Book Review Of They Slay Me – 4 Star Of Book Review Of They Slay Me, 4 Stars Keeping A Straight Face With World’s Loosest Cannons

Book Review of They Slay Me, Keeping a Straight Face with World’s Loosest Cannons by Holland C. Kirbo

My book review of They Slay Me, Keeping a Straight Face with World’s Loosest Cannons got a 4.0 rating. It’s hilarious.
They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World's Loosest CannonsThey Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons by Holland C. Kirbo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my honest book review of They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons  book by Holland C. Kirbo, who’s complimentary copy I received from Bookcrash through the publisher.

Raising twins

A twin sibling myself, I relate with most of the drama, twists, mirth, and turns the author describes in the book. As depicted from the book cover, ‘the loose cannons’ are such a joy, an experience, and a wonder. They all project their unique identities and want it known.

I enjoyed how Holland introduced each stage of growth and development of the triplets. How each one adjusts to accommodate the kid’s worldviews is amusing.

I remember wanting the babies to learn words so they could talk. Then, I remember just wishing they would just zip it for two seconds so I could get a moment’s peace.

Oh, what questions and the tricks they play.
The joggling and chauffeuring to various activities all over town reorganize the family’s lifestyle with each stage of development.

book review of They Slay Me by Hazlo Emma

Never ending questions

Tots test the wits of their parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, and everyone within their reach.
The tactics, rides, tides, and race of life never end in this household.

If you’re a mum and/or dad joggling your career and raising a set of twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more, this book gives you a glimpse of chaos that leaves you tickled.

Holland C. Kirbo explores the humorous life of first-time parents to triplets, where everything is in threes, after a struggle of infertility.

This book is for you if you enjoy reading enlightening memoirs.

Buy your own copy of They Slay Me, Keeping a Straight Face with World’s Loosest Cannons By Holland C. Kirbo from book stores online.

I give this a 4.0-star rating because I wanted to read the next chapter.

Hazlo Emma

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