what is content marketing strategy? See top 5 definitions and do it right!

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  1. Content marketing strategy is defined differently be different people or organizations but at the end of the day it is simply the strategy to catch the audience’s attention and hopefully get a sale from them. I’ve been doing content marketing at http://www.getarticlesdone.com for quite some time and that is basically what I do.

    1. Janet,
      The top most beneficial content marketing strategy that never fails is the one that happens on a platform that you own, because you can access data on how exactly you are performing. You do not just catch the audience’s attention, but also build and engage. And if your product or service does not address their pain points, there is no embarrassment in lifting your hands and saying, ‘We do not have the answer to what you want addressed right now. But we can direct you to so-and-so.’ You have won this audience a million times over.
      Thank you so much for sharing your insight.
      It’s great to connect in our circle of influence.

      xo so

      H Emma