The Top Secret Free Facebook Leads That No One Wants You To Discover: In Bare Sight

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The Top Secret Free Facebook Leads That No One Wants You To Discover: In Bare Sight


Free Facebook leads are right at your fingertips.  Every lead’s generator looks for free leads.

The top-secret is, you do not need to spend lots of money that can be very useful in other aspects of your virgin business. Leverage on all the free Facebook leads that no one wants you to discover.


Because Facebook has made lots of changes in the way you interact with all your connections on its platform.  Focus has shifted to your family, friends, and groups.

You only have one task.

To leverage on these changes, and utilize the remaining tools available at your disposal, but remain relevant to your goals and objectives online.

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One of the hidden secrets, yet in bare sight is the use of free Facebook leads for a passive growth to your email list, or website traffic, or an e-book,  or program, with a resultant effect of increased earnings.   Customer retention is a game-changer – if you have been in business for a long time.

If you are still at the startup stage or want to test something new without incurring exorbitant costs, then in-house use of the free leads from Facebook is your stepping stone to an exploration of your prospects’ ever-changing purchase behaviors and tastes.

If according to Pew Research, 79% of internet users (68% of all U.S. adults) use Facebook, then this is the platform to test your lead generation.

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3 Steps to A Pinned Lead Facebook Ad (Free)

This should take you 20 minutes only

Step 1: What is your objective

First, put together photos or videos (or both) that define your objectives.  Confirm the technical requirements, sizes, and dimensions from Facebook and have them with the relevant descriptions for SEO optimization.

Decide if you want to;

  • Promote your app
  • Increase conversion to website
  • Boost your post
  • Promote page
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase engagement of your product or program or app
  • Reach people near you
  • Get video views
  • Reach people on your offer

For the purposes of today’s write up, the focus is Facebook lead generation.

Step 2: Create your lead form

Click on your publishing tool link to navigate to your forms library tab of the left sidebar of your Facebook page.

2 Tutorial how to create free Facebook leads select create form

Name your form, fill in the Intro and Questions sections.  Add your privacy policy link and thank you page directly from your website.

2 Tutorial how to create free Facebook leads select create form

Review your settings, but ensure to the form configuration is set to ‘Open’. Your form is now ready.  Click Finish.

Navigate to your business manager at the top right of your Facebook page (the drop-down menu next to the question mark) then fill in details of your lead generation campaign at the Ads Manager link.

3 Tutorial how to create free Facebook leads select Ads Manager

You could link your ad to an Instagram account and make a choice of how you would like your ad to look like.

Before, you had a choice of:

  • A picture or one picture of an option of varied ads
  • Carousel
  • A video
  • A slideshow

However, since July 2019, the ads manager has been redesigned.

Leave the audience and placement settings at default but proceed to set a daily budget of say $1 with the schedule to end 24 hours after you publish the campaign.  Once you enter the text of your ad, add the link you would wish to display with the ad.  Check out the advanced options.  Proceed to submit the form you created in earlier.

4 Tutorial how to create free facebook leads select Review Before Confirming

Navigate back to your business manager and now pick on the right ad post and publish it from the actions drop-down menu!

Step 3:  Pin your post

Pin the post from your business page and pause the campaign from the ads manager.

5 Tutorial how to create free facebook leads select Publish

You can now monitor and view you new leads within Publishing tools in the forms library or sync the results with an email integration like Mailchimp

Head over to our Facebook page to see this tweak in action!

Target Your Niche With Precision

This is proof that spot-on target of prospects, clients, and niche with precision is not only as easy as ABC but also affordable.  A total of $3 was spent from the moment this post was set in motion, and the featured ad subjected to all manner of tests for a total of 72 hours.  Set your own goals and objectives with regular updates.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

~Peter Drucker

Apart from impressions and reach, you could also measure engagements with prospects with;

  • cross devices
  • offline conversions
  • messenger engagements

Whether you are at the startup stage or just testing the interaction of your business, program, product or idea with prospects, Facebook leads generation is very cost-effective.  It is also a great source of passive income over time.

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Are you a leads generation marketer looking for FREE leads? Then this short tutorial is a great saver.

Tweak it as much as possible to suit the taste of your target market, prospects, customers, niche, etc.

Test your videos, apps, traffic or engagement through these easy DIY tips, hacks, and tweaks.

Free Facebook Leads Generation Z Niche Photo

Over to you Now

Has this tutorial given you a heads up on the secret of free Facebook leads?

What do you think? 

Have you or will you try this tweak? If so, be sure to share your ideas or experiences in the comments section below.

I know every source of traffic counts. What other leads generation platform are you using?

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By Hazlo Emma

Hazlo Emma is a Business Development, Digital Strategist & optimistic personal Coach in the Financial, Writing, and Social Media Space for Startups and Small Businesses.  She has a knack for numbers with an advisory role to a tech-averse clientele. Emma is an inspiration to solopreneurs, newbies, founders, CEOs, and B2B enthusiasts, challenging each one to impact their world, a step at a time with innovative strategies. Her mantra is creating lasting memorable experiences consistently, with the delivery of excellent and faster results (offline and online) for higher returns on investment, whilst exceeding the expectations of prospects.   Currently pursuing further studies in the security niche, she is a team member at where they test affordable DIY innovative business tips, social media marketing tips, tweaks, hacks, strategies, … that improve engagement, branding, and share their experiences. Formatting, proofreading, copy editing, line editing, comprehensive and substantive editing manuscripts comes second nature to her. even ghost writing in the nonfiction genre as a side hustle. Hazlo Emma follows real-time trends in Small Business, Startup World, Social Media, Social Impact Matters, Leadership, Fin-tech, Big Data, Analytics, Robotics, IoT, Artificial and Hybrid Intelligence, in addition to frequently answering questions on Quora! She is a Global Juror of the 5th Global Entreps Awards & 5Gcitizens International Congress nominating exceptional and outstanding individuals under the guidance of the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Hazlo Emma is a co-author of Crawl Outta Debt Now.


  1. Great Article on facebook leads. I’ve tried it twice and it was not as I expected. The leads were not as advertised. You collect the leads and when you send emails newsletters to the leads and only about 5% of the leads open your newsletter then it is not worth it. The targeting might be another issue to consider. I also did a trial on that but was not impressed so I stopped facebook leads ads.
    I hear it works for other advertisers but that is not the case for me. All the same, your post is great and will be of benefit to those who choose to try it out.

    1. Charles, you know you are right? Each user’s experience of Facebook’s self-serve tools for lead generation is different.

      Generating Facebook leads is tricky at times. It requires best practices. Intricate details like well-curated images and calibrated targeting, fine-tuned copy matter. To access Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users may need you to pay to play for an instant ROI. I have had exceptional success for clients who used this route. Not each startup or small business has $1000 per day allocated for this. They have to begin from somewhere, then scale up, to thrive and succeed.

      Thank you for your feedback.

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