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  1. Adel Hafez says:

    Very interesting information here .. Many thanks Hazlo

    1. Adel,
      Achievements are a major part of our lives, irrespective of gender. These milestones keep track of developments in the lives of women globally. If we document the triumphs of women we would see them differently, right?😎 There is so much creativity which with women fight the inequalities they are faced with. The contributions women have made throughout history in science, politics, law, sports, the arts, entertainment and many other fields in society may be in leaps and bounds, but some areas are still a concern.
      We hope to see an endless list of places where women obtain achievements, and overcome hurdles not just during the women history month.
      xo xo

  2. Very informative and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing this blog post. I love the fact that you added facts into this, as some of them I didn’t even know. The time is now for women to be treated fairly. Women created men, so it is only fair we are treated better. The time to polarize ends now. Wonderful blog.

    1. Sarah,
      Your feedback send everyone rolling in laughter 🤣😂😊

      ‘Everyone’s born of a woman?’

      Throughout the past decades women have been struggling to be equal to men at home and in the work place. Though women have come a long way, they still fight to gain that equality. The daunting fact is that gender roles are very important in our society.
      As long as women are still earning only 77% of what men earn for equal work, the issue of gender inequality is not going away. The society must have a greater awareness to combat biases that prevent women from being allowed to compete fairly and be paid equitably.
      Please share the blog post.
      We would love to see you again here.

  3. Wow. That’s all I can think to say. We have definitely come so far, but have so much further to go. The statistics in your post are fascinating.

    1. Yes Brooke,
      I know that you are an incredible woman yourself, following in the footsteps of many generations of wonderful women who built on the achievements of the last. But, gender equality remains frustratingly elusive across the globe. I mean equality of opportunity and fair treatment, without discrimination or prejudice, for men and women, whatever color, creed or background!
      Congratulations on your admirable strength!💪✨

  4. Hazlo, I am so honored that you share and participate at B.O.S.S. Thank you so much for linking and I am glad that you meet likeminded and new bloggers on that platform.

    1. Hallo Esme,
      It is a pleasure to work with a gem like you who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring blogging environment for newbies and experts alike.💎
      We love how you go out of your way to create ripples by doing things differently that creating better outcomes for bloggers irrespective of gender.
      xo xo

  5. Well, this was a wake-up call bright and early in the morning:) As it happens, I just had a talk with my kids about women’s rights and what discrimination in the job market is all about, and my husband said – but it is not really like that anymore – and I had to correct him on that. This post made it super clear that we still have miles to go, but are definitely making progress. Thank you so much for sharing, for reminding us that we have the power to bring on even greater changes to the world.

    1. Madi, 🙂
      Oh, this feedback is wholesome, especially that part that we have to involve children in this discussion of women growing while odds are stuck against them!
      We have to share these truths with our children. The fact is, men and women are different- because every individual is different- but this does not mean that they should not be treated fairly and as equals. Men and women are equal and partners, thus, they should be treated as so, both in the public and at home, with the diverse skills and ideas they bring to the table, improving collective intelligence and ability to solve today’s complex problems.
      Yes, we are making strides.
      We may have been tackling gender and other inequalities in good faith but in ways destined to disappoint, hence need to look at a gender diversity from a different lens?

  6. Ankita Saha says:

    It was a great insightful read. To know about so many successful women is so inspiring. And yes! Lot to go!

    1. Ankita,
      Yes, women have put in a lot of hard work, dedication, focus and perseverance and must be celebrated year in, year out.
      And we do not deny that we have cheer leaders of women from the men’s camp too!👏👏

  7. I’m glad you’re helping to get the word out. And the Lady Gaga quote is inspired.

    1. Ellen,
      The research and discovery on women is fascinating.🙂
      Lady Gaga aside, there is proof that women in ancient Rome, a world where there was no such thing as “equal rights” or “women’s lib” women had their say.
      They had the freedom to own their property and businesses. Women had the same civil rights as men, though they could not hold public office or join the army. So we have made advances in that women today hold public office, join the army, and do other male dominated roles.
      Celebrating women is not new.

      Gaius Julius Caesar, the third Roman emperor issued coins depicting his three sisters, namely, Agrippina, Drusilla, and Julia.

      Livia, the third wife of emperor Augustus of Rome, served silently as his advisor and confidant. She was honored with the title Augusta.

      Hope you have you have filled in the form accurately so that we celebrate you too!🎇

  8. I love this! And the quote by lady gaga. I just loved in general. Hopefully things continue to improve.

    1. Jen.
      We will not give up hope at all.
      For centuries, one half of humanity has been regarded as effectively superior to the other.👩👨
      The benefits in just flipping things around is the creation of a world where far more of us have choices, a greater ability to be ourselves, to achieve life goals that include and, but are not limited to career choices.👈
      Lovely seeing you here!

    1. Michelle, keep up empowering women.
      It is great for you to stop by.

  9. Janice,
    We celebrate you!
    We are learning so much from these link parties.
    Keep up the phenomenal work of supporting other bloggers, writers, content creators, … all getting out of the maze of the blogging world.

  10. Great information Hazlo, we are too helping small scale women business owners grow and earn revenue online through the power of ecommerce

    1. Michele,
      Empowerment is the way! 💃
      Never stop to motivate and inspire young women to break the bias, challenge gender stereotypes, raise self-esteem, and raise the banner of their communities up high!

      xo xo

  11. thanks for sharing at the Share the Wealth party – hope to see you again on the 15th!

    1. Definitely, Helen! 👩 🤹‍♀️
      We love supporting other women who do not back down when creating tremendous ripples around the globe. 🦸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️
      It is a such an honor to connect,