13 Ways Social Media Influencers Gain Followers To Dominate a Niche in a Very Short Time

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How To Increase Your Social Media Influencer’s Followers Fast – Without Compromising Algorithms

To write a step-by-step guide on how to gain followers as a social media influencer and tantalize them forever requires a book. How do you increase your social media followers fast and earn the influencer title – without compromising algorithms?

Social media platforms are all clocking a decade since they were founded, with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, founded in 2012 being the oldest.  Within twenty-four hours of its distribution in Harvard University, 1,200 subscribers had signed up. In 2004, Jack Dorsey saw the birth of Twitter raking 64,000 tweets per day in an interactive conference, @sxsw three years later. By 2010, Instagram built by Kevin Systrom had 500,000 subscribers a week in its first year.

Today, these platforms – and other new ones -have grown in leaps and bounds. They have created a myriad of business opportunities for anyone with access to a data-enabled phone, including influencer marketing.

How incredible?

Influencer marketing is now a recognized formal business, whose hours are set by the influencer.

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The Best Way to Gain Followers as an Influencer

I will highlight one of the primary (what others call ‘the old school’) methods of gaining followers, whether a social influencer or not.

Let us see if you will identify it.

How Do You Define An Influencer?

If you establish credibility in an industry and you can persuade others to act based on your recommendations, you are a social media influencer.   You have the correct tools, resources, and authenticity to attract attention consistently and motivate others too to expand their social reach.

As you read that statement, did some names pop into your mind?

How about your name?

Did you know that even if you have only 50 followers it is sufficient for you to be an influencer?

Access to a huge audience may be an added advantage, though followers are no longer the only metric to determine influencer success.

  • What is your engagement rate?
  • On what platform do you want to grow as a social media influencer?
  • Is there a niche that you are targeting?
  • Are you consistently updating your content in line with the latest trends?

If a brand wants to pay you for content irrespective of the number of followers you have on a social media platform, you are a qualified social media influencer.

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Test the Approach that Best Works for Your Goals, Targets, and Needs

When testing an approach to grow from 2k to 4k followers on Instagram in 10 days (though others have done it in shorter time frames) we kept in touch with each person who send a reply to a post, liked the posts, send a direct message (DM) or participated in any of the stories on that profile.

How? As you can see, it is a lot of work.

1. Xtreme Social Media Engagement

Most social media platforms track and shut down automating software.

These were plug-and-play that automated each aspect of social media engagement including using the  most appropriate hashtags. Astronomical follower counts followed en masse.

In our case, the magic superweapon was engagement.
Engaging with like-minded Instagram profiles of interrelated niches gave us the best outcome.

Social media is a ‘scratch my back I scratch yours’ platform.

Irrespective of what else you hear, see, and read, engagement has always blown its own trumpet.

2. Controversy

Another way to gain followers as a social media influencer is to create attention, like Kylie Jenner and her family.

They have leveraged on controversy for marketing campaigns. Though risky, you could reap a lot of value like them with the right execution.

3. Content is King

Some content creators achieve overnight success on the back of a single post in a social media profile (or a mix of social media profiles). On the flip side, it takes months (if not years) to see a return on investment from their smart work.

Several instances of creating content that went viral overnight are clearly documented on the Internet. These built significant following of non-existent companies, from:

One blog

A case study

A controversial video

A podcast

Creative infographic

A game

A meme,


One post

The smart business move is to create great content on a consistent basis.

4. Shout Out For Shout Out (S4S)

Some influencers network with other influencers to gain followers through what is popularly known as a shout out. It could be an informal agreement or paid advertising.

5. Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are different from shoutout for shout out.

Do your research to know which ones work and the ones that support your stage of growth. If you are starting out, you would rather join engagement groups that are starting out too. DM me (with reference to this blog post) and I include you in free engagement groups (if you are ready to abide by the rules).

6. The ‘Go-To’ Source of Information (Gossip, Spill ’em Tea, Breaking News, …)

Provision of information to your ideal audience through the social platform solely like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Vimeo, Quora, Bloglovin, helps you gain followers. You can create a buzz with synchronized and repurposed content.

Back it up with an informative or inspirational blog or website.

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7. Entertainment

If you are an entertainer, you too could create a large following to your social media platform.

The primary reason people check their social media platforms is to get entertained. So as an entertainer, who is providing spot-on content, you are hitting the right notes.

8. Cross-promotion

Cross promoting across platforms and driving traffic from one social media platform to another should not be ‘a copy and past’ job.

Start by answering questions on the social platform you want to grow a loyal community or fans from.

Check out the following:

Ask Me Anything

Yahoo Answers


Warrior Plus


Start with one, then gradually incorporate others in your growth hacking strategy.

For example, this blog post that you are reading right now has evolved from answering a question on the Quora platform.  You will even receive notification is your answer attracts a lot of view and is shared by Quora Digest.

Cross promotion works well if you answer a question with links back to your campaign landing page, website, social media platform, offerings, products and services.

Over time, your profile draws attention that leads to gaining followers from quarters that you may never have thought possible.

9. Promotion

Guess what? At times you just have to bury your head in the sand and do what the social platform wants you to do. This is not a free option. If you have a little money to spend, run like campaigns and post even up to seven times a day.

10. Content Marketing Strategy

Mix up motivational quotes, videos, and images relevant to your audience’s likes with links to your existing website like we have done here.

11. Pinterest

A Pinterest strategy that entails not less than nine fresh pins for each blog post created is a starting point.

  • Share them directly from your blog post in the mornings and evenings as a starting point.
  • For a significant source of legitimate traffic, re-pin your fresh pins.
  • Do not re-pin one pin in more than one of your Pinterest boards.
  • You reap better rewards if you are consistent.

You would rather have 2 pins per day, than a haphazard Pinterest pinning strategy.

12. Ad Campaigns

It is important to note that running ad campaigns to generate likes is a totally legitimate way to build a following.

This is where the rubber meets the road – buying likes and use of bots is not a legitimate way to build a following. Ad costs have skyrocketed.

It is not as easy to succeed on social media platforms today due to the algorithm restrictions.

13. Purchase an Established Account

Oh, you could also buy a popular account.

If you chose this route, do your due diligence.

As yourself these questions.

  • Will the account match your audience perfectly?
  • What is the engagement rate?
  • Will buying the existing account give you value for your money?

A Secret Path to Follow

Gary Vaynerchuk has openly talked about  the number of  hours he used to take to reply to every comment when he started using social media. He replied to each direct message too from anyone who interacted with him on social media.

Everyone begins with zero followers unless you purchase an established account.

Success on Instagram is engagement and DMs.

Trust me.

Just like people online say email is dead, others believe direct messaging is dead.

The open rate of direct messages is 100%. Soon, I will be sharing a program you can participate in that leverages on DMs and makes money – not just for yourself, but even to start an Instagram agency right from your couch – it is NOT about ads spend, nor about quality BS of content.

But for now, let us leverage on one secret (out of many) that Gary Vee shared on growing your following:

  • Identify up to fifty Instagram profiles that you aspire to be like (their following has to be large)
  • Ensure that post notification is “ON” for these particular Instagram accounts
  • Immediately they post, ensure that you are the first one to leave a relevant comment
  • Do this for the next 30 days consistently and watch as your own follower base increases

If you do not just leave emojis or the well known one or two-word comments that look like bots, you are on your way to success in growing your following on Instagram.

You then become a master and learn to grow followings for other accounts.

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There are a lot of “do’s” and “don’ts” whilst in the business of gaining followers on social media platforms fast. We will just skim through a few.

Do not push it.

Adhere to the social platforms’ rules, regulations, and policies, else you get banned. You get demoralized while all your work may go to waste. You will have to begin again as if starting a new account. From experience, this includes not tagging those who do not want to be tagged.

Buying followers may give you that instant gratification of seeing the account with this mass followings, but high-paying brands know how to check if your followers are bought, or you earned them.

Do not forget to clearly display your earnings disclaimers. Brands today are open on who they are dealing with on influencer marketing in adherence with FTC guidelines.

Let your followers know your affiliate and affiliate link disclosures. This should not worry you because the brand provides you with the correct wording, like this one from Amazon Associates Affiliate Program: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Make sure to use the relevant disclosure for each brand you are working with.

Now that You are a Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer attracts a whooping manner of followers. However, the following needs to be always at the back of your mind:

  • What is the quality of your audience?
  • What is your vibe?
  • Is it attracting your tribe?
  • Is it attracting real engagement?
  • Are your followers  real?
  • Does your content resonates with your authentic audience?

Use a mix of tools that are freely available on the internet. Some will incorporate statistic form a mix of social media platforms

Others are exclusive and platform-specific like Combin for Instagram.

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What is Your Influence Score?

Kred Score

Do you know your social influence score?

Kred is an online tool that measures your influence and outreach on Twitter, You can also connect your Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn profiles, a treasure under one roof.

A top 100 global digital influencer to follow in 2020, Keith Keller proposes taking matters in your hands to see how your rank against other industry influencers.

Do not undervalue yourself.

As described by Kristi Kellogg, Kred;

  • Pulls data from Twitter and Facebook
  • Show a social media influence score that falls on a 1,000-point scale
  • Gives users with a Kred influence score of 600 and above to be in the top 21 percent of users. From the image above my Kred influence score is 898 out of 1000.

What is yours?

  • Reveal your Kred influence score and outreach level scores globally (Global Kred) or by interests/affiliations (Communities)
  • Measures your influence scores and outreach level scores with data from the past 1,000 days
  • Is a transparent scoring system
  • Provides an ‘outreach level’  score on a 10-point scale.

Are you generous as you engage with others?

Do you help them spread their message?

As a user, how often do you retweet, reply, mention, and tag others?

When you refer to the same image, I earned an outreach level of 9 out of 12. Follow me in Twitter to find out why.

After all, it turns out, supporting others on social media improves outreach level.

Join us on #thursdayblogclub (Thursdays) and #mondayblogclub (Mondays) on Twitter to share your blogs, pin them, mix them and flip them. All comments in blog posts are returned.

‘Start tracking these and getting yourself of these lists’, says Keller. ‘This site is handy because you can see if your content is STICKING and which tweets go better than others.’

Be on the lookout for other surefire tested tools that increase your credibility and make it easy for you as a social media influencer to gain followers on any social media platform.

What Else To Do Apart from Waiting For Brands to Work With You

What do you do with all that social media traffic?

1. Affiliate Marketing

  • You could display ads.
  • Do you have products, services or programs you love using? Sign up for affiliate programs like Amazon Associates and drive traffic to their websites.

2. Sponsorship Posts

  • Permanent link placement in website starting from €75
  • Blog collaboration social media giveaway and further content for a visit to another profile, person, or business for €497 or more

3. Membership Site

  • Paid private Facebook group starting at € 47 per annum
  • Tier membership sites
  • Read and review program; You are not selling reviews. Selling reviews would be against Amazon’s Terms of Services. However, you are selling advertising space, access to new readers, and access to new fans!

4. Launch your Own Products

  • Publish books
  • Start online courses
  • Sell software


It is important to note that algorithms on social media platforms have taken a complete turn around from what they were since the beginning of the decade. To increase social media influencer following fast must be backed by real-time engagement.


Social Media Enthusiast, Now It is Your Turn

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to reach this point on this blog.

Of these 13 ways that you of gaining social media followers fast as an influencer, which one has surprised you?

Which way have you used to grow your social media loyal fans that we have not mentioned?

Would you rather purchase a social media account or grow one from scratch?

Have you discovered your social influence score?

Share with us by adding a comment using the comments section below. I will tell you the next step to take.

Did you find this article valuable?

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By Hazlo Emma

Hazlo Emma is a Business Development, Digital Strategist & optimistic personal Coach in the Financial, Writing, and Social Media Space for Startups and Small Businesses.  She has a knack for numbers with an advisory role to a tech-averse clientele. Emma is an inspiration to solopreneurs, newbies, founders, CEOs, and B2B enthusiasts, challenging each one to impact their world, a step at a time with innovative strategies. Her mantra is creating lasting memorable experiences consistently, with the delivery of excellent and faster results (offline and online) for higher returns on investment, whilst exceeding the expectations of prospects.   Currently pursuing further studies in the security niche, she is a team member at http://www.thextraordinarionly.com where they test affordable DIY innovative business tips, social media marketing tips, tweaks, hacks, strategies, … that improve engagement, branding, and share their experiences. Formatting, proofreading, copy editing, line editing, comprehensive and substantive editing manuscripts comes second nature to her even ghost writing in the nonfiction genre as a side hustle. Hazlo Emma follows real-time trends in Small Business, Startup World, Social Media, Social Impact Matters, Leadership, Fin-tech, Big Data, Analytics, Robotics, IoT, Artificial and Hybrid Intelligence, in addition to frequently answering questions on Quora! She is a Global Juror of the 5th Global Entreps Awards & 5Gcitizens International Congress nominating exceptional and outstanding individuals under the guidance of the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). She is also a member of the European Women in Business (EWB), and a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion. She is a third-generation Christian leader and an advocate of domestic violence survivors. Hazlo Emma is a co-author of Crawl Outta Debt Now.


  1. Many thanks Hazlo .. everytime I read one of your articles I learn something new .. I admit that as I read more and learn more as I feel my knowledge is growing .. thanks .. However I have a small question for example in twitter platform.. In some case the person tries to contributes with thoughts and try to get engaged with others and still can’t gain followers Is it necessary to pay for ad campaign for much growing?

    1. Adel,
      It is such a pleasure to provoke our thought process from your comments.
      What was your Kred Score of Influence?

      If you have a small budget that you can spend on ad campaigns on Twitter, go ahead. Compare with the results of not having to spend a dime. If you do not want to spend money to gain followers, you have to be willing to sacrifice more time to engage with your loyal fans. It is not only hard work but smart work and tact too.

      Consistency becomes your go-to option.

      Have you ever tried to leverage the Explore page with content that is relevant to your target audience? The details of this strategy may need another blog post. Other examples include choosing time frames to retweet other’s tweets. You can also use the trending hashtags of the day to attract fans to your page. What content are you sharing that attracts attention? When these new followers view your profile, your bio, and pinned tweet on the home page, what do they find?

      Have I answered your question?

      Let me know which one you need help with, lest we develop another blog post right here in the comment section. Thank you for the question.

  2. Thank you for sharing the learnings and insights from your perspective, Hazlo.

    Twitter is the platform of choice for me to learn and interact with industry leaders. From my perspective, being authentic, sharing, interacting with people is a key to grow and hone the skills.

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