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11 Shocking Facts and Figures Affecting Women Globally, Despite Intelligent and Smart Top Women Leaders Creating Global Ripples

How Do These Top Women Leaders Creating Global Ripples Break the Mold, Yet the Odds Are Stuck Against Them in 2020 – Part Two

The prosperity of a nation depends on the empowerment of women. Top women leaders creating global ripples despite the difficulty of breaking into male-dominated networks, accessing mentors, securing adequate funding and more make promising incremental progress.

When curating the list of top 300 Women leaders late last year (part one), we made the following shocking discoveries backed by facts.

The Not So Good – Why Are Women Stuck At These Levels?

  1. For the majority of women, significant gains in education have not translated into better labor market outcomes. Source: United Nations (UN) Women
  2. Of the estimated 11.5 million international migrant domestic workers (in 2013), approximately 73.4 percent were women [PDF]. Source: ILO
  3. Women face the motherhood wage penalty, which increases as the number of children a woman has increases [PDF]. Source: ILO
  4. Globally, women are 14 times more likely than men to die during a disaster and are marginally displaced due to environmental degradation, and adverse climate change.  Source UN, Women
  5. While 65 percent of men report having an account at a formal financial institution, only 58 percent of women do worldwide [PDF]. Source: World Bank
  6. The estimation of economic costs to the global economy due to discrimination of social institutions and violence against women is approximately USD 12 trillion annually. Source: McKinsey Global Institute 
  7. Women earn 77 percent of what men earn globally. Source: UN Women
  8. Globally, an estimated nearly 40 percent of women in wage employment do not have access to social protection [PDF]. Source: International Labour Organization, ILO

thextraodinarionly woman worth, every woman that finally figured her worth quote by Shannon L. Alder

Incremental Progress

  1. Women are still half as likely to start businesses. Kauffman Foundation
  2. Increasing the female employment rates in OECD countries to match that of Sweden, could boost GDP by over USD 6 trillion. Source: Price Waterhouse Cooper, PWC
  3. Companies with three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational performance [PDF]. Source: McKinsey Global Institute 
  4. Nearly 90% of women-led businesses employ no staff beyond the owner. National Women Business Council, NWBC
  5. Women migrant workers were responsible for sending half of the estimated $601 billion in remittances worldwide in 2016 [PDF]. IZA, World of Labor

thextraordinarionly top women creating global ripples leaders break the mold blog post by Hazlo Emma

Women Breaking the Mold

Women continue to be global change agents despite odds. They break the mold and overcome obstacles that impede their success.

Women entrepreneurs are succeeding despite many obstacles and odds that are stacked against them.

– Betsy Dougert, Director of Communications, SCORE

They are gaining ground and launch thriving businesses with or without adequate tools.

Are You Shattering Glass Ceilings?

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8 thoughts on “11 Shocking Facts and Figures Affecting Women Globally, Despite Intelligent and Smart Top Women Leaders Creating Global Ripples”

  1. Very informative and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing this blog post. I love the fact that you added facts into this, as some of them I didn’t even know. The time is now for women to be treated fairly. Women created men, so it is only fair we are treated better. The time to polarize ends now. Wonderful blog.

  2. Hazlo, I am so honored that you share and participate at B.O.S.S. Thank you so much for linking and I am glad that you meet likeminded and new bloggers on that platform.

  3. Well, this was a wake-up call bright and early in the morning:) As it happens, I just had a talk with my kids about women’s rights and what discrimination in the job market is all about, and my husband said – but it is not really like that anymore – and I had to correct him on that. This post made it super clear that we still have miles to go, but are definitely making progress. Thank you so much for sharing, for reminding us that we have the power to bring on even greater changes to the world.

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