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Gimme More Organic Followers (11 Ways) Who Are Delighted When They View Your Content and Can’t Wait to Share It

Top 11 Ways to Get More Relevant Organic Followers Who Love Your Content

The only way to get more organic followers on any of your social media platforms, app, videos, newsletters, blogs, websites, eBooks, etc is your personal commitment to not only get them but engage them: Social “Yelling”.

Do you have a social media page? It will not grow itself.  Do not be in a hurry. You have got to yell, and keep yelling, but also actively engage so as not to have those social media accounts that have huge followings and zero retweets, or zero shares of their beautiful content.

Yelling includes being creative on how you share your content, vision, mission, and goals to get the correct target audience.

“You are what you share.”
― Charles Leadbeater

“You are what you share.” ― Charles Leadbeater @hazoe3 #thetraordinarionly #mondayblogclub #thursdayblogclub #growthzone Click To Tweet

Be ready to put in all the hard work.  All those accounts with massive following did not just do it magically. For organic followers, you must be willing to be consistent and yourself.  This is the number one objective.

Why do you want to be on social media?

What do you want to give?

How do your followers want it?

You can then include other facets of social media once you grow to the reach you have given yourself, including automation, outsourcing social media management, influencer marketing, micro-influencer marketing, etc

thextraordinarionly do not follow someone who is running away quote for gimme authentic followers blog post, delighted to view content, love your content, followers who love your content, followers delighted to view your content by Hazlo Emma


  1. Engage. Engage. Engage.
  2. People want solutions that will add money into their pockets and reduce any money they spend.
  3. Control the narrative, the words, language, and the crowd you want to attract – be intentional!
  4. They are looking for cheap options that work for them with ease.
  5. Be authentic.
  6. Be as informative as a possible.
  7. Write for your audience – not for yourself.
  8. Collaborate with others
  9. Whatever you test, and succeeds for you, share with your fans.
  10. Be consistent – worry about the content later – consistency is the key to increased organic massive exposure
  11. The right people – only those who are right for you – will eventually grow with you

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Now, Some Questions For You

What do you think?  What methods have you used to grow organic followers both online and offline? Have your methods worked? How has the algorithm affected you in your favorite social media platform?

Reach out and ask us on the best way to gain followers on your social media platform. Ps, see how this tool is such a saver.

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