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Hugh’s Daring Unfollow A Blog Challenge And Link Party 323

Bloggers need to know this: Are you a loyal follower of your favorite blog? What would make you unfollow it?

Of course, you are familiar with unfollow Instagram, unfollow bot, or the famous unfollow tracker. What about a unfollow a blog challenge?

Unfollow a blog challenge

‘Unfollow me’ is not such a popular call to action blogger or no blogger. Are you among those who did not know how to use social media initially and now frantically flock to blogs and sites offering ‘unfollow Twitter free’, ‘Twitter unfollow all’, ‘unfollow on Facebook’ or even ‘auto unfollow Twitter?’

Incidentally, this does not seem to be popular amongst bloggers, blog writers, brand ambassadors, business influencers, and content creators.

Should you feel guilty for unfollowing a blog (or NOT)?

Following the post with the most views from link party 322 by our very own My Bijou Life, Hugh W. Roberts of Hugh’s Views and News posed a challenge, and James from the blog PerfectManifesto.com took it up.

5 questions to ask before you unfollow a blog

This is what Hugh is doing. For every inspiring blogger who publishes 10 reasons why they unfollow a blog or have always followed a blog, he’ll donate £5 (to a maximum of £250) to the British Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal.

There are millions of blogs you haven’t even heard of, not to mention all the people starting their own blogs daily. Why is a blog unfollowed?  

Not sure of the 10 reasons?

Hugh, here’s the challenge!

***This is not an ad or a sponsored post at all. Read our affiliate disclosure further.

1. Unfollow a blog for over-publishing

There is pressure to be better than everyone.

A question for you: What is that number of blogs from one online business and publisher that strike a balance of being enough, and not over-published in a day?

Take the screenshot below. The red arrows point to blogs from other creative business owners and bloggers, but the rest belong to one publisher. In our case, isn’t this is a blog to unfollow, since we cannot catch up with their minute by minute publications per hour, let alone a day?

Isn’t that’s why Twitter exists?

Why unfollow a blog

What questions would you consider before you unfollow a blog?

Pease tweet!

“Do I learn a lot? What am I getting out of this? Have I connected with the blogger on a personal level? Is the content intriguing? Is it funny?” #businessethics #thextraordinarionly #bloggerhabits #successfulmindset

2. Unfollowing a blog that is not updated

Blogging is not for the faint-hearted. The past 2 years have proven how resilient we are. But just like other businesses that have shut down, never to reopen, there are authors, content creators, influencers, and bloggers who have closed shop, and not publishing. Some have written a final blog post to that effect, but others have just gone silent.

unfollow a blog button on a laptop

Of course, there reaches a time that an established online startup or small business does not require the frequent update of their blog page. But those that know the value of blogging in the highly converting customer journey and lead generation never dare to drop the ball. Thus, unfollow a blog without updates and not posted in five or six months.

3. A blog that has changed values

Nothing is permanent. Just like the people and companies, blogs evolve too. Most of the time, customers tastes and preferences of a loyal audience of an enterprise change due to an event happening around the globe, or a drastic event occurs that turns the life of a blog writer ‘upside out’.

We all know a knowledgeable online business owner or two that is now immersed in the popular cryptocurrency market. When you go back into their previous posts and content, that was not the case. Do you then unfollow a blog because of this reason?

Nick Anderson was the affiliate marketing and lead guy at trainuptorankup.com.

Unfollow a blog train up to rank up

However, today, they’ve evolved into the famous Run Guy YouTube channel that is strictly for information and educational purposes – Shiba Inu, Ripple XRP, Cardano, i.e., Meme altcoins and crypto portfolios non-stop.

screenshot of run guys youtube channel
Source: Screenshot of Run Guy’s YouTube channel

This is an example, even though interests have changed, we have not unfollowed the Run Guys’ content creators.

They also do not seem to have made the paid shill list by zachxbt on Twitter, as shared by Whales Only on YouTube.

For those who make financial decisions to buy or sell on the trading floor of memes, NFTs, and crypto – all alike – based on blogs they follow or each action of influencers on social media channels, check out these exposés.

  1. New influencer shill price list leak, and
  2. More paid shill leak on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

Lets do one more paid shill leak. This time for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. pic.twitter.com/hb600a1cDE— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) April 20, 2022

Is this blog still about why unfollow a blog (or follow it)?

Help us know why you would unfollow a blog (or follow it) in the comment section at the end of this blog, and we will update this list accordingly. Your data is private and not for sale!

4. Unfollow a blog that does not piqué curiosity

No blogger would want to talk about the unfollow a blog matter

Even lecturers and online tutors know that they have to be enthusiastic, interesting, and passionate about what they teach lest their student state how boring the class was. This applies to the blogging niche. The lifestyle and gossip bloggers of controversial issues have mastered the art of maintaining curiosity right from the heading of the blog, all the way to the all to action buttons at the end.

Writers today have a huge opportunity of curating and creating unique content with their own voices to keep the online audiences glued to the end of the blog post. You may unfollow a blog that might sound boring because the topic does not interest you to a level of finding the author relatable. Is that why some blogs filled with practical information that is easily actionable do not get shared, while others go viral?

Ask a content creator, and they will tell you that interaction with their audience is what gives them motivation to produce more content. Business owners have thus collaborated for ages, but if each of you does not benefit from each other’s audience, you should not feel guilty to unfollow a blog.

5. NEVER interacted with the blog ever

Imagine if you are running a shop that a customer has never, ever walked in. Won’t you lose sleep over this and close shop? The online business and blogging world is no different.

Some established internet enterprises and influencers have grown too big to the level of not interacting with newbie bloggers, forgetting that they were once newbies too. It is people who lift others up. Instead of taking the action to unfollow a blog that’s new, take the time to understand the content curator’s perspective first. There could be a blog that would be paving the way for the next big thing, but it folded because no one reached out just to comment, or share a tweet or ‘reblog’ the blog.

May be if Bill Gates never shared how he taught his kids using Sal Khan‘s YouTube videos, Khan Academy would never have seen the light of day. It has now reached millions of children online globally – including adults who need help with Algebra to pursue higher learning. The academy ‘provides a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere‘.

6. Unfollow a blog because they are not kind

Empathy and kindness matters. Do you ever lose that “spark” and your instinct is to relate differently with some content, even though you are expected to react otherwise? A great example is a rant!

Yes. There are times that the content in a particular article is not your cup of tea. We will not always have the same opinion.

Wouldn’t it be awesome and nice to react to different opinions with civility?

7. Expired domains

It is self-explanatory to unfollow a blog whose domain has expired.

8. Blogger etiquette

Does this sound fair in deciding to unfollow a blog too?

“If you’re thinking of doing a social media spring-clean, start with those who never like or comment on anything you post – they’re just spying on you. Next, lose the ones who only contact you when they have something to sell or promote – they’re using you.”

― Stewart Stafford

When a writer states that they would be sparse because of an emergency, or they’re busy or on vacation or something else, isn’t that being humane? But if the posting just stops with no reason behind it, it’s a likely precursor to unfollow a blog. This is similar to business ethics. What is your blogger etiquette?

Do you unfollow a blog to punish the blog owner? Do you shame other content creators and blog owners so that brands cannot work with them? Blogger brand collaboration is all about creativity, but numbers play a huge rule. (AF)

Instead of being too negative and spamming or leaving rude and unthoughtful comments, just unfollow the blog all together. See links for further references below.

9. Where a blogger “want comments” but then never replies

The blogosphere is strange, right? Engaging in dialogue on a blog post is way more fulfilling than social media.

Are you among who just clicking the “like” button without reading? Are you really are interested in what a writer has written? At the end of it all, no one will disparage you if you just want to post your thoughts and have no desire to engage others on their blogs.

It is painful to unfollow a blog that you’ve connected with the content (and hopefully its author), but reciprocating is not in their vocabulary. There are small groups where blogger to blogger interaction is priority and gets a high attention. When you do not scratch the back of other bloggers, you are kicked out.

10. Layout

Do aesthetic matter? There are blogs whose post could be very interesting, but with not so easy readability. Posts that do not strain the eyes with some pictures or GIFs to break all the lines are worth every support, engagement, and comment.

Blog comments are not dead. Those comments that relate to the topic addressed in the blog post help with Googleability.

Do not unfollow a blog

What pushes you to click that “Follow” button? When you unfollow a blog, it’s like a business losing a valuable customer.

“Thou shalt not unfollow someone, merely because they stopped following you.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana

There you have it. These unfollow blogs reasons may sound repetitive. Is there any that we’ve left out?

Now it’s your turn to ponder and see what would drive you to unfollow a blog, or follow it.

“It wasn't the desire for an easy life that led me to leave. Losing them was the price of honesty. A shredded heart for a quiet conscience.”― Megan Phelps-Roper


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