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Hostile takeover definition 3 major strategies and 5 defense

Hostile takeover definition business and the art, business, psychology of hostile takeovers to stay sane in a crazy world

The board of directors of XYZ Corporation was in a panic. They had just received word that a hostile takeover attempt by ABC Inc. was imminent. If successful, the takeover would give ABC control of XYZ’s vast array of assets and businesses.

The board knew that they had to act fast to prevent the takeover from happening.

They quickly devised a plan to sell off XYZ’s assets to another company. This would make XYZ much less attractive to ABC and hopefully dissuade them from proceeding with the takeover. The board put their plan into action and within a few days, they had successfully sold off all of Target’s assets.

XYZ was now a shell of its former self, but it was no longer a takeover target. The board had saved the company and its shareholders from a hostile takeover.

In the words of Albert Einstein, ‘​If you can’t explain something simply you don’t know it well enough.’

Imagine if XYZ Corporation was your business? What would you do in case there is a hostile takeover bid for your own business that you worked so hard to grow from the ground up?

Share your take with us in the comments section at the end of the blog post.

Hostile takeover definition business

In business, the definition of hostile takeover is the acquisition of one company (the “target”) by another (“the acquirer”) that is accomplished by going directly to the target’s shareholders, offering them a premium over the current market price for their shares, and thus gaining control of the company without the approval of the target’s board of directors.

Which hostile definition covers the business, finance, management, and politics of the takeovers? Are hostile takeovers legal? How do they work? What defensive strategies can help you maintain control of your business?

In this blog post, we will explore the types of hostile takeovers that you should be aware of. We will also answer the question, ‘What is the best hostile takeover definition for business?’ We will also briefly address ‘hostile takeover definition politics’, and ‘hostile acquisition definition’.

Let’s get the ball rolling?

What is the definition of a hostile takeover?

Hostile takeover definition business and art, business, psychology of hostile takeovers

A hostile takeover is a takeover of a company by another company or group of investors, in which the target company is unwilling to be acquired. Therefore, a hostile takeover is an unsolicited attempt by one company to acquire another.

In a hostile takeover, the acquiring company makes a tender offer to the shareholders of the target company in an attempt to replace the target’s board of directors. If successful, a hostile takeover can result in the target company being acquired by the acquiring company.

The best hostile takeover definition is when you can’t say ‘NO’.

Hostile takeover meaning

The meaning of HOSTILE TAKEOVER is an attempt to buy a company when the people who own the company do not want to sell it.

Merriam Webster

Hostile takeover definition poison pill

Poison pill is a term used to describe a strategy employed by a target company to make itself less attractive to an acquiring company or group of investors. A poison pill can take a variety of forms, but typically involves the target company issuing new shares or giving existing shareholders the right to buy new shares at a discount. This makes it more difficult and expensive for the acquiring company to gain control of the target company.

A poison pill is often seen as a defensive tactic, employed by a target company in order to ward off a hostile takeover bid. However, poison pills can also be used in friendly takeover situations, where the target company is willing to be acquired but wants to ensure that it receives a fair price for its shares.

What are the actual steps to take in the event of a hostile takeover of your ongoing concern?

Hostile bid definition

A hostile bid is an unsolicited takeover offer that is made without the approval of the target company’s board of directors. Hostile bids are typically made by large shareholders who are unhappy with the current management of the company and believe that they can improve its performance.

Activist investors often launch hostile bids in an effort to take control of the company and implement their own strategy. Hostile takeover bid definition is inclusive of a risky proposition, that often leads to protracted legal battles and can be difficult to finance.

Target companies often try to defend themselves against hostile bids by adopting so-called “poison pill” defenses, which make it more difficult and expensive for the bidder to acquire a controlling stake.

Hostile acquisition definition

A hostile acquisition is a type of business takeover in which the target company does not want to be acquired, and the acquiring company must take aggressive actions to force the deal through. Hostile acquisitions are usually hostile because the management of the target company opposes the takeover, and the board of directors refuses to approve the deal.

Another type of hostile takeover is a proxy fight, in which the acquiring company tries to replace the board of directors of the target company with its own nominees. Proxy fights can be expensive and time-consuming, and they often result in litigation.

Hostile takeover definition politics

In business, a hostile takeover is completed against the wishes of the target’s management. The politics in a hostile takeover include the acquirer purchasing a controlling interest in the target’s stock, thus gaining a controlling stake in the company.

With the acquirer essentially forcing the target’s management to give up control of the company, though a hostile act, the takeovers can be beneficial for the target company, e.g., the acquirer is able to improve the company’s performance and the target’s shareholders may also benefit from the takeover, in some cases.

Hostile takeovers are usually motivated by a desire to gain control of the target company’s assets or market share. The acquirer may also believe that the target company is undervalued by the market and that the acquisition will create shareholder value.

Irrespective of the defenses that target companies can use to ward off hostile takeovers, they are not always successful, and the target company may ultimately be forced to accept the offer.

Hostile takeover definition shares

Let’s answer crucial questions beyond hostile takeover definition!

What happens to shares during hostile takeover?

If a hostile takeover occurs, the target company’s shareholders will usually see a significant increase in the value of their shares. This is because the acquirer is typically willing to pay a premium to gain control of the target. However, shareholders of the target company may also see a decrease in the value of their shares if the takeover is unsuccessful.

Do shareholders have to approve a hostile takeover?

The shareholders of the target company may approve of the takeover if they believe that the bidder will be able to increase the value of the company. In order for a hostile takeover to be successful, the bidder must be able to obtain a majority of the target company’s shares. A tender offer is what provides the bidder leverage to purchase the shares of the target company from its shareholders at a price above the current market price.

What does a takeover mean for shareholders?

Once a company buys another and gains control of it, the shareholders of the company being taken over may get a premium for their shares, but they will no longer have a say in how the company is run. The new shareholders will be the ones in control. This can be good or bad for the company, depending on how the new owners decide to run it.

Hostile takeover definition short

As defined by Bankrate, ‘A hostile takeover is when a company or activist shareholder tries to gain control of a target company by sidestepping the company’s management and board of directors, and going directly to its shareholders.’

Why is it called a hostile takeover?

The term ‘hostile takeover’ is used to describe a takeover which is opposed by the management of the target company. The management of the target company may attempt to resist the takeover by teh defense mechanisms explained below.

The term ‘hostile takeover’ is also used to describe a takeover which is opposed by the shareholders of the target company. The shareholders of the target company may attempt to resist the takeover by voting against the acquisition proposal or by selling their shares to the acquirer.

Hostile takeover definition Australia

Nearly a third of all public company M&A deals announced in Australia in 2017 were hostile takeover bids.
Herbert Smith Freehills


A hostile takeover is the opposite of a friendly takeover whereby the target company’s management disagrees with the proposed offer. There are essentially two methods within hostile takeover that occur; tender offer or a proxy fight.


Are hostile takeovers legal?

Looking for a hostile takeover definition?

Hostile takeovers are legal under U.S. law. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has established rules and regulations governing hostile takeovers, and the courts have upheld the legality of such takeovers.

While hostile takeovers are legal, they are not always successful.

There have been a number of high-profile hostile takeover attempts in recent years, including Kraft Heinz’s unsuccessful attempt to acquire Unilever and Anheuser-Busch InBev’s takeover of SABMiller in 2016.

As was the case with the attempted takeover of Time Warner by 21st Century Fox in 2014, the 21st Century Fox offer was unsolicited, and Time Warner’s management quickly rejected it. 21st Century Fox then began a public campaign to try to pressure Time Warner into accepting the offer, but Time Warner’s shareholders were not convinced, and the deal ultimately fell apart.

In order for a hostile takeover to succeed, the acquiring company must be able to persuade a majority of the target company’s shareholders to tender their shares. This can be a difficult feat, as the shareholders of the target company may be reluctant to give up their shares, or may be reluctant to support a hostile takeover.

Since hostile takeover attempts often involve a great deal of risk, and can often be quite costly, they are not always advisable from a financial standpoint. However, some companies view hostile takeovers as a necessary evil, in order to acquire a desirable target company.

Hostile takeover synonym

What is the word for hostile takeover?

Hostile takeover definition synonyms include;

  • takeover
  • leverage
  • alien takeover
  • military takeover
  • aggressive occupation
  • for a hostile takeover
  • hostile acquisition
  • hostile bid
  • hostile invasion
  • hostile takeover bid
  • leveraged buyout
  • takeover bid
  • offer
  • unsolicited tender offer


What other hostile takeover synonyms do you know apart from these? Share with us in the comments section below!

Advantages and disadvantages of hostile takeover

Hostile acquisitions can be difficult and risky, but they can also be highly rewarding.

Hostile takeovers are usually done for management and strategic reasons, such as to acquire a valuable asset or to eliminate a competitor. They can also be done for financial reasons, such as to increase the value of the acquiring company’s stock or to save on costs by eliminating duplicate operations.

Moreover, hostile takeovers can also lead to new investment and growth, as the acquiring company brings in new management and ideas. A successful hostile takeover can give the acquiring company a valuable asset, a competitive advantage, and a significant increase in value.

Hostile takeovers can be a controversial topic, as they can often lead to job losses and cost-cutting as the acquiring company looks to make the target company profitable. Thus, a hostile takeover can be costly, both in terms of the financial resources required to mount a successful takeover bid, and in terms of the potential damage to the target company’s reputation.

The hostile takeover of a company considered to be an aggressive action and can be a very disruptive event, both for the target company and for its employees. It can also result into a lot of uncertainty for shareholders, the delisting of the target company’s shares from stock exchanges, and the destruction of shareholder value.

How does a hostile takeover work?

hostile takeover definition and 3 major strategies

Now that we have hammered out the hostile takeover definition to a ‘T’, how are they accomplished?

A hostile takeover is a type of corporate takeover which occurs when a target company is acquired by another company without the approval of the target company’s board of directors. Hostile takeover management are often characterized by a hostile bidding process, wherein the acquiring company attempts to woo shareholders of the target company away from the current management team in order to gain control of the company.

In a corporate takeover the target company’s board of directors rejects a bid from a would-be acquirer, but the acquirer persists with its offer and takes control of the company without the board’s approval. Launching a proxy battle, in which the acquirer tries to persuade the target company’s shareholders to vote in favor of a new board of directors which is more receptive to the takeover bid is common.

Hostile takeovers often lead to acrimonious battles between the companies involved. They are often opposed by the target company’s management and employees, who may see their jobs at risk if the takeover is successful.

A hostile takeover definition management show how a takeover can be accomplished.

3 major hostile takeover strategies include a tender offer, a proxy fight, or a direct purchase of shares.

Tender offer

The most common is a tender offer, wherein the acquiring company makes an offer to purchase a certain number of shares of the target company at a premium to the current market price. If the offer is successful and accepted by shareholders representing a majority of the outstanding shares of the target company, then the acquiring company gains control and can replace the current management team with its own people.

Hostile tender offers are often financed with debt, which can make them risky for the acquiring company.

Proxy fight

Another way a hostile takeover can occur is through a proxy fight. In a proxy fight, the acquiring company attempts to convince shareholders of the target company to vote in favor of a slate of directors that is favorable to the acquiring company. If the acquiring company’s slate of directors is elected, then the acquiring company can take control of the company.


A hostile takeover can also occur through a merger, though this is less common. In a merger, the acquiring company simply buys enough shares of the target company to gain a majority stake. The target company’s management team can then be replaced, and the acquiring company can take control of the company.

Of this ways in which a hostile takeover can occur, what would you rather?

Hostile takeover example

What is an example of a hostile takeover? In a contentious successful takeover, a company is acquired by another company through a hostile takeover bid. The target company may resist the takeover attempt, but ultimately the bidder is successful in acquiring a majority stake in the target company. Even though the target company is unwilling to be acquired, the bidder secures enough shareholder support to complete the takeover.

One contentious successful takeover example is the hostile takeover of Cadbury by Kraft Foods in 2010. Kraft Foods made an unsolicited bid for Cadbury, which the Cadbury board initially rejected. Kraft Foods then made a revised offer which Cadbury shareholders accepted. The hostile takeover was contentious because Cadbury management and employees resisted the takeover attempt. Ultimately, Kraft Foods was successful in acquiring Cadbury, and the two companies merged.

What is the best example of a hostile takeover? The hostile takeover of Motorola by Google in 2012? Google made an unsolicited bid to acquire Motorola for $12.5 billion. Motorola initially resisted the takeover attempt, but eventually accepted Google’s offer after negotiations between the two companies. As a result of the takeover, Google acquired a majority stake in Motorola.

Let’s look at the hostile takeover of Gannett Co. by Digital First Media in 2019. Gannett was the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, and Digital First Media was a much smaller company. Digital First Media made an unsolicited bid to acquire Gannett, but Gannett’s board of directors rejected the offer.

Digital First Media then launched a proxy fight to replace Gannett’s board with its own nominees. Nominees of Digital First Media were elected, and the company completed the takeover.

Recent hostile takeovers 2022

Even though there have been a number of high-profile hostile takeovers in recent years, in this blog post we briefly look at Yahoo’s successful defense against a hostile takeover attempt by Microsoft, Kraft Heinz’s unsuccessful attempt to take over Unilever in 2017, and T-Mobile’s successful takeover of Sprint in 2020.

If you’re thinking of investing in a company that is the target of a hostile takeover, it’s important to do your research and understand the risks involved.

Hostile takeover Elon Musk

Because in a hostile takeover, the acquiring company or group of investors will typically attempt to replace the target company’s board of directors with their own in order to gain control of the company, let’s see if we have a case for Elon Musk’s hostile takeover.

In a hostile takeover, a company’s board of directors is replaced by a new board that is not friendly to the existing management. The new board then fires the CEO and other top executives, and installs its own people in their places. Additionally, this hostile takeover is usually accomplished by a hostile bidder buying a large enough stake in the company to gain control of the board, or by launching a proxy fight to replace the existing board with its own slate of directors.

In the case of Tesla, Elon Musk has been trying to take the company private, and has made a number of offers to buy out shareholders. However, the board has so far rejected his offers, and it remains to be seen whether he will be successful in his efforts.

In the case of Elon Musk, he was able to gain control of the board of directors of SolarCity, a solar energy company, in a hostile takeover. He then fired the CEO and replaced him with his own choice for CEO, Lyndon Rive.

What are hostile takeover definition of defenses to protect your business

hostile takeover definition and 5 hostile takeover defense tactics

There are a number of defenses that a company can use to prevent a hostile takeover by another company’s management, quelling the pressure to forced to sell their shares to the hostile company.

We look at five defense tactics that help you to keep control of your own business.

Poison pills

A poison pill is a defensive tactic used by a company to make itself less attractive to a potential acquirer. A poison pill typically takes the form of a rights offering, which gives existing shareholders the right to buy new shares at a discount if the company is acquired.

When you give shareholders other than the acquirer the right to buy additional shares at a substantially discounted price to dilute the acquirer’s share of the company and make it harder to buy a controlling stake because it’s less attractive, this is a poison pill. If a potential acquirer accumulates a 10-30 per cent stake, a poison pill is triggered.

Golden parachutes

A golden parachute is a severance package that is designed to make it financially attractive for a key executive to stay with the company during a hostile takeover attempt. Golden parachutes typically include provisions for accelerated vesting of stock options and restricted stock, as well as cash bonuses. The management team is compensated in the event their employment is terminated following a hostile takeover, reducing the company’s assets.

Shark repellents

Shark repellents are provisions in a company’s charter or bylaws that make it more difficult for an acquirer to gain control of the company. Shark repellents can take a number of different forms, but common examples include super majority voting requirements, staggered boards, and limits on the ability of an acquirer to call a special meeting of shareholders.

Staggered board

Only some board of directors gets re-elected each year, making it harder for an acquirer to launch a proxy battle because their terms are staggered.

Stock repurchase

Stock repurchase involves the target company acquires its own shares from its shareholders to retain control.

Leveraged buyout

In a leveraged buyout, the management team purchases the target company using debt financing, increasing the company’s debt burden and making it less attractive to acquire.

White knights or white squire defense

A white knight is a third party that comes to the rescue of a target company during a hostile takeover attempt. White knights typically acquire a stake in the target company and agree to vote their shares in favor of the target company’s management. This gives the target company’s management the support they need to fend off the hostile takeover attempt.

Proxy fights

A proxy fight is a contest for control of a company that is waged through the solicitation of votes from the company’s shareholders. Proxy fights are typically used when an acquirer is unable to gain the support of the target company’s board of directors. In a proxy fight, the acquirer solicits votes from the shareholders in an attempt to replace the target company’s board with its own slate of directors.


The target company buying its own shares from the acquirer for a premium over the market value is greenmail.


Lawsuits are another common defense used by companies in the midst of a hostile takeover attempt. Companies will often file lawsuits alleging that the hostile takeover attempt violates securities laws or is otherwise illegal. These lawsuits can delay or even prevent a hostile takeover from occurring.


Question related to hostile definition takeover definition people also ask;

What is an example of a hostile takeover?

One well-known example of a hostile takeover is the hostile takeover of the U.S. food company Kraft by the U.K. based conglomerate Cadbury in 2010. In this case, Cadbury made an unsolicited offer to Kraft shareholders in an attempt to acquire the company. The hostile takeover attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, as Kraft was able to repel Cadbury’s advances

What is an hostile takeover?

According to Investopedia, an hostile takeover is acquisition of one company by another corporation against the wishes of the former. The company being acquired in a hostile takeover is called the target company while the one executing the takeover is called the acquirer.

Is a hostile takeover legal?

Hostile takeovers are often contentious, and they can sometimes be challenged in court. However, if the takeover is completed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, it is generally considered to be legal.

What are the two types of hostile takeovers?

In a proxy fight, the acquiring company tries to replace the company’s board with its own nominees. But through a tender offer, in the acquiring company offers to buy shares from shareholders at a premium, or through a proxy fight

Takeovers have been a part of the business world for centuries, but in recent years they have become increasingly hostile.

A hostile takeover is when a company tries to acquire another company without the approval of its board of directors. In many cases, the hostile company will try to buy up numerous shares in the target company so that it can take control without the approval of the board.

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