarding experience?’

Strap in and let’s take a ride.

Ps. Get a report on how +25 bloggers answer the question on the value received from their diverse blogging experiences.

Strong blogging experience meaning

So, how can I write my boomy blogging experience? Am I a blogging wizard? The trials I’ve had in the big world of blogging, because blog post writing is not the same as writing a term paper, have been pebbles paving the way to the sea of opportunities that tap into my multi-passionate strength.

With so many new things to learn, some will describe a well-heeled blogging experience as being hyper-specific not just in a niche, but a topic, until you are the go-to thought leader and expert.

I’ll articulate in the simplest way possible what I learned from blogging, with credit to ThExtraordinariOnly supportive team that’s passionate in tackling complex challenges in the startup and small business pace.

what is the best blogging experience meaning
What is the best blogging experience meaning?

+9 factors to consider when starting out blogging – even if you have no experience

How do you start a sensational blog that’s successful? When you Google search ‘blogging experience’ online, you will read lots of awe-inspiring life stories of a lifestyle entrepreneur. People ask themselves blogging questions that include:

Do you need experience to be a blogger?

Is blogging a good thing?

Is blogging worth it?

Why create a blog?

Can we get this out of the way? Forget all that you have read about the reasons that you should not start a blog or why blogging is worth investing.

A profitable, productive and prosperous blog invests heavily in learning something new about a favorite niche (s) and solving problems. @hazloe3 #thextraordinarionly #onlinebusiness #blog #startup #smallbusiness #influencermarketing Click To Tweet

do you fathom your blogging experience

Just like a research and development (R&D) department in an organization, a bankable blogging experience emerges from the trenches of dealing with problems in society (the marketplace). Remember, we are social beings, surrounded with an endless list of social issues. Therefore, no experience in blogging is an overnight sensation.

Consequently, there are so many factors to consider when starting out.

  1. Which is the best guide to follow to start a blog?
  2. Where can I find the best blog writing examples?
  3. Are you writing out of the demand of your loyal audience?
  4. Are you writing for profit?
  5. How do you create an engaging blog experience?
  6. How many blogs do you post and how frequently?
  7. What blog niche do you pick to focus on?
  8. Which is the best blogging platform when starting out?
  9. Do you share your expertise, breaking news, controversy, gossip or whatever’s on your mind?
  10. What type of useful content do you choose to create?
  11. What niches should you avoid when starting out?
  12. Once you gain experience you start sharing, how to succeed, effective blogging strategies, what you have tried, what works, dos and don’ts, etc, … then?
  13. Can you diversify with different blogs or do you amalgamate to one blog using your unique voice and tone?
  14. How do you make money blogging? Do you start with affiliate marketing?

(Can you add more examples to this list?)

Asking yourself the  question, “Is blogging worth it?”

Is it still worth investing all the effort, time, money, collaborations, … (add your verdict)?

Prosperity is about self, but success is about others

A burgeoning blogging experience is much like investing, with a lot of highs and lows that call for perseverance. I do not need to repeat to you how starting a blog is a lot of hard work.

This is not a typical blog post about beginner blogger mistakes to avoid in 2020 or 2021 and beyond. There are phenomenal blogs with helpful step-by-step blogger downloadable guides and resources that you can always refer to with FREE PDFs – not to mention blogger job portal templates.

I share my personal experience of why I blog the way I blog, that all boils down to ‘resolving problems.’

How to gain top class blogging experience

Your talents are unique. Do not waste time scouring the Internet while procrastinating about starting your blog to be wealthy.

To build your brand and improve your business from any labor of a gee-whiz blogging experience is joyous – as you navigate all the hurdles, helter skelter.

What is a booming blogging experience?

It is when you get up every day and do what you love, repeatedly happily, and successfully.

We are not talking about perfect blog posts here. No, rather, how to maximize your innate strengths to find fulfillment and success as a blogger.

In this case, you define success in your own terms.

Is it an unbeaten money-making secret? Or a thriving business challenge? Is it a social problem that you want to rally people about so that it is solved? How about being an effective influencer? Is it about being a published author? Are you documenting a beneficial lifestyle change? Is it proof of work as a consultant?

Let’s see if you can grasp the fastest and shortest, most healthy route to starting your blog today.

blogging experience of a flourshing blog writer
Explosive blogging experience of a blog writer

Envision your blog’s plan from a newbie to a sought after blog writer expert

Start by doing a self-awareness evaluation.

  • Are you mature?
  • What opportunities are right in front of you?
  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Are you able to take up a sponsored post assignment right away?
  • Do you love a particular blogging task or do you prefer being responsible for other people’s work other than your own work?

Self-awareness reveals how your attitude improves or productivity increases.

If you jot this down, it will not take you more than 30 minutes.

Then take action.
Next, ponder the consequences of your action as you strive to learn consistently.

I got started with my first collaborative blog post as a ghostwriter. Thus, my plan was fairly simple. I learned all I could, as fast as I could, to start a blog that I could claim ownership with a team of other consultants before the close of the curtains of the year 2018.

Aww! What if you find blogging difficult?

Oh, yeah? Every flourishing blogger you admire in secret struggled with this blogging stuff. Oh, it is tough!

For a breathtaking blogging experience reach down and lift other bloggers
For breathtaking blogging experience and influencer collaborative economy models, reach down and lift other bloggers

Are you willing to devote time to learning better blogger success strategies?

To practice blogging to perfection, start from your natural talents. For example:

  • What are you great at? Is it numbers like me? Teach everything about it with an ‘how-to’ blog.
  • We all Google everything to find a quick answer. What specialized experience do you have? Is professional copywriting your forte? Build a name for yourself.
  • Do you love research? Help fellow researchers to communicate. Create in clove infographics.
  • You have just started a startup or small business. If you offer a specific service, you need a blog for proof of stake (sorry, proof of work) to attract very high qualifying leads, aka potential customers.
  • What are you passionate about? Curating and writing inspirational material? Put out your online portfolio – it could turn into a profession.
  • Have you built a social media reputation? Recommend and work for brands that you really care about as an ambassador in affiliate marketing. Word of mouth marketing the oldest and strongest top marketing model and tactic of all time.
  • As a brand, what are your thoughts on social issues related to your niche? What are you working on?
  • Are you a creative genius? Blog writers require help in repurposing their 3,000 words blog articles into shareable images PDFs, videos, TikToks, short stories, etc. Build an agency.

Right out of the door, we’ve just jotted down fantastic 8 money-making blogging ideas. Do they need any substantial blogging experience? You already have it.

You are providing an answer to an already existing market – a loyal audience.

Just a short detour … ‘Get buyers first’ is the first lesson in the upcoming Book 2 of the Crawl Outta Debt Series for those starting a business. The No. 1 fear for startups and small businesses is lack of market – and yet we have already seen that the markets exists. Thus, the go-getter who runs to the finishing line with a highly profitable business is the one who knows how to tap into that market just in time.

Put your skills, knowledge, experiences, and self-awareness to work.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest, and currently the strongest marketing tactic for any marketer. – Marketing91 #blogger #ditigitalmarketing #referrals #thextraordinarionly Click To Tweet

Here are 7 ways to start you right away

Margaret Lobenstine definition on a renaissance soul perfectly describes my blogging experience
A definition on a renaissance soul by Margaret Lobenstine
that describes my blogging experience to the tee!

1. Network with supporters using social media to follow you because influencer collaborative economy models are a big win for businesses today
2. Strategize how to succeed in blogging by sharing your personal stories – or you could take the gold mine route of the sharing the stories of others, like Napoleon Hill or Dale Carnegie did (with their permission, of course!) — a winning approach
3. Master persuasive writing to woo prospects to take action with different call to action examples with each blog post
4. Cultivate selling skills so that you know how to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Describe products and services
  • Push a qualified prospect to commit at the right time, the exact right way, and
  • Manage customer experiences

Do not fall into the trap of trying to acquire much knowledge and many skills at the same time – at the start – to be an all-rounded blogger. This is the trap of damage control.

Measure your blogging experience performance level

For the world-class performance level of a successful blogger, build on your blog gleaning from your areas of greatest potential, and you will never toil as a blogger, though you need to work +48-hours a day.

How do you achieve this blogging strategy to take your blogging experience to business success?

Ask yourself these simple questions.

  • What do you excel at?
  • You are brilliant. At what?
  • What drives your internal need for achievement?
  • Do you set challenging goals that motivate you to surpass them?
  • Are you conceptual or analytical?
  • Do you reveal the best in you?
  • Can you tell your story in a simple message perfectly delivered, flawless, and sublime?
  • When you tell a joke with timing and flare, does it evoke the question, ‘how did he/she do that?’
  • Is your writing focused and intriguing?

If you still cannot answer any of these questions accurately, do not worry.  The blogger who always keeps their words genuine, and is true to their perspective and passion does not compromise their values with their writing.

Hone your talents. Practicing and learning knowledge and skills that complement your strengths is your 24-hour job.

Who does NOT have blogging knowledge? (Myth)

Knowledge is what gets you into your game.

Where does knowledge come from?

  1. What are your experiences? Are they practical?
  2. Who is your audience? Are they listening or watching, reading, reacting and responding to your content?
  3. What are your values? Do you have to change them to offer your readers hope of redemption?
blog ideas
Credit: Owen W Brown

As a blogger, you can change your life so that your practical personal experiences can benefit your loyal audience. Just incase if feel like am blowing up my trumpet, do you want to see how +25 bloggers answer the question on the value received from their varied blogging experiences?

Let’s say that you are grappling with the weight of a mounting pile of financial debt.  Despite all the pitfalls of blogging along the way, you use your blog as a tool to help others with your triumphant experience and journey of being debt free, in addition to being happier, healthier, and wealthier.

… Even if it is a small win. That is a choice every blog writer in the writing community has to make, as you share your from your strength and when you change your values, e.g., from shackles of debt to how to be debt-free. Furthermore, finance blogs make the most money because everybody wants to learn something more about how to best manage their finances.

Challenges engulfing noteworthy blogging

Blogging has setbacks. What are the real major challenges of blogging? This question is so important such that it calls for a blog post on its own. Be sure to be on the look out in subsequent blog posts.

We’ll highlight just afew of the incidents bloggers face and share with each other in safe blogging forums.

Woke audiences

The most immediate difficult postions that bloggers confront is this: a blog is becoming much more than just what a blog writer can publish. With the need to conform with search engines like Google, Pinterest, Bing or Baido, bloggers confess the limitation of expresing themselves freely, thus re-thinking ‘how-to publishing their thoughts without offending their audiences.

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equality movement is one of the most vivid examples. Sensitive topics on issues we content with as a society are other examples including ACAB (All Cops Are B@st@rds), bullying, financial advice, ,morality, amongst others.

Say, you have been invited to guest blog in a dream websie like Forbes or Entrepreneur? It is time consuming, because you have to devote time to research how to write on the topic given to auger well with that brand’s audience . In as much as these opportunities are awesome blogging experience boosters and raise the credibility of a writer, it is a dilemma many bloggers face: to accept or not accept guest blogging positions or brand collaborations.

Our advice to the bloggers who come face to face with this puzzling test is to use their values as a yardstick.

Can Artificial Intelligence replace bloggers as we know them?

There certainly will be job disruption. Because what’s going to happen is robots will be able to do everything better than us.

– Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

There is no doubt of the impressive achievements made in neural networks and deep learning fields. Artificial intelligence (AI) is in the process of transforming almost all aspects of society. When physical work gets replaced by AI at a rapid pace, then there is notable concern on the work and jobs that AI machines are most likely to perform in the future.

The concern today centers around the misuse of AI technology to spread misinformation – TIDIO @KRajnerowicz #bloggingexperience #blog #blogger #writingcommunity #thextraordinarionly Click To Tweet

Technological advancement is the best thing that happened since 8 years ago when blogging begun popularity. However, of those worried if Artifial Intelligene (AI) can replace writers, here is some hope:

Will Writers and Authors be replaced by AI & Robots
Source: Will Writers and Authors be replaced by AI & Robots

“Writing has only a 3.8% chance of being automated or replaced by robots and artificial intelligence”

— Will Robots Take My Job

Can AI and Robots produce original content?

As long as we undestand that AI is artificial and manmade, it can not personalize a bloggers experience of creating unique and original written content. Not even empathise. Even if AI could be programmed to initiate this skills, robots cannot – unless there’s a breakthrough in programming consciousness too.

For the time being, your felicitous blogging expertise is still in demand in the market place.

Reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog

Blogging is no longer limited to niche hobbies like it used to before.

Can you clearly answer the question on the why and why you are blogging for? Are you willing to get the work done beyond curving out a CV filled with smart blogging experiences?

If you think you are ready to roll your slevves and wade in the water, read this again:

  1. You are doomed to fail if you are starting a blog to make quick cash.
  2. Forget about rest and family time – because you have to dedicate a lot of time to make your thriving blog.
  3. If you cannot stomach the constantly changing landscape, where you have to unlearn what you had just learned then learn something new altogether, do not put your thin blogging experience to test. Google, Facebook, and Pinterest algorithms force your to change your blogging approach over and over again.
  4. Do you loathe to be alone? I could almost swear that blogging is for introverts [sic]. Oh, if you struggle with loneliness cross out blogging from your thought process forever. From my blogging experience this work-from-home escapade that you can operate from anywhere (nomadic lifestyle), compels you to be patient and dedicated. You spend hours researching your topic, setting up systems to automate your work, the hustle is not easy.
  5. Blogging income fluctuates like the stock market. Consistent income at the start is a far-fetched dream. You’d rather keep our day job.

Blogging Experience: Guts, Grit and Gumption Running a Successful Blog [Beyond 2022] Click To Tweet

What depth of blogging skills and talents are a prerequisite for a rewarding blogging experience?

Avoid trial and error by all means, but incorporate the best discoveries from the top performers, thought leaders, experts, and trendsetters to spurce up your authentic blogging experience. Your skill set is most valuable when you combine it with this social business strategy and your genuine talent.

The focus, when teaming up with consultants to start blogging at ThExtraordinariOnly, was answering questions from social media interaction – because one of my strong skills is relating with people – even if they are different. The knowledge has created a renumerative blogging experience supported by not only consultants, but also freelancers growing creator economy.

Start with your skill set and you will not struggle – never again .

Find your infinite talent

As we near the close of this blog post of a tale of self-made blogging experience, we go back to the beginning of the article: You do not need experience to be a blogger,. You journey evolves as your polish your skills on the street of active blogging.

startup or small business marketing and branding needs on a budget

For this reason, blogging is a good thing when you decide to tackle it from your strengths.

  1. Investigate what you yearn
  2. Can you learn it rapidly?
  3. Do you find satisfaction?
  4. What is your spontaneous reaction?

Your talent helps to answer the question of how to pick or choose a blog niche. Today, I have gained experience that gives me the pass to now blog in more than one niche, apart from blogging niche and business growth hacking strategies using digital creative content marketing strategies.

There you have it.

What I learned from blogging

What a wild blogging experience!

Gloating about my blogging experience, triumphs, disappointments, and the joy of working within the startup, small business, and self-publishing for indie authors  (nonfiction space) is not the purpose of this blog.

All that information is available when you read other blogs on this website or do a Google search online.

I have seen winsome working influencer marketing relationships that have grown through my mark on the Internet.

Ghost-writing, self-publishing, scaling a startup and small business coaching and consulting firm, plus a tremendous growth as a blogger are the best schools I have graduated into from my embarking on the blogging rabbit hole. Being picked as a United Nations Global Juror of the Entrepreneurs Awards, a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Champion and SDG Influencer followed suit. As a TOP Person Ambassador, Global Artificial Intelligence Ambassador, European Women Association (EWA) member, Women Tech Ambassador, and recognition as a top global 50 women in tech are just a few highlights of my blogging journey.

I am not a wonder woman. I am a round peg square hole bulldozer, which I realized while participating in a John Maxwell’s leadership workshop. Not only that, but I play to my strengths as a transformational multi-passionate maximizer.

DO NOT copy me. Play to your strengths.

in a future post, I’ll be sharing other highlights in publishing, training, speaking engagements, mentorship, and podcasts.

ThExtraordinariOnly blog is also ranked top 100 small business blogs, websites, and influencers to follow on the Internet.

I get picked out from the Internet out of the continuous online positive impact, influence, action, engagement, activity, participation, comments, and update of weblogs and microblogs online.

A Google digital marketing certification alongside security and law studies are an added bonus.

Want to ask a blogging related question?

Start here

What about you?

Are you now ready to lay the foundation for starting a thriving blog and built your blogging experience?

Look inward to your super powerful strengths. That is the drive you’ll need in moments of solitude comparing yourself with other bloggers on social media.

Now that you have both sides of the coin, are you still pumped to start filling in the gaps of your blogging experience?

I have not spared you from the perils of the trade, because they are facts behind the scenes of any glossy blogging experience of that blog writer you wish to be like when you grow up. You can take the high road to tittivate your blogger venture to thrive, scale, and succeed or take the answers as to why your blogging experience will not be like that of any other blogger and get to work smart.

This post is made possible by Intellifluence, “the largest warm contact influencer marketing network”


How valuable is this blogging experience to you?

If you enjoyed this encounter, support us so that the freelancers we work with do not give up, drop the ball or hang their boots.

You support us, we continue to support the Creator Economy. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Thank you, in advance!

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GIF: Kelly of Kaydee Web GIF

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