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Solitaire Online Card Games For More Than 1 Families’ Game Night Great to Develop Insane Strategy Skills {INFOGRAPHIC}

Play Solitaire free online classic card video game to sharpen your quick thinking skills, improve your patience and develop strategy like professional online gamers who earn more than $250,000 in competitions and tournaments.

Embark on a gaming adventure that combines family fun with professional strategy mastery! Our guide to thought-provoking solitaire online card games is your ticket to transforming ordinary game nights into epic showdowns. Whether you have one family or more, we’ve got the perfect game night solution.

And for those aspiring to play Solitaire like a pro and earn over $250,000, we’ve crafted the ultimate resource, from family bonding to serious gaming success!

How to play Solitaire online card games like professional online gamer earning over $250,000

Yes, Klondike Solitaire online card games (turn one) is on. We are not talking about the Microsoft Solitaire collection free online games today, even though the software version of Klondike, i.e., “Solitaire” has been in the Microsoft Windows operating system since1989.

Neither are we going to go and on about any of the Killed by Google online app – now in Google graveyard (see link below). The focus of this blog post is the free online classic Solitaire card video game that anyone who has used a computer is well aware of.


Primary use of Klondike (Solitaire)

But just before we dive in on how to play this mind card video game, lets get to the beginning of the online Solitaire game (Klondike).

An intern, Wes Cherry, developed Solitaire to help people relax, get excited about using computers, and master how to drag and drop the mouse. It is no wonder the following outcome ensued.

“For years, Solitaire was the most-used application for Windows”

Microsoft official, 1994

Thus, online solitaire was meant to help computer users master how to use a mouse! What a marketing hack!!

But where did “Solitaire” stem from?


What does the name solitaire mean?

Solitaire is a noun: sol·i·taire is pronounced ˈsä-lə-ˌter

It is defined as:

  • a single gem (such as a diamond) set alone ( a diamond solitaire)
  • any of various card games that can be played by one person

Source: Definition of solitaire from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press

“Solitaire is a game you can play all by yourself—all you need is a deck of cards. And just as solitaire is a game for one, a single diamond in a ring is also a solitaire.”


The Latin root at the heart of ‘Solitaire’ is solitarius, which means “alone or isolated.” Originally, a solitaire was a widow. Eventually the word came to mean any solitary person. In the 18th century, the “gemstone” and “card game” meanings evolved.

Solitaire free online classic card video gameSolitaire free online classic card video game

11 surprising Solitaire online card games fact

I do games of solitaire when I get home to quiet my spirits.

Instead of boring you with a long list of the foundational and historical facts of the most played Solitaire online card games, the following infographic gives a summary. We will refer to them as we continue along the blog post.

11 surprising solitaire online game facts11 surprising solitaire online game facts
Source: ThExtraordinariOnly blog

Which fact of solitaire games surprises you most?

What’s left out of the above infographic on the relaxing free online classic Solitaire card video game is its history. That is your homework. But just to give you a heads up, here’s what I have unearthed so far: the origin of Solitaire remains a mystery – Selah!

The origins of Card Solitaire or Patience are unclear, but the earliest records appear in the late 1700s across northern Europe and Scandinavia

– Wikipedia

Why then should you play Solitaire?

Benefits of playing Solitaire

In the first place, the creator of the Periodic Table of Elements nodded of while playing Solitaire and once he woke up, he had his ‘aha’ moment. No wonder, he organized the table’s atoms the same way Solitaire is played, i.e., repeating groups of seven. Here’s more …

“Is there something to the notion “Let me sleep on it.”? Mountains of data says there is. For example, Mendeleyev – the creator of the Periodic Table of Elements – says that he came up with this idea in his sleep. Contemplating the nature of the universe while playing Solitaire one evening, he nodded off. When he awoke, he knew how all the atoms in the universe were organized, and he promptly created his famous table. Interestingly, he organized the atoms in repeating groups of seven, just the way you play Solitaire.”

― John Medina

It’s fun to play the free online classic solitaire card video game

Solitaire facilitates recreation and you are happy when you win a game (or disappointed when you lose). You have something to focus on as you practice your technical ability in deal with various computer functions like dragging and dropping cards – as long you do not end up with a dead end.

Enjoy this low-risk entertaining game.

Solitaire online card games kill boredom

One of the most cited benefits of paying Solitaire online card games for free with no download is that it kills boredom. To kill time, pay Solitaire TriPeaks by yourself. Solitaire’s efficient board game is great for you when your friends are not available to play with you.

Just enlist your family members. Beat long-term boredom and keep your mind busy even if you are all alone.

Improve your patience when playing Solitaire online card games

When you take time to organize your cards you wait for the right opportunity before shifting any card. You have a better chance of winning when patient, especially, if you thoroughly calculate your moves.

“Patience’s design flaw became obvious for the first time in my life: the outcome is decided not during the course of play but when the cards are shuffled, before the game even begins. How pointless is that?”

― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Play free cell Solitaire online card games to relax

Solitaire card games play online are a great way to take a break from tedious tasks online at the office, home, or just anywhere. You enhance mental skills as you use your brain constantly in solving card puzzles. Improve your cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health when you play for long stretches.

Increase your brain activity with free Solitaire online card games

Want to keep your mind sharp? Develop making strategic decisions to beat your previous score. Engage in free solitaire games without download 24 cautiously and sooth your mind. When playing Solitaire online card games, your mind enters into a light meditative state. Yes, You calm our mind.

You have a split second to think of your next move, since the reward is in sorting the cards in the shortest time possible.

As you continuously deal with cards, numbers, you’ll apply different strategies.

Solitaire online card games e-sport

Solitaire card game is a game of skill. Professional players of solitaire can earn up to $250,000 in online competitions and tournaments on the National Solitaire Day (May 22). It is n

My biggest vice is playing solitaire on my iPad. It’s bad. I mean, it’s ridiculous.

— Diane Von Furstenberg

How To Play Solitaire

Goal. The goal is to move all cards to the four foundations on the upper right. Turning and Moving to improve my intelligence levels!

Can you beat me?

Let’s see .

283 point later playing free online classic Solitaire card video game

free online classic Solitaire card video gamefree online classic Solitaire card video game

When playing to relax, you can always restart the free online classic Solitaire card video game.

Klondike Solitaire has become an almost ubiquitous computer application, available to hundreds of millions of users worldwide on all major operating systems, yet theoreticians have struggled with this game, referring to the inability to calculate the odds of winning a randomly dealt game as “one of the embarrassments of applied mathematics”

(Yan et al., 2005).

Restarted free online classic Solitaire card video game

over 230 points later in playing Solitaire free online classic card video gameover 230 points later in playing Solitaire free online classic card video game

over 500 points later playing Solitaire free online classic card video game

over 500 points later in playing Solitaire for free over 500 points later in playing Solitaire for free

7 minutes later at 637 points

637 points later in playing Solitaire637 points later in playing Solitaire

Considering that the highest score for online Solitaire is 24,113 with bonus and 745 without, my 637 score in 7:26 minutes is a motivation to play again, and again.

Other free online games

While the focus may primarily be on Solitaire games, other collections of games include the following categories:

Logic puzzle games

Word games

Mahjong games

Hidden object games

Card games

Match 3 games

Free online games

discover actual benefits of online gamingdiscover actual benefits of online gaming
play hidden object games to build social skills and enhance your critical thinking capacityplay hidden object games to build social skills and enhance your critical thinking capacity
Play Free Treasures of Atlantis Match 3 Game OnlinePlay Free Treasures of Atlantis Match 3 Game Online
food to the brain comes in the form of logic puzzle gamesfood to the brain comes in the form of logic puzzle games

Check them. Go ahead and play with your whole family.

Just before wrapping up, here are the wisest and most famous quotes to inspire you to play the no download free Solitaire online card games.

11 most wise and famous quotes to inspire you to play free Solitaire online card games

  1. I have an Apple computer, which I use to play Spider Solitaire and do research on the Internet. — Alex Trebek
  2. I have switched on this modern laptop machine. And I have told myself that I must resist the temptation to start playing solitaire upon it. — Margaret Drabble
  3. One day we’ll sit and you’ll lay it out on the table, neat like a solitaire deck, but now – why, you can’t find all the cards. — John Steinbeck
  4. As I look back, I see that life is like a game of solitaire and every once in a while there is a move. — James Salter
  5. It can’t be a great cosmic game of chess, it has to be just very complicated Solitaire. — Terry Pratchett
  6. Playing Solitaire is a non-smoking employee’s smoke break. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  7. Golf is like solitaire. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself. — Tony Lema
  8. You’re playing solitaire with no aces in the deck, and you can’t figure out why you never win. — Craig Schaefer
  9. I have one computer that my wife gave me. All I know how to do, and I do it every day, is play Spider Solitaire. And I don’t have a cell phone. — Kirk Douglas
  10. “I accept that I’ve lost the game of life in the same way that one loses at solitaire.” ― Yasmina Reza
  11. I’m really good at solitaire and I can turn my arms in full circles. — Skylar Laine

What other special solitaire online card games quote have you come across?

Pin up this Solitaire online card games blog post now

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Google graveyard

Good reads solitaire quotes






Share the blog to invite whole families to play free Solitaire online card games

“Life is not a theatrical monologue. Great speeches don’t take anywhere if there is no action upon it. Don’t confound being solidary with Solitaire.”

― Ana Claudia Antunes

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