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Book Review Beyond the Bay by Rebecca Burns

Book Review of Beyond the Bay By Rebecca Burns

I crawled out of my comfort zone for a book review of Beyond the Bay by Rebecca Burns in the fiction genre with a 5.0-star rating.

Beyond the BayBeyond the Bay by Rebecca Burns
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Are you captivated by fictional tales? I received a complimentary copy of Beyond the Bay by Rebecca Burns from the publisher, Odyssey Books with mixed feelings. I had to challenge myself to move out of a comfort zone and read a book in the fiction genre.

The short read surprised me. Thank you Henry Roi.

Pushcart Prize Nominee Rebecca penned a sweet story. Filled with suspense at each plot twist and turn, it is impossible to put the book down. The author taps right into the imagination of the reader from the start with the docking of a ship.

Esther travels from home (England) to visit with her elder sister. Isobel, now called ‘Bella’ migrated to Auckland New Zealand ten years earlier. When Isobel opens her sister’s trunk, a letter falls out.

‘Esther—open in September.’

The proceeding events after this incident are fascinating as new characters surface. The center stage of the book takes the reader back to two centuries ago in colonial New Zealand. Rebecca Burns takes you on a journey of telegrams, timber cottages, and steamers.

thextraordinarionly book review of Beyond the Bay by Hazo Emma, author of book Rebecca Burns book blog by Hazlo Emma

Horses. trains, servants, mistresses, and frills fill the air. The aura of the nineteenth century is undeniable. Kettles boil on stoves, with tea, poured in chipped colorful crockery.

This is a captivating storyline. It follows hidden family secrets, betrayal, love, healing, and forgiveness. My experience with Rebecca Burns’ Beyond the Bay was a page-turning delight.

Out of five stars, I give this book all five stars.

I recommend this book to the reader seeking to travel to a fictional land of the 1890s.

Follow the lives of women clearing bushes and hammering timber alongside their men.

Want to know how women started to have a say in running the society? This book will not disappoint.

You can interact with Rebecca Burns on social media on Twitter.

Buy the book on Amazon today.

Hazlo Emma

Ps. If you have any questions about my experience reading this book, leave a comment to my review. I will get back to you.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review Beyond the Bay by Rebecca Burns”

  1. Many thanks Hazlo Emma for such informative review .. however I have small question is this book deal with the 19th century details or it is a reference to its beauty entertainment?

  2. Surprisingly, though I like fiction I often don’t love sweeping period pieces. Or at least as an adult–I did as a teen. This book though sounds interesting and thoguht-provoking which is something I do love. And anything women-centric on finding their voices–I am ALL in! Thanks for the well written review

    1. Dana, the book is very relatable. It brings out tasks, activities, and roles of women; their struggles, challenges, and triumphs. I would want to hear about your experience after you read it.

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