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Traffic Jam Weekend Link Party #290: Link Up, Share, and Learn Something New

Link up with lively link party #290 reaching new audiences today


Show us your old posts and more on link party #290 of Traffic Jam Weekend!

Come on in to link up, share, and learn something with us.

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The bloggers bringing this fabulous link party #290 to you

Kimberly: Being A Wordsmith | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Tracy: View From The Beach Chair | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest I Instagram

Michelle: My Bijou Life | Instagram | Pinterest

Hazlo: ThExtraOrdinarionly | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Flipboard | Facebook | Pinterest | Keen | Mix | YouTube

Niki: Life as a LEO Wife | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter

These are the featured posts from Traffic Jam Weekend #289

lively link party #290

Tracy chose Ham, Cheddar and Broccoli Hand Pies from Ever Ready. “What a great idea for school lunches or afterschool snacks.”

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Michelle chose Use these 9 strategies to share responsibly on social media from Watercress Words. “Aletha gives some very good tips on how to recognize misinformation and how to verify the accuracy of information. These are such important skills.”

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Hazlo chose When You Know What’s Important, You Find the Courage to Be Ruthless from Living Our Days. “This is how to face fear in the face everyday.”

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Niki chose Felt Envelope Clutches With Ribbon Closure-The Video Tutorial from Keeping It Real. “I think these little envelopes are adorable. I love Teresa’s idea for making them larger and using them as gift envelopes. It’s reusable, it keeps it out of landfills and is like a second gift in itself!”

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The post with the most views was A List of Children’s Books to Encourage Multiculturalism from our very own Being A Wordsmith.

Thank you featured bloggers for sharing your fabulous posts!

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Just a few rules for link party #290…

  • Grab the HTML code for a Traffic Jam Weekend button below for your site
  • Link up as many of your old posts as you like below
  • Take some time and visit the other posts
  • Create some traffic jam for the hosts of this party
  • Share this party on social media with the hashtag #trafficjamweekend
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