thextraordinarionly influencer marketing hacks feature image by Hazlo Emma

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  1. Excellent question to ask indeed: “Do they already have quality content on their social platforms and website”!

    1. Dear Mishu Dad,
      I love that you have highlighted this competitive advantage for a successful influencer marketing strategy.
      Influencer marketing is the new content king.
      We have seen the statistics showing that,
      ‘20% of consumers (and 30% of Millennials) have unfollowed a brand on social media because they felt their content was inauthentic and fake’
      It is such a fascination that consumers are able to distinguish between consumer-created content and brand-created content by an influencer.
      Thus, yes.
      Real and organic quality content is the top preference, lest influencer fatigue grows.
      It is exciting to see you here.