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  1. What a great post – I love these, and that Michael Porter is a really key one. I think we need to remember that strategy is not just blindly copying someone else (which won’t work) but considering everything and looking at what we can do different as an entrepreneur. Whilst I’m not a fan of Zuckerberg, I really like that quote from him as well. Will save these as a reminder for when I’m feeling lost!

    1. Hannah,
      Your perspective rocks!
      You got it. If only we new not only how to tap, but also how to maximize the power of business differentiation (competitive advantage).
      🤔I feel you — these uncertain times have revealed other ‘faces’ of very successful entrepreneurs that do not seem to auger very well with society – not just Zuckerberg, but also Bill Gates and Richard Branson. They may have to look for better strategy formulations that do not exploit what people cherish or reinvent themselves – all together – like Steve Jobs because times have changed!
      There is another blog post featuring Michael Porter’s quotes on competitive strategy … like:🥰

      The strongest competitive force or forces determine the profitability of an industry and become the most important to strategy formulation. The most salient force, however, is not always obvious.”
      Michael E. Porter

      If the forces are intense, (..) almost no company earns attractive returns on investment.
      If the forces are benign, (..) many companies are profitable.”
      Michael E. Porter

      We value your support and cherish you for your though-provoking feedback
      xo xo
      H E

    1. We love your support and encouragement to keep going- kindly share with your network of influence too!💪
      xo xo
      H E

  2. Such an exhaustive set of inspirational quotes for business. Nice compilation

    1. Manju,✔✔
      Your response affirms that it was worth it.
      Do you have a favorite strategy quote – that you can never forget?
      H Emma

    1. Yay Fadima,🔥
      What do you struggle with most whilst executing a business strategy?
      xo xo

      Ps. Your pin is still trending on Pinterest📌!

  3. Kim,
    Love you feedback⚡
    Strategy never sleeps – it just grows and evolves – and so should your business.
    Case in point: Look at how Steve Jobs ‘churned out’ phenomenal ADs (one after another) while at Apple – but today the business playing field has shifted drastically. The user no longer responds the same way to ADs!
    👉Do you agree?
    🏄‍♀️How is your experience with this?
    H. Emma

  4. Great post and inspiring quotes! I also want to put a ding in the universe like Steve Jobs, but I feel like the universe keeps putting dings in me instead! Thanks so much for creating this list of quotes. I am always a fan of inspirational quotes!