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Navigate Historic Market Plunge Like Wall Street Pros – Wonderful Wednesday 328

Is the Fed openly cheering the worst stock market plunge since the dark days of COVID in June 2020?

When the trap for bulls slammed shut Tuesday, September 13th the market simply tumbled down. Was the sharp stock market plunge today coordinated or uncoordinated? No one denies the role of central banks to regulate the supply of money through monetary policy.

Notably, very high raise rates hurt growth. Join the discovery journey to answer what can go wrong if all the Central banks lean the same way and do not allow the markets to correct themselves in a sustained and stable fashion.


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Fact: Central banks everywhere raise interest rates to amplifying each others policy impact

.When current and planned Central banks moves lead to harsh market plunges, Because inflation runs at levels not seen for nearly two generations, Central banks are raising interest rates globally (see the figure below).

  1. The Reserve Bank of Australia raised its policy rate by 50 basis points,
  2. The European Central Bank (ECB) hiked by 75 basis points.
  3. The US Federal Reserve has another looming large upward move on September 21.
  4. Many emerging-market economies began tightening trends in mid-2021 that they have extended.
Do coordinated or uncoordinated monetary policies amplified by Central Banks globally exist
Source: Central bank sources and Maurice Obstfeld and Haonan Zhou, “The Global Dollar Cycle,” paper presented at the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) Conference, September 8-9, 2022.

Market plunge meaning

Are you still clueless about what we are talking about? A stock market plunge is depicted by a sharp drop in share values. Stocks fluctuate, even on the same day.

If discernible trends exist like a market climbing a few percentage points in a few days and then declining a few the next, everything should works out in the end. The market either continues to climb or remains in a limited trading pattern.

market plunge wipes out $61 billion of Changpeng Zhao's wealth

Elon Musk’s net worth dropped by $8.4 billion. Bloomberg Billionaires Index #thextraordinarionly #wealthcreationstrategies Click To Tweet

Sequence of events to the stocks plunge today

The bare sign of a four-day bull market at declining trading volumes signaled the classic Wall Street move of luring inexperienced investors and retailers into the market. Even though they thought they had scooped great bargains, it was all a huge fish net to purchase unwanted inventory off of the hands of Wall Street firms.

The psychological trap is, do they sell now at a loss?

As reported by Bloomberg, America’s richest Billionaires, too, lost in Wall Street deal making because wealth is correlated with the market’s performance. Remember the ultra rich stash their wealth in financial assets like stocks. Further, Bloomberg’s Billion Index reports Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao is down about 64%, a whooping $61 billion less of his wealth from the highs of January 2022.

Jeff Bezos’s wealth plunged by $9.8 billion

Source: Bloomberg Billionaires Index

To HODL or keep off

Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum are in recovery mode following the huge market plunge, only savvy investors seize market drops like these for the absolute bargain price points waiting to the bought.

how can you stop the market plunge domino effect

Do you see stock market disasters as opportunities to acquire equities at great discounts? If you are not an institutional investor, you are better off taking a small loss.

Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Are you in doubt?

How do you redeem yourself in the short term from the routing stock market plunge? If you do not own a piece of the casino, here are some suggestions.

Sell now.

Pivot to other sectors.

Focus on sharpening those skills you have kept on hold for a while.

In short, if you do not have deep pockets of wholesalers to withstand the market crash like institutions, hedge funds, or banks, watch the market from the sidelines until the fog clears away.

The chief executive officer of Meta Platforms Inc., Mark Zuckerberg has lost 54% of his fortune ($68.3 billion) since the beginning of the year 2022. Bloomberg Billionaires Index Click To Tweet

Stock market plunge meaning

A stock market crash, is an extremely big drop in the market, occurring within a short period of time, not to be confused with a stock market collapse where the market goes into a deep plunge instead of continuing the cycle of short-term gains and losses.

Professional traders NEVER panic after big one-day market plunges for they prepare for subsequent above average returns. They know what to look out for. During this week’s disruptive market plunge pros were well equipped with information from tools like the Value Line Geometric Index (VALUG), the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for the NASDAQ-100, QQQ, and the NYSE Comp which never closed above earlier week’s highs.

Are you panicked because of the sharp stock market plunge

Thus, to blame the “hotter-than-expected” inflation reading may not be the whole truth. Why? Big down gap openings lock bargain hunters with losses triggering a snowball effect of serious declines.

Warren Buffett lost $3.4 billion while Bill Gates suffered a loss of $2.8 billion #marketcrash #thextraordinarionly Click To Tweet

Why stocks plunged today

For example, the NYFANG inclusive of the mega-cap tech stocks fell 6.6 %, wiping off the false 4-day rally.

August Consumer Price Index report showed an above-expectation inflation reading of 8.3%. This is only a 0.1% rise in the CPI in one month, or 1.3% annualized, that would NOT cause a selling binge.

Therefore, the brutal stock market plunge today was not a cause effect of the The Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Believe it or not, Tuesday’s shocking plunge had nothing to do with the CPI. Bert Dohmen, Founder Dohmen Capital Research #thextraordinarionly #marketplunge Click To Tweet

Have you spotted the alleged reason for market manipulation in order NOT to draw attention to the real cause?

Can high inflation numbers trigger a sudden plunge in the stock market?

A male hedge fund manger holds his head looking at a strong market plunge

By now, you must have fathomed how the stock market plunge, crypto crush, and inflation surge correlate. As stated by professor of finance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Jeremy Siegel, ‘inflation is being overstated in the economic data, and the Federal Reserve risks making a policy mistake if it doesn’t adjust its view on falling prices.’

Housing prices are up 40%, but the “shelter” component of the CPI, is up around 6%-7%. 
- Jeremy Siegel, Wharton professor

The Fed has promoted market bubbles in housing and the stock market for years. In plain writing, the CPI far understates inflation!

People ask

If we lost you in the market crash jargon above, take a look at these intertwined questions users are seeking instant answers online;

  • How to profit from crypto crash
  • If bitcoin crashes do I owe money?
  • How far could the stock market plunge?
  • What to do when crypto crashes
  • If crypto crashes where does the money go?
  • What happens if crypto crashes?
  • Why are stocks and crypto crashing?
  • How to crash cryptocurrency
  • Why is crypto doing so bad right now?

Last thoughts

Central banks nearly everywhere feel accused of being on the back foot. The present danger, however, is not so much that current and planned moves will fail eventually to quell inflation. It is that they collectively go too far and drive the world economy into an unnecessarily harsh contraction.

Just as central banks (especially those of the richer countries) misread the factors driving inflation when it was rising in 2021, they may also be underestimating the speed with which inflation could fall as their economies slow. And, as often is the case, by simultaneously all going in the same direction, they risk reinforcing each other’s policy impacts without taking that feedback loop into account. The highly globalized nature of today’s world economy amplifies the risk.”


Well-coordinated and planned

What more proof do you need of the effect well-coordinated and planned stocks plunge?

President Joe Biden shrugged off the latest unexpectedly high inflation numbers on Tuesday even as they triggered a sudden plunge in the stock market. “I think we’re going to be fine,” Biden told reporters Tuesday night when asked about the disappointing data release earlier in the day.

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