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book re book blogger Haview of cracked mirror clear reflection Shatter an Illusion of Perfection by Julie Barbera

Book Review Cracked Mirror Clear Reflection

Book Review of Julie Barbera’s Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of Perfection

Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of PerfectionCracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of Perfection by Julie Barbera
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Julie Barbera’s
new book Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of Perfection is an inspirational and motivational read demonstrating the power of hope, destiny, purpose, and strength in the storms of life, at the heaviest of downpours. I received this book as a complimentary ARC from the author.

She illustrates how to dance in the rain, love the power of challenges, and speak miracles into existence. Using a cracked mirror, Julies sees a clear reflection that lets streaks of flaws color and ‘flower’ her life. She finds a way to ensure illusions of perfection and past experiences do not limit her.

The author’s writing style takes you on an expedition, seizing tough moments that turn her life around. Readers will recognize how to use faith to see the silver lining that comes with challenges as summarized in this quote that I paraphrase:

Treasure the small and little things that prepare you for your big dream

If you are looking for self-help for personal growth, this book for you. Readers struggling with self-esteem and self-concept can find solace in adapting the spiritual and professional tenets of Christian living. Leaders can utilize this book in prompting positive thinking and mindset for personal growth.

Buy your copy of Julie Barbera’s book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.

Connect with the author on social media using inspireu2action at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and

I give this a 5.0-star rating because it is a must-read that addresses the worrying state in the society that accepts the illusions of life as truths.


thextraordinarionly illusions quote by Julie Barbera

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2 thoughts on “Book Review Cracked Mirror Clear Reflection”

  1. Very great review indeed.. I will try to read my copy of the book as soon as possible to be inspired more.. Many thanks Hazlo for putting lights on important factors of success, Also I have to put my thanks to Julie Barbera the author of the book for her support and inspiration too.

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