Hazlo Emma – Global Strategic Planning, Business Development, Fintech Consultant

Hazlo Emma is a bountiful business development magnet, dazzling digital strategist & optimistic personal coach in the financial, writing, tech, and social media space for startups and small businesses.  

She has a knack for numbers, with an advisory role to a tech-averse clientele. Emma is an iconic inspiration to solopreneurs, newbies, founders, CEOs, and B2B enthusiasts, challenging each one to impact their world, a step at a time with innovative problem-solving strategies.

Her meticulous mantra is creating lasting memorable experiences consistently, with the delivery of cost-saving results (offline and online) for skyrocketing and higher returns on investment, whilst exceeding the peculiar expectations of prospects in shorter time-frames.  

Currently, pursuing further studies in the law and security niche, she is a team member at ThExtraordinariOnly website (https://thextraordinarionly.com/)/ They test affordable DIY innovative business ideas, tweaks, tips, hacks, and strategies to help savvy startup and small businness entreprenuers and go-getters to get unstuck from unendless loop of business slump and stagnation. Brilliant business makeovers from exciting engagement of a loyal audience, exceptional digital marketing experiences, bold business plans, bomb branding, and sensational storytelling are her forte .

As a ghost-writer in the nonfiction genre, formatting, proofreading, copy editing, line editing, comprehensive and substantive editing of manuscripts comes second nature to her.

Hazlo Emma follows real-time trends in Small Business, Startup World, Social Media, Social Impact Matters, Leadership, Fin-tech, Big Data, Analytics, Robotics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Intelligence, SDGs, and Writing in addition to answering questions on Quora!

She is a Global Juror of the Global Entreps Awards & 5G citizens International Congress, nominating exceptional and outstanding individuals under the guidance of the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). She is also a member of the European Women in Business (EWB), a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion, an SDG Influencer, Global AI Ambassador, and Top 50 Women in Tech.

Hazlo Emma is a co-author of the comprehensive Crawl Outta Debt Now e-book published on Amazon.

Her network of influence is surprised to learn that she’s a third-generation Christian leader and an advocate for domestic violence victims. Connect on Twitter @hazloe3 for further collaboration.