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ThExtraordinariOnly is NOT a company of investment portfolio, but we guide you through explosive profits in relation to the amount of work you are willing to put in.

Your time is an investment …

What return of investment (ROI) have you gotten for spending time on our website exploring why we are a good fit?

Do we agree on the following:

  1. Time is money.
  2. Cash flow is king.
  3. Leaders are created.
  4. Tracking key performance metrics is an important tool for your business.

Let’s get working.

Our promise

ThExtraordinariOnly portfolio showing Dana Pena goals quote

If your goal is to see X100,000,000 returns on your investment, there is nothing that we can do to surpass your target. Therefore, set very strategic gigantic goals for your life and business, then we will stimulate you to actions to accomplish your goals.


We’ve been there and done that. Thus, we are the perfect fit to surpass your next milestone in life and business.

We only have answers for startup and small business entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and executives ready to adopt a leapfrog strategy to improve operations and be a world leader. If you do not find a solution for your most pressing pain point in our portfolio, we will happily refer you.

ThExtraordinariOnly portfolio is NOT a sleazy copy

It is impossible to showcase our work and talk about our performance portfolio, excluding that ThExtraordinariOnly has accumulated accolades across the World Wide Web. Amongst others, we have an in-house top global 50 women in tech, Global AI Ambassador, and ranked top 100 small business blogs, websites, and influencers.

Never start small where goals are concerned. You’ll make better decisions – and find it much easier to work a lot harder – when your ultimate goal is ultimate success.

– Dana Pena

Case studies of our portfolio of assignments successfully completed (and ongoing)

Are you an established or newbie startup founder, small business owner, professional, business executive, B2B, B2C, or corporate enthusiastic who has not yet experienced the best creative, modern, and advanced SMEs leapfrogging benefits? Start with our portfolio here:

A sample of our portfolio is shared here as a guide to realizing your life and business goals
  1. Small business development portfolio

Explore the small business segment and benefit from small business tips to scale faster

  1. Startup life and business success

We support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in the startup niche. Comb through the ultimate startups’ success archives.

  1. Need help with massive social media exposure?

Start here to get firsthand information on how social networking has changed society

  1. Exceptional and inspiring writing portfolio

We support self-published indie authors’ writerpreneurship journey.

  1. Life coaching for excellence

How to develop a great strategy to actualize your goals to focus on present and future performance

“Establishing a substantive value proposition is critical if you want to start the journey from your ‘idea’ to building a successful company.”

Michael Skok, VC and Forbes contributor

  1. Current innovative technology

At ThExtraordinariOnly we encourage ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) interventions

Let us measure your key performance metrics
An overwhelmed businessman
  1. Trusted brand collaborations

Work with very effective and heavily invested business influencers (AF)

  1. Best blogger outreach strategy

Work with us today using top White-hat link building techniques

  1. Tools and resources to skip those waithing in line

To leapfrog your business, discover the most current street smarts innovative tools and resources to bypass your competitions stuck in the obsolete school of thought.

  1. Make use of your influence to solve pressing problems in society

Benefit from the technique of using your voice to address social issues in society. We say NO to social media bullying.

  1. Prodigious Pinterest SEO strategy

Utilize our Pinterest SEO tips that rank up high traffic to a +900k reach of the Pinterest audience.

Is what you are strugging with missing from our portfolio
A businesswoman working from a smartphone
  1. Inspirational portfolio

This is one of the most shared uplifting and inspirational motivational quotes

  1. Security matters

Put to use the most bullet-proof InfoSec expertise for internet safety and protection of your life and business from toxic threats.

Important business segments under our portfolio


Top lead generation toolkit

Get a handsome reward from high closer blogger collaborations, lest you remain in the position of 61% of marketers who say generating leads and traffic is their biggest challenge.

Financial empowerment and the secret power of collaboration

Health matters portfolio

Highly paying Influencer marketing (AF)

Feel free to carry out a performance evaluation of our portfolio.

Startups and small business portfolio

ThExtraordinariOnly portfolio of KPI balanced scorecard

Have you had enough with your business and now want to drive down costs? Are you ready to increase productivity?

Let us drive your strategic vision and track the top success metrics of your business, based on your goals, needs, and selected timeframe with the right match balanced scorecard.

"If you set your goals ridiculously high, and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success." — James Cameron

What levers can be pulled and what tweaks can be made to deal with obstacles along the way? Move your business from good to great with long term stable growth!

Social media portfolio

Alert! Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is not a social media strategy. #thextraordinarionly #businessplanning #strategicplanning #massivesocialmediaengagement Click To Tweet

Let’s get this out of the way! Social media isn’t just for young people. Even social media platforms cannot give you an accurate ROI based on your ad spend!

Have you dived in, set up your social media accounts, and started posting like crazy?

  • Are you STRUGGLING to gain trust, or a follower on a social media platform?
  • Is getting your post to be seen a pain in the neck?
  • Are your struggling to keep up with what to post?

You are in the right place – to increase your brand’s relevance and engagement with your audience!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

–Walt Disney

You instantly have to implement a simple social media strategy that takes you from your current full time work with no business, to launching with a full roster of prospects and clients in your niche and genuine social media following.

In 2011, there were 7 news internet users every second (Pingdom, 2011).  Today, we are almost 4 billion internet users in total. 

thextraordinarionly new internet users per second
Infographic courtesy:

There’s something for you if you follow the correct social media strategy that we have tested and tried on your behalf, so that you soar and meet your online goals in a shorter time frame of 90 days or less.

Grow your number of FANS from scratch to the pipeline of thousands of potential clients today! Your initial target could be 50 loyal social media followers!

The unique results you want to see in your startup and/or small business mean a lot to us. The first step to taking action is instantly cutting off what does not add value and embracing that which is empowering. You will succeed if you start seeing yourself as a success Now.

Learn how to set your goals high because your freedom and that target you want to achieve is of priority.

Social media consultants serve as the face and voice of the business in social networks.

Take intelligent action now to understand your net promoter scores (NPS), reach, impressions, follower count, applause rate, customer satisfaction score (CSat), amplification rate, likes, bounce rate, click-through rate (CTR), comments, potential reach, and social share of your voice.

thextraordinarionly Pinterest performance proof that data never lies irrespective of any algorithm update
Source: ThExtraordinariOnly portfolio on Pinterest search engine

But remember,

Building an audience on any other platform is rented space, but an email list is yours. Serve them with valuable content before you ask them to invest a dollar in you, and they will stay loyal for years to come.” — Kelsey Baldwin

The ‘tell your incredible story’ portfolio

“Those who tell stories rule society.” — Plato #thextraordinarionly #marketingisstorytelling Click To Tweet

Brands today are about stories. Desire to garner sustainable success like Apple and Adidas? Telling raw inspirational stories that aspire and cause your audience to take action.

“You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built in the human plan. We come with it.”

— Margaret Atwood

Why? 80% of today’s consumers want brands to tell stories about their business or products. (Source: Digital Marketing Institute)

What is your purpose? Do you know how to be in your audience’s shoes? Authenticity is the currency of long term growth for online business.

“I’ll tell you a secret. Old storytellers never die. They disappear into their own story.”

— Vera Nazarian


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If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians.

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