Facebook changes enhance live streams of videos

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  1. Great Article on facebook leads. I’ve tried it twice and it was not as I expected. The leads were not as advertised. You collect the leads and when you send emails newsletters to the leads and only about 5% of the leads open your newsletter then it is not worth it. The targeting might be another issue to consider. I also did a trial on that but was not impressed so I stopped facebook leads ads.
    I hear it works for other advertisers but that is not the case for me. All the same, your post is great and will be of benefit to those who choose to try it out.

    1. Charles, you know you are right? Each user’s experience of Facebook’s self-serve tools for lead generation is different.

      Generating Facebook leads is tricky at times. It requires best practices. Intricate details like well-curated images and calibrated targeting, fine-tuned copy matter. To access Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users may need you to pay to play for an instant ROI. I have had exceptional success for clients who used this route. Not each startup or small business has $1000 per day allocated for this. They have to begin from somewhere, then scale up, to thrive and succeed.

      Thank you for your feedback.