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  1. Adel Hafez says:

    Many thanks Hazlo .. everytime I read one of your articles I learn something new .. I admit that as I read more and learn more as I feel my knowledge is growing .. thanks .. However I have a small question for example in twitter platform.. In some case the person tries to contributes with thoughts and try to get engaged with others and still can’t gain followers Is it necessary to pay for ad campaign for much growing?

    1. Adel,
      It is such a pleasure to provoke our thought process from your comments.
      What was your Kred Score of Influence?

      If you have a small budget that you can spend on ad campaigns on Twitter, go ahead. Compare with the results of not having to spend a dime. If you do not want to spend money to gain followers, you have to be willing to sacrifice more time to engage with your loyal fans. It is not only hard work but smart work and tact too.

      Consistency becomes your go-to option.

      Have you ever tried to leverage the Explore page with content that is relevant to your target audience? The details of this strategy may need another blog post. Other examples include choosing time frames to retweet other’s tweets. You can also use the trending hashtags of the day to attract fans to your page. What content are you sharing that attracts attention? When these new followers view your profile, your bio, and pinned tweet on the home page, what do they find?

      Have I answered your question?

      Let me know which one you need help with, lest we develop another blog post right here in the comment section. Thank you for the question.

  2. Thanks for this article on how to become a Social Influencer. I’m definitely all in as far as generating traffic to my website. Also shared on Twitter and Pinterest

    1. Beth,
      Each influencer and anyone who knows how serious this game is, understands the value of not only generating traffic, but also converting leads.
      I applaud you for sharing the article.

  3. Thanks for this great article Hazlo I have always been an advocate of social media and will be implementing some of your suggestions to increase my engagement and following.

    1. Martin.
      Let me know if you will require help in any way.
      Thank you.

  4. Thank you for sharing the learnings and insights from your perspective, Hazlo.

    Twitter is the platform of choice for me to learn and interact with industry leaders. From my perspective, being authentic, sharing, interacting with people is a key to grow and hone the skills.

    1. Neeraj,
      Yes, a social media platform of choice can help build authentic and meaningful relationships with people.
      I concur with you about Twitter.
      Your feedback here is such a confirmation.

    1. Yash, how is your social media influencer marketing like today? ✨