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Link Party 315 Stealth Businessmen And Women Smash It Up Despite Financial Inflation

Improve your value proposition and quickly grow by taking your small business online with unique audiences of link party 315 bloggers

What best practices can you bet on in a snap to further leapfrog the growth of your business to prominence when times are tough financially? How do you effortlessly connect with audiences of link party 315 to salvage your business in times of global inflation?

connect with link party 315 audiences for more

Is there room to increase sales, grow your business faster, or instead start up a new business venture? Can we build wealth at a time when the Federal Reserve expects inflation to finish the year at 4.3%? Each link party 315 user know that what gets you from $0 to $10M a year, won’t get you from $10M to $100.

Do you want to know the truth, and nothing but the truth? Are you aware how private equity groups work? You must be all-knowledgeable on the intricacies and nuanced rules of raising money.

Why? Because, the fastest way to go from a business generating 7, 8, or 9 figures a year to 10 11, or 12 figures is to purchase and take over an existing, already profitable business not doing any fraudulent shady and illegal deals. If you yearn to work less and make more, find out more at ThExtraordinariOnly Business Hub.

While the whole world is grappling with the murky waters of a financial burst, women suffer the brunt of war in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with over 5 million people out of their homes. To reiterate this, the Russian invasion of Ukraine hurts.

“Women are not only victims in a crisis, but they are also carrying their families, their communities, and their nations, from fragility to stability.” says the executive director of UN Women @simabahous #SDGs thextraordinarionly… Click To Tweet

Imagine the misery of people who worked in established businesses and all those who work from home now as refugees, on top of what they are going through right this moment?

Before we proceed further to link party 315, first check out link party that kicked off a spin-off of blog posts for International Women’s Day and Women History Month 2022 here.

The faster your business grows, the quicker it can fall—unless you know what to watch out for. #growyourbusiness #thextraordinarionly #buildwealth #buyabusiness #startabusiness #WomenHistoryMonth Click To Tweet

Collaborate with other bloggers in link party 315 despite an economic crisis

The pandemic has taught to be versatile.

“Of the more than 160,000 U.S. companies that have closed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, 60% shut down for good.”

Just in case you missed this, this time round the Federal Reserve have set in motion an aggressive policy stance. Why? Interest rates in the USA got officially raised by 0.25%, and we may have another 7 interest rate hikes later this year, with a further 4 possible in 2023? Damn!

What will be the short to medium term impact of rate hikes? Of course, some very tough inflation considering a lot of uncertainty still remains in the market due to the war in Ukraine, crypto moving towards mainstream adoption, among a range of other factors.

Let’s see what the most hardworking bloggers are doing to thrive in this dire times of severe money crunch as per the outreach with link party 315.

Opportunities are everywhere for link party 315 audiences

Forward-thinking businesses and surreptitious business magnets do not duck away in tough times of any global financial crisis. They know that it is the best time to buy a business at a tad cheaper price, buy a stock for a company they know will spurt in the future, take position in the markets, … well just ask Warren Buffett.

Give someone at link party 315 something to develop

Are you putting out multiple fires? Is cash flow is low? Are sales declining?

The old adage about not keeping your eggs in one basket is even more true during times of inflation.

If you are reading this link party 315 right now, what new ways can you boost your revenue?

An opportunity for women entrepreneurs

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs scale their businesses in times of crisis.

First up….

Did you see this? Bank of America committed to doubling the size of the Women’s Entrepreneurship program to 100,000 seats! What a steal for powerful women in business?

If you know a female businesswoman who would benefit from this program, please encourage successful businesswomen working their brains off to put their name on the waitlist ASAP, though they enroll more students on a quarterly basis.

How long does it take to get a grant approved for women in business
Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship (Cornell)

These are some real-time resources you see if you are in the right place at the tight time, never to miss a post like this link party 315.

There are lots of other opportunities floating around. Can you share them in the comments section at the end of this blog post?

Use these strategy and execution quotes to inspire you to take intelligent execution of your bold business ideas.

General grant opportunities for women

Despite all the noise going on around the world, March is still Women History Month.

meet modern social media sirens in link party 315
Source: Adweek

Subsequently, right after this link party 315 hosting, in an upcoming post is a list of funding, accelerators, incubators and general resources to tap in right away. In that post, we will attempt to answer the question ‘how long does it take to get a grant approved?’ Does the grant opportunity aligns with your life and business goals and objectives?

Do not miss it.


Upload your old online posts and more on Traffic Jam Weekend!

Link up your content, connect with others in link party 315, and learn something with us.

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The bloggers bringing this fabulous party to you:

Kimberly: Being A Wordsmith (NEW URL!) | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Tracy: View From The Beach Chair | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest I Instagram

Michelle: My Bijou Life | Instagram | Pinterest

Hazlo: ThExtraordinariOnly | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Flipboard | Facebook | Pinterest | Keen | Mix | YouTube

Marsha: Marsha in the Middle | Pinterest | Instagram

If you would like to become a permanent or guest co-host for this link party, complete this short form.

These are the featured posts from Traffic Jam Weekend Link Party #314

add your old posts to link party 315

Hazlo chose WHAT’S ON YOUR WISHLIST? IDEAS TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS REALITY from Seeking Serenity and Harmony. “What is that limiting belief that you have hugged all your life yet has never translated to anything meaningful? For any skeptic of profound transformation change, this fav blog post on making your dreams a reality here calls for intelligent action. A super successful entrepreneur knows that competition is right around the corner, thus has to grow to meet the demands of changing customer preferences – lest the competition sweeps in. New business owners too must learn new ways of doing business to grow and scale faster. Willingness to learn helps us cope with drastic changes, and thus reduces stress. Keep learning!

‘The most useful gift you can give anyone is something that helps them develop…. Humans are always naturally evolving because we are dynamic creatures, and that’s why we are also our happiest when we are learning.’

— Psychology Today

link party 315 breaktaking hosts

Kimberly chose Affiliate Marketing Without Blogging from Ellen Blogs. “This post has some great methods for affiliate marketing that I have not come across before.”

come on in and linkup with link party 315

Tracy chose How to Make Homemade Ravioli from Esme Salon. “I am married to an Italian guy who loves pasta. I LOVE pasta. I have always wanted to make my own ravioli! Here is my chance.”

link party 315 rocks

The post with the most views was The Ten-Year Itch from Adventures in Weseland.

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You are invited to the Inlinkz link party 315!

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