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13 TOP Prosperous Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tips That Make You Money Like Famous 5 % Affluent affiliate marketing on Pinterest with or without a blog [beyond 2022]

Pinterest affiliate marketing makes mega passive income for a marketer or advertiser. If Pinterest content causes 82% weekly active users make buy decision, on what platform should you invest heavily on? Let’s answer this question today.

How to become an awesome affiliate marketer on Pinterest: Apt affiliate marketer’s Pinterest rules, strategy, course, programs, signup for beginners, experts, pros

This how-to blog post is about how passionate Pinterest affiliate marketing has made consistent content creators not just hope and pray. We will put your intrigue on ‘how to crush affiliate marketing’ to rest. If you recommend products on Pinterest for your followers to purchase, that is the basis of palmy Pinterest affiliate marketing.

power of Pinterest affiliate marketing
power of Pinterest affiliate marketing

Users of Pinterest never underestimate this popular and powerful productivity and planning tool to search for inspiration and discover ideas or trends to sell and upsell their audiences. Round the clock projects, events, holidays, fashion and more provide opportunities for wonderful and winning affiliate marketers on Pinterest .

Google search ‘Pinterest power users rake in big cash from affiliate sales’ and you will see results of top Pinterest affiliate marketing experts and earners like Kati Gazer and Miles Beckler. Kate of Simple Pin Media, Anastacia Blogger, and Dale of Blogging Her Way have grown their empires by using converting Pinterest affiliate marketing tips. Household names in the blogging circles like McKinzie of Mom Makes Cents, Jennifer of Pot Pie Girl, Carly of Mommy on Purpose, Jennifer of Smart Creative Social, Mike of Simple Stupid SEO swear by creative Pinterest affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate marketing isn’t about commissions, it’s about helping people find the value they are looking for.

– Shivansh Bhanwariya

Thus, you don’t just slap affiliate links all over Pinterest. It does not work.

What works each and every week to make consistent affiliate income from Pinterest affiliate marketing? Let’s dig in to get a hold of winning Pinterest affiliate strategies to position your links (and thereby, business) on Pinterest.

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The only Pinterest affiliate marketing guide you need to elevate your business
  1. Its time to vote
  2. Pinterest is a search engine
  3. How to profit handsomely from marketing efforts on Pinterest
  4. How to start Pinterest affiliate marketing
  5. Best affiliate marketing for beginners
  6. How to promote affiliate products to make money
  7. Other user attention and conversion treats for Pinterest’s affiliate marketing
  8. Prudent Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy
  9. Rules
  10. How to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing without a blog
  11. Best actionable marketing programs for Pinterest affiliates
  12. STOP! Savage marketing strategy to adopt immediately
  13. Further reading

Its time to vote

Before diving into any affiliate program or Pinterest marketing course, it would not be right to go on and on about using the famous Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy as the only top income earner online. We’d rather save time and money by making a decision right now on how to balance Pinteterest affiliate marketing with other opportunites.

Let’s dissect this though first, before burying ourselves into the this top ultimate guide and navigation of Pinterest affiliate marketing business.

Did you know that the steps you take to converting a prospect into a customer is similar? Any marketing effort for $10,001 product or service is the same as for a $137. The same applies to when getting 90% or 25% affiliate commissions. So, with this information, wWould you rather start affiliate marketing or sell your own products?

If you go down the affiliate marketing route or decide to create and sell your own products, they all take some time to setup, startup, and create traction.

Right from discovering the best ideas, trending topics, and what your audience loves, to content creation, content marketing, lead generation, and conversion of prospects, raving fans into customers, the effort you put in creating a buzz for a $7 item is the same effort for a $7,000 priced item – what is your cost benefit ratio?

Pinterest affiliate marketing pays highly if you plan very well
Pinterest affiliate marketing pays highly if you plan very well

Ps. You too can sell your own products like this.

Are you a solopreneur? Affiliate marketing has pros and cons, just like any other type of internet marketing. Dedicate time to discover keys to exponentially grow your audience, brand, and income without burn out, even if you are clueless.

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Questions to ask yourself?

  • What is your killer nurture sequence?
  • Network marketing or affiliate marketing? Which is better?
  • Which is the best way to make affiliate sales with your blog posts?
  • Is there a smart way to make money with affiliate marketing?
  • How can you create your own affiliate program to get other people selling your products and services too?
  • Can you set up recurring commission affiliate programs generating over $100,000 per month?

Pinterest is a search engine

Pinterest is more of a search engine. It is not like a social network in the same way as Facebook and Instagram. It provides a higher ROI than other social media networks.

Pinners don’t come to Pinterest for news or updates about their friends. They come to find new ideas. — Help, Pinterest #Pinterestaffiliatemarketing #thextraordinarionly #inboundmarketing #growthmindset Click To Tweet

It is the third-largest search engine in the world with 444 million monthly active users. In addition to this, Pinterest monthly searches are over 2 billion.

Pinterest is populated by user generated ‘Pin’ posts. Thus, Pinterest qualifies as the top traffic source for affiliate marketing. Its a must-have in your online money making strategy.

7 top statistics that matter to Pinterest affiliate marketers

Why Pinterest affiliate marketing is very successful
Why Pinterest affiliate marketing is very successful

82% of weekly active users say that they make buying decisions based on Pinterest content. (Oberlo)

40% of Pinners generate household revenue of $100,000 or more (Business Pinterest)

50% of Millennials use Pinterest every month (OmniCore Agency)

Pinterest average order value of sales is $50 (Shopify)

73% of pinners have purchased something after seeing it on Pinterest (Pinterest Media Consumption Study, 2016)

47% of Pinterest users log onto the site specifically to shop (Statista)

Categories that most frequently lead to purchases from Pinterest are fashion, beauty, and home decor (Pinterest Media Consumption Study, 2016)

Read this recommended blog post: Here’s What It Really Takes to Create a Successful Online Business In the Inexhaustible Internet Marketing Niche

How to profit handsomely from marketing efforts on Pinterest

Don’t hesitate. Start Pinterest affiliate marketing with or without a blog.

Are you unsure and asking yourself ‘What is Pinterest affiliate marketing?’

Picture this. You wake up each morning to email notifications letting you know you made affiliate sales while sleeping! Yes, this what happens.

You get rewarded when you promote products and services you already use and love on Pinterest. Once your loyal audience makes the buy decision, you get paid.

How to start Pinterest affiliate marketing

Branding starts with a self hosted website. Brand loyalty is a crucial goal and result of successful marketing programs, sales initiatives and product development efforts.

Establish your brand’s voice and tone from your website.

If your do not have a website yet, there are big enterprises that build a relationship from a social media post that went viral. Virality many not be guaranteed thus a blog post directs traffic to a third-party platform like Pinterest through pins or Reddit

Do you do review products, services, or other posts on your blogs? Do you your opinions in reviews?

Are your blog posts helpful, informative, educational, or compound?

Develop a content strategy, content creation workflow, and content distribution tactic – even if you have to use a paid or freemium content marketing software tool. Test. For example, a downloadable PDF has a longer shelf life compared to a mere blog post.

Routinely, evaluate the performance of your content activities. Make necessary tweaks to improve performance in tandem with the feedback from your competition and audience.

Digital marketing strategies to growth hack content distribution

Internet marketing is a lot easier and less expensive to reach a large number of new and existing customers. Incorporate these strategies;

  • Display advertising
  • Proper email marketing
  • Mobile-based marketing
  • Helpful content marketing
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Search engine marketing and engagement
  • Effective search engine optimization (SEO)

Influencer marketing resource to read: These are the 9 Steps to Identify Your Influencer Marketing Candidate: Secrets To Tap Today Even With a Following of 50

Best affiliate marketing for beginners

When you research on the Internet, you will see revealing results that highly achieving affiliate marketers agree on.

… There are some niches that have the best chance to make money with Pinterest. They may not be the same year-in, year-out, but some include; clothing, beauty, fashion, jewelry, knitting, crafting, home decor, event planning, home remodel, DIY home upgrades, landscaping, gardening, outdoor living, camping, travel, women fashion, food and drink, …

Note: Always check the Pinterest platform for up-to-date details. Algorithms ain’t constant y’all!

How to promote affiliate products to make money

1. Write winning copy

Indirect affiliate marketing involves leading people to your website or blog and to articles that include affiliate links. Do you want to make consistent income crashing affiliate marketing on Pinterest? Practice writing copy everyday.

Creating a limited amount of copy (500 characters long) is the order of your day. The first 100 is where you want to include your highest valued keywords and copy of natural sentences.

2. Pinterest profile ranking

ThExtraordinariOnly Business Pinterest account

Setting up your Pinterest account that has a ranking profile requires an optimized business account with access to advanced features. Find relevant keywords related to your niche of choice.

Search Pinterest trends or your target audience and add them to your profile name and description, be it life coaching tools, home decor, finance tips, starting a business, success quotes, education, entertainment, DIY and crafts, etc

Add your working logo to your business profile to connect with your target audience and drive traffic to your affiliate links. An attractive banner related to your niche is an added advantage. Ensure that your Pinterest profile is crystal clear on what you offer.

3. Propitious Pinterest board descriptions

starting a business of Pinterest affiliate marketing

One of the top tips for affiliate marketing on Pinterest is optimizing your Pinterest boards. You do not need to have a blog to use this strategy. As an advertiser or affiliate, optimize your Pinterest board for topics your loyal audience loves.

To promote the right content to the right people, name your boards strategically and add related pins that are relevant for those boards.

3. a) Sample Pinterest board on quotes to inspire you
Quotes to inspire you

Find entrepreneur quotes, business quotes, success quotes, inspirational quotes, and positive quotes for business motivation. Discover support small business quotes and shop small business quotes. For Monday motivation, retrieve inspirational quotes positive and positive quotes motivation from ThExtraordinariOnly blog. Track trending ideas for quotes of motivation. Repin. Inspire +1 more. Uncover https://thextraordinarionly.com/life-and-success-quotes/ Submit feedback in the comments section

3. b) Example of a board on starting a business
Pinterest board on starting a business

Get small business tips on how to start a small business and grow it to a conglomerate. Searching for a small business plan? Strike gold through your small business organization. Small business ideas are executed by successfully starting a business, acquiring a an existing business or supporting another business. Work from home jobs in your work from home office setup. Spot treasure of https://thextraordinarionly.com/creative-work-from-home-business-ideas-lessons-learnt/ to make money from home.

3. c) Example of a board on life coaching tools

Get a beauty-full dream life. Use live-full life coaching tools and crazy-cool life hacks. Flip your thoughts to flip your live with happy thoughts and 3 am deep thoughts. When life quotes to live by no longer rock it or girl life hacks or real life quotes don’t give you oomph spot-on, grow out of your van life. Move from survival mode to a life of significance. Validate yourself. Uncover ThExtraordinariOny life’s best practices. Repin thextraordinarionly.com/19-tips-to-achieve-success-in-life

Optimize Pinterest board for Pinterest affiliate marketing
3. d) Pinterest a board on marketing strategy beyond social media for busy bloggers

Competing to rank website on page 1 of Google search by earned media or paid media? Jump over hurdle of how to start a blog, writing killer blog titles and brazen blog post ideas. A blogger job description, sponsorship opportunities, brand collaborations and influencer marketing kick in. It’s no longer blogging for beginners. Art blogs, blogilates, all niche bloggers need efficient lead generation beyond a marketing strategy on social media https://thextraordinarionly.com/use-monday-blog-club/

sample optimized board description for Pinterest affiliate marketing

4. Keyword research trick for optimizing Pins

Are there long-term keywords that your audience is searching for?

Use the Pinterest search bar and the Pinterest SEO tool to enter your search terms in the campaign objectives of your Pinterest Ads Management Platform. Add keywords to your bio, Pin image name (.jpeg), Pin title, Pin rich snippet, hashtags, description, title, and Boards.

5. How to hack the Pinterest algorithm

  • Create click-worthy pins of unblurred images and engaging relevant keywords as text overlay.
  • Pin consistently (daily)
  • Enable rich pins
  • Use the best font parings
  • Check to claim your website
  • Do not hog the platform with very long giraffe pins. Use the 2:3 ratio (1000 by 1500 pixels)

Showcase affiliate brands and their products and/or services in one of your Pinterest boards.

Optimized Pinterest affiliate marketing board

What is the only way we know if the above screenshot is a fully optimized Pinterest affiliate marketing board? We will never know.

Don’t take my word for it. Login into your Pinterest business account now. Take the time to study and confirm.

Remember, algorithm perks are in place. What’s working today, may not work tomorrow.

7. Follow other accounts in your niche

The most popular Pinterest influencers, who have more than one million followers, earn at least $200,000 in revenue each year from their accounts.
– Influencer Marketing Hub


Don’t miss out – big time on using Pinterest to grow your business. Top affiliate marketers like;

  • Tracie Fobes
  • Alex & Lauren of Create & Go
  • Summer Tannhauser
  • Matt Diggity of Diggity Marketing
  • Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project
  • Cali of The Halcy on Hive
  • Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier of Evergreen Profits
  • Angie of Organize Your Biz
  • Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits, Link Whisperer, and LongTail Pro
  • Hazlo Emma of ThExtraordinariOnly
  • Matt Giovanisci of Money Lab
  • Aminta Demadura
  • Gael Breton and Mark Webster Authority Hacker

… have done it. You too can do it. They have done the proof of concept (POC) on your behalf.

What group boards are they in?

8. Use call-to-action in Pin descriptions

Do your Pinterest boards have content that people love? Do not hit ‘Publish’ yet if you have not given instructions to your audience from your pin.

If you want them to buy stuff from your affiliate link. Tell them just that.

Do you want your followers to repin your pin on ‘cool things to buy?’ Write those instructions clearly on the affiliate pin’s descriptions.

9. Create pins of the right size!

The current optimal pin size mentioned earlier gives you competitive advantage in Pinterest’s screen space. Use high quality images for high resolution pins

Other user attention and conversion treats for Pinterest’s affiliate marketing

How can your presence be felt on Pinterest’s platform?

  • Mix up your pins by creating video content
  • Pinterest loves when you use the create idea pin
  • Share your affiliate link on other platforms
  • Use the ‘create an ad; function to your advantage
  • Pin your fresh pin in relevant boards – 48hours if the current Pin daily threshold to re-pin.
  • Follow your competitors’ followers
  • Cross-promote your pins
  • Gauge your best-performing pins for your account from Pinterest Analytics

Prudent Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy

Using the pull strategy, plan to first deliver value in the form of content, to allow your audience to act anytime they want. How do you establish trust and authority with your audience? Reverse engineer what they are searching for and discover quality pins, titles, descriptions and keywords most used.

Proceed to help your loyal audience to solve a problem first. Your offer will therefore be a pin with a link to your affiliate link answering the questions, ‘what’s trending?’ ‘what’s your audience seeking?’

Consistent churning of value-driven compelling content for your blog and other owned avenues attracts earned media in the form of interviews, guest posts, podcast invitations, and exclusive newspaper/publication columns. This is the magic way of also promoting your awesome affiliate links and be successful top affiliate marketer on Pinterest.


Each social platform has its unique rules. There’s no need to break any laws or risk your account being shut down because you did something that goes against Pinterest’s terms of use.

Simply, disclose all affiliate links either as #aff #affiliatelink.This how you can use affiliate links in Pinterest.

In the caption, identify that the pin as an advertisement according to FTC regulations. Add the #ad or #sponsored hashtags on social media.

In short, properly disclose affiliate links.

How to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing without a blog

Are you a newbie or non-blogger? How do you get paid to pin on Pinterest? Bogging Her Way has the most actionable simple Pinterest strategy for auspicious affiliate marketing with or without a blog.

With direct affiliate links, so you don’t need a website. Earn $500+ extra dollars per month directly from Pinterest. Make affiliate sales right away . How?

Use this affiliate link to sign up for profit-making Pinterest affiliate marketing. Make affiliate sales on Pinterest when you get paid to pin.

Best actionable marketing programs for Pinterest affiliates

Before you start collecting and comprehending the best affiliate marketing tools, study, not just the highest affiliate programs for bloggers only. Some of most popular and major affiliate networks that you can apply to and get affiliate links to start promoting on Pinterest upon approval include:

  • Dubsado affiliate program
  • Amazon Associates
  • Share A Sale
  • Digistore24
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Gumroad
  • Rakuten
  • JVZoo
  • Etsy

Brand ambassador invite programs

Also do your due diligence on invitations for brand ambassador programs. Most brands like these ones reaching out from Instagram no longer sit on the sidelines. They reach out to you if you are an active and authentic influencer on Pinterest or other mainstream social media platforms.

Be on the look out for an updated brand ambassador rolodex to exceed your Pinterest affiliate marketing target faster soon. We could email a copy to you. Let us know.

Pinterest affiliate marketing is self-sustaining when you put in the work to build your account.

Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

If you are not making money using affiliate marketing, fixt it. Back up a little bit from sitting back and watching the money roll in … you’ve got a process to master.

The step-by-step process of how to become an affiliate marketer on Pinterest calls for time, hard work, and tools. For more details, search Google for the ‘best Pinterest affiliate marketing courses’ and pick one from Udemy or CreativeLive that fits your current budget. I love Miles Beckler’s New Affiliate Marketing Crash Course – Its FREE.

If you have a Pinterest account, what kind of products/services are you eyeing for a power-up affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

STOP! Savage marketing strategy to adopt immediately

For a higher lifetime value of your marketing efforts, the most promising Pinterest affiliate marketing strategy starts from owned media. The algorithms of Google, Pinterest, WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not static. They always change.

What if your Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles get blocked or suspended? You have no access to all that precious content that your created, uploaded, and shared on all these platforms.

What properties like websites, blogs, email newsletters or forums do you have complete control over? Ensure to have a copy of your affiliate links on the home to your content,

In the near future, we will dive into details on how to maximize owned media success.

Further reading

What action are you taking today?

ThExtraordinariOnly Business Pinterest account for profile rank
ThExtraordinariOnly Business Pinterest account for profile rank
How to optimize Pinterest board starting a business
How to optimize Pinterest board starting a business
Optimize Pinterest board on life coaching tools affiliate marketing
Optimize Pinterest board on life coaching tools affiliate marketing
Prosperous Pinterest affiliate marketing today
Prosperous Pinterest affiliate marketing today
how to dig affiliate marketing on Pinterest with or without a blog
how to dig affiliate marketing on Pinterest with or without a blog
Become an affiliate marketer on Pinterest
Become an affiliate marketer on Pinterest

Proceed to join +739k audience now to transform your entrepreneurial mindset, hack your life, and skyrocket your business


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