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  1. That was really a very helpful post. Definitely going to try these strategies.

    1. Tis great to see you here Shruti. 😊
      Let us know how this works for you.

  2. There are tons of great strategies here. I’m going to use these tips in my business! thanks for another awesome post.

  3. Another good post my friend! Time to bring these strategies into action…!! 🙌

    1. Yes Suman,😎
      The smart and hard work is putting the action to test and see how it works!
      Very grateful for your feedback.

  4. Great tips. I am in the provide value phase but looking to continue moving forward. Thanks!

    1. Yay Brooke,🎇
      Please note that we have seen two schools of thought in action from our clients.
      Those who insist to first give value then ask for business; and there are those who insist to do both simultaneously. In our case, we have seen both work with success for our clients with a few tweaks that lay in bare sight in the internet.
      Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

  5. Kayleigh Zara says:

    These are some really great strategies, I’ve learnt alot from this post! Thankyou for sharing x

    1. Kayleigh,
      We are happy to see that you stopped by and glad that you found value in the blog post.🙂
      Learning is unending!

    1. Natalie🙂
      Its is such a delight to us that you find this blog post inspiring.
      Please share with your network of influence and change someone’s life.
      Its great to see your here.
      H E

  6. Having the right people working with you is really helpful and mostly to boost it and learn new things together.

    1. Fransic,
      To forgo the corporate, routine 9-to-5 gig in favor of your own business so as to adapt to the current work from home life requires preparation – but this is not the case for most people. 😊
      Thus, people matter, especially when they catch your business vision.
      When you create a business, you are setting yourself up as a leader of the team of people that work with you, plus those who support and cheer you, including customers, employees and business partners. Productive and engaged employees and/or team members who are excited about your vision confirm that people are so much stronger than they think and possess more power than they assume.
      Great to have you hear – always
      H E

  7. This is a very detailed and useful post, if you want to launch a small online business of some description. How all this would apply to your business idea would probably depend on what kind and scale you intend to follow.

    If you’re just wanting to sell a few things on Etsy, then you might be able to skip some of the advice. But if you’re wanting to setup your own business with it’s own website, then this posts advice would be really useful

    1. ✨We learn to do it right by doing it wrong – but this blog post helps a newbie in the online business world not to it wrong for too long.
      Np one should miss the opportunity to learn to change a life.
      When you share the post, you will help us to change the lives of many more people.
      Love your continued support and finding the time to leave such a precious comment!

    1. Fadima,
      Hats off!🏆
      Also share with your lovely network of smart people.
      xo xo

  8. This is exactly the advice I needed right now! Love that graphic from Larry Kim, too – there’s a lot to think about, but we have the resources we need already to start making a profit online. Just need to work hard!

    1. Absolutely Hannah.
      I can see that you have committed yourself to learning.
      Do not forget to share your success journey with us.
      Keep going.
      We are cheering you. 💫
      H E

  9. This is such a value-packed post. I agree (and experienced) so much of what you wrote here. I think these are points all of us who are living the entrepreneur life should keep those in mind _ I loved what you said about providing value first, and about not getting it right the first time – I think an important skill to have is to be able to pivot and readjust according to the results and we are getting or what the lack of results is telling us. Thank you for sharing this fantastic post.

    1. Madi,
      Pivot and re-adjust, yes, but also keep sharpening those skills.⚖
      The other alternative would be:
      1. To learn new skills that adds more value all together.
      2. Stepping up your activity level.
      3. Stepping up on your ladder of the labor level without discarding the smallest of disciplines that form part of the entrepreneur journey.
      We appreciate your captivating inspiration with each subsequent comment.💥⚡
      H E

    1. We are inspired by your feedback with your comment.
      Have you shared the post with other intelligent people like yourself?
      We would love to do better next time.🔥
      H E